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A Sick Collection of Low Ki Kicks

December 15, 2011

From Thunderfilez youtube channel. Enjoy.

I still can’t get the resentment out of my heart for the WWE not knowing what to do with Low Ki. Just the thought of Low Ki destroying Rey Mysterio’s head with a Black Magic kick (series starts at 0:18) keeps me hoping that Low Ki/Kaval will be back in the WWE someday. This is practically a who’s who of professional wrestling being blasted by Low Ki.

What is it going to take to save professional wrestling…

December 24, 2010

…Random thoughts from a loyally frustrated fan.

Just wrapping up from a Christmas Eve, Eve get-together when I got on the interwebs just to find out Kaval was released from the WWE. Sounds like they didn’t have anything for him…Kaval. Nothing to do… fucking WWE at it again. Puma and I had a brief text exchange after this and while this might not make sense as I have polished of a bottle of wine, some sort of peppermint cocktail and champagne here are some random thoughts about the state of wrestling…

How hard is it to have good wrestling matches, tell good stories with good production quality!? Basically the WWE look but with ROH’s matches and talent. Maybe we’re the issue because we expect too much? High expectations?? Yeah the WWE caters to the kiddies right now but even in the past they’ve had something for people who wanted to watch legit matches. Now everything is a Michael Cole joke, cookie cutter looks, attire and wrestling.

What is it going to take to wake these companies up? You can only beat us up for so long before we get tired of this nonsense and move on. These are scary times and as silly as it might sound to some this has always been in our lives, for both Puma and I for as long as we remember. This isn’t something easy for us to walk away from, we love this shit. Some watch the NBA, NFL, UFC and MLB just as religiously and yeah we know wrestling is more “entertainment” but regardless it doesn’t change that people can swear buy it.

I’m not saying I am done (just yet) but I am saying it is getting hard do to this when all we get is garbage and recycled bullshit. I hope things turn around soon but I just don’t see how it can. Something big has to happen to wake people up and realize we’re not asking for a lot. We’re just asking for quality wrestling AND entertainment.

WWE F*CKS UP AGAIN: Kaval released

December 23, 2010

Low-Ki, also known as Kaval in the WWE, was released today. I’ll post when I learn more details. In the meantime here are some tweets and reactions from folks in the industry:

Jim Ross

Kaval’s release from WWE surprised me. Don’t know the circumstances. Kaval won’t have any issues finding work. I wish him my best.


I have changed my Twitter name to OneWorldWarrior.



Shelton Benjamin

I guess my question is would you rather see him as a jobber for Wwe or the Indy phenom that he had been

Hurricane Helms

You’re a talented mafaka bro. @OneWorldWarrior Hope to see ya down the road.

Samoa Fuckin’ Joe

Huh Low Ki is back around? Hmm the cowards better keep their heads down someone is liable to get there #CraniumCracked.

John Cena

CeNation. Behind as always. I guess wwe has released kaval. I have no clue why but this close to holiday would probally mean…….

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Smackdown Thoughts & Review [12. 17. 10]

December 17, 2010

Lafayette, LA

Edge comes out. He grabs a mic.

  • Edge shows a video of his adventures with Kane and his daddy with Benny Hill music for the soundtrack.
  • The crowd cheers cuz it’s so rad and funny when somebody kidnaps someone else’s daddy.
  • He says in Kane’s head and he’s going to become Ten Time World Heavyweight Champion.

–Instead of the kidnapping angle, they could have just done the promo vs. promo route and I would have been into this feud a lot more.


Catch Science: Daniel Bryan (Part 1)

December 6, 2010

Daniel Bryan vs. Kaval
FCW January 2010

I doubt I’ll do this every Monday but since Daniel Bryan wrestles on Raw I thought I’d occasionally give some thoughts on various matches throughout his career. Today’s Daniel Bryan match took place in January this year. Video and thoughts after the jump. Enjoy.


Survivor Series Predictions

November 21, 2010’s two sleepy writers discussed the Survivor Series pay per view over some poptarts and milk this morning.  Here’s the transcript:

Free or Fired
WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett w/John Cena as Guest Ref.

Mascara De Fuego: Wade Barrett. I see this going one of two ways and both end the match with Barrett as WWE Champion. The first scenario is Barrett winning the title with the help of Cena uncovering that he IS a full member of Nexus thus turning heel. This is the one I am hoping for as I think turning Cena heel is the smart move right now. Yeah its going to cost you money in merch but I’m sure the WWE can find ways on making that money back. HEY, how about a line of vintage WWF logos… oh wait. The second scenario sees Barrett win the WWE Title with a reluctant Cena making the three count. Cena will then take Barrett out setting up for The Miz to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase to win the Title away from Nexus. I don’t think the match will be that good and honestly we’ll all just be watching just to find out the outcome more than anything.

Great Puma: Wade Barrett. The Nexus needs this. Wade needs this. Nexus merchandising sales needs this. This is the first and only time I hope that The Miz does NOT cash in. I think Wade and the Nexus need to carry the titles around their waists all the way up to Wrestlemania. What’s a better way to send a crowd home happy than having all the belts taken away from the top heel faction at Wrestlemania? I am really looking forward to seeing all three major titles being worn by the Nexus on tomorrow’s RAW. Make it happen, WWE!


Jim Ross on MVP’s great promo, John Cena vs. the Nexus, and the art of Promos

November 20, 2010

Good Ol’ Jim Ross hits another homerun with his amazing insight and commentary in his latest blog post. Here are some excerpts:

THE Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio has a bona fide upside but needs to be more aggressive and allow his mean streak to be vividly be on display when he’s on the offensive. I really think that Del Rio can be a star in WWE but it may take him a little longer than some may like. Patience is the key as Alberto has a great look, wrestling heritage, and the legit skills to be a major player over time and then for years to come. Del Rio walking the edge of the PG rating might be interesting.


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [11. 5. 10]

November 5, 2010

Bridgeport, CT

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

  • Ricardo Rodriguez walks into the ring to introduce ADR but Edge scares him outside of the ring and onto the ring apron.
  • ADR sends Edge’s shoulder arm into the ring post.
  • ADR focuses on Edge’s tweaked left arm.
  • ADR does his feet first bump through the ropes to the outside.
  • Edge hits a high cross body off the top turnbuckle. Haven’t seen him do that in a looong time.
  • ADR counters the Edge-O-matic and hits his bridging belly to back suplex. Very nice.


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [10. 29. 10]

October 29, 2010

They show what happens to the Undertaker’s soul after he’s buried alive. The soundtrack is choral music mixed with hopeful tones and riffs from a flute. Interesting. Undertaker opens a door and a light shines on him.

Kane comes out and gives his spiel about how dominant he is. He asks the crowd to give a moment of silence for the Undertaker. ALBERTO DEL F*CKING RIO comes out in another classic car. Kane looks pissed and I’m loving every second of this.


Smackdown on SyFy Thoughts & Review [10. 8. 10]

October 9, 2010

The opening promo was dramatically strong. The way they use a dramatic film trailer voice to hype the matches really adds interest. Raw could definitely take a page or two from this.

Damn it. I watch Smackdown so I don’t have to see and hear Michael Cole. I guess he’s part of the Smackdown announce team tonight. Toolsauce.

Teddy Long introduces Edge to a huge crowd pop.

Jack Swagger and his Swagger Soaring Eagle (SSE) come out and cut a promo:

  • Swagger says Edge embarrassed him and his mascot last week. Edge makes a “flipping the bird” pun. No bueno.

Edge vs. Jack Swagger

  • Sick mat work by Swagger at the start.
  • Huge spear by Edge on the SSE.
  • Nice back body drop/arm ringer sequence by Swagger.
  • Interesting splash on Swagger while he was in the 619 set-up position on the ropes. I hope Edge keeps using it.
  • Huge tornado DDT by Edge. It looked pretty devastating since both men are above six feet tall.
  • Very sick sequence where Swagger caught Edge off the top rope into a belly to belly suplex that finished more like a uranage.
  • Very dope counters at the end. Too many to describe.
  • Edge finally hits a spear.


–I wish this match went longer. This was way better than their encounter at the Hell in a Cell pay per view. Hopefully, they’ll allow Swagger to get a win or two on Edge to make the feud even. Looks like Edge is a face on Smackdown. The pop was deafening. I hope CM Punk wasn’t the other half of the trade. I think an Edge-CM Punk feud would be incredible.

Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips
This week’s installment is about avoiding dirty rotten teeth. The solution? Use an electric toothbrush. Now we’re all one step closer to dashing.

–He forgot to mention flossing. That is all.

Layla w/ Michelle McCool vs Kelly Kelly w/ Natalya

  • Seriously. I can’t describe the wrestling here since I’m focusing on other things. These are the two hottest women in the WWE in the ring at the same time. Win.
  • Solid Thesz Press by Kelly Kelly.
  • Layla hits her Layout Neckbreaker and that’s all.


Layla tries to run in the ring after the match but is almost put in a Sharp Shooter by Natalya until McCool pulls her to safety.

–Short match. It did what it was supposed to do, which is to push the feud between Natalya and LayCool.

Big Show sprints to the ring in a new “Knockouts Served Daily” t-shirt. He has a mic:

  • Show talks about being captain of the Smackdown team for the Bragging Rights pay per view.
  • He brings out the mascot for Team Smackdown, Hornswaggle.

Show’s interrupted by the Dudebusters:

  • They try to convince Show that they’re his guys for Team Smackdown.
  • The Dudebusters threaten to get traded to Raw and be a nightmare for the Big Show.

Show ends up double chokeslamming them. Cue the music.

–I’d actually like to see the Dudebusters on a PPV since they can wrestle their asses off. Unfortunately, the casual WWE fan isn’t paying to see them on a PPV.

Dashing Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval & Kofi Kingston

  • Kofi gets destroyed by DCR and Drew at the beginning of the match.
  • Kaval gets tagged in and kills DCR with a brilliant Tajiri-handspring cross body after rebounding off the ropes. Very dope.
  • Drew hit a brutal kick on Kaval while he had DCR in his hanging Dragon Sleeper.
  • DCR hits the Crossroads on Kaval after Drew trips Kaval from the outside.

WINNERS: Dashing Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

–Crap. The last thing I want to see is Kaval being fed to the likes of Drew McIntyre. Great to see Kaval light up the match for the minute or two he was in the ring.

–Kaval’s music is alright. It sounds like a video game score. I would have used something that sounded like the Apocalypto soundtrack.

Paul Bearer introduces Kane and drops a giant turd on The Undertaker in the process.

  • Kane talks about how he’s more powerful than ever as eerie sound effects and special effects lighting are added to enhance the mood.
  • Awesome ‘Undertaker’ chant from the crowd during the promo.

–Huge heat – no pun intended for the Devil’s favorite son. I hated the way that match went at the pay per view. It’s a shame I am no longer interested in the feud.

IC Title Match: MVP vs Dolph Ziggler

  • Crazy extended collar and elbow tie up that brought both wrestlers on their knees. You don’t see that everyday.
  • Very dope and snappy fireman’s carry by Ziggler.
  • Very nice overhead belly to belly by MVP.
  • DOPE exploder suplex by MVP. I haven’t seen him do that in a while. So glad to see that suplex in the WWE.
  • Ziggler falls out of a suplex and slaps on the sleeper. MVP reaches the corner.
  • Kaitlyn comes down in a very tight dress. Good god.
  • Kaitlyn grabs MVP’s leg while going for the Ballin’ Elbow and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Vicky comes out looking dejected. Drama, son! My inner-mark actually feels sorry for her.

–Vicky Guerrero’s expressions are classic. She’s the most interesting part of that duo. And yes, I am player hating on the fact that Dolph gets to get his sports entertainment on with Kaitlyn on a weekly basis. Lucky bastard.

I like how Striker mentioned MVP possibly being gassed. I hope the WWE starts to have conditioning play more of a role during the matches from now on. This means Show needs to knock fools out in five minutes or less before he gasses out and loses his matches. Paul Heyman would approve. But this ain’t happening any time soon.


  • Josh Mathews is interviewing Alberto Del Rio.
  • Huge zoom in on Alberto Del Rio’s prick smile. Classic.
  • ADR craps on Rey Mysterio in English and Spanish.
  • ADR says he’s going to leave Rey as a pile of dog trash.

ADR comes out in a classic Rolls Royce. Classy.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

  • Nice spot where ADR misses a drop kick and flies feet first through ropes.
  • Sick drop kick onto ADR’s arm while it was against the ring post.
  • Awesome plancha by Rey off the top turnbuckle to the floor on ADR.
  • Brutal running dropkick on ADR’s face against the bottom turnbuckle.
  • Awesome springboard enziguiri by ADR while Rey was on the top turnbuckle.
  • ADR hits another enziguiri on Rey’s left arm.
  • Huge sunset flip powerbomb off the top turnbuckle by Rey. Close two count.
  • Nice rolling powerslam by ADR. Not Goldust-nice but it was pretty solid.
  • Rey lauches off the top turnbuckle to hit a giant hurricurana on ADR to send him into the ropes primed for a 619.
  • Ricardo Rodriguez interferes while Rey goes for the 619.
  • Rey hits another ‘rana on ADR and sends him crashing into Rodriguez.
  • Rey goes off the top rope with a Rey Frog Splash. One…two…three.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio

End of show.

–Holy shit. Great match with the story of Rey working on ADR’s left arm established early on. This was a pay per view main event quality match and I feel lucky to have witnessed it. This match perfectly built up to a huge finish and it wasn’t overbooked at all.

Despite the interference, I would throw this into the hat for match of the year considerations. That might be overdoing it but there wasn’t a single boring second throughout the whole match. Both men brought their A-games and I could watch these two wrestle for many more months to come. Bravo to both wrestlers.

Observations and Notable Points

I hate the fact that the announcers don’t mention who Edge was traded for. I think that’s a cheap way to hype Raw and a dangerous way to disappoint the fans if Raw ends up with a midcarder with no upside. That being said, CM Punk has been touring with the RAW crew this week so he’s probably the other wrestler involved in the trade, which is actually awesome for wrestling fans and CM Punk.

The Show Overall
What a difference a week makes. Even though this wasn’t the strongest show, it still looked and smelled like Smackdown since it wasn’t used to promote a pay per view with added starpower from Raw.

With Edge added to the mix the matches are going to be pretty spectacular. Unfortunately, an equally strong worker, CM Punk, is probably going to the other brand in the trade. The show has lost a lot of steam since they screwed the pooch on the Kane and Undertaker feud. But I guess the show will pick itself up with the addition of a blue mascot and the Swagger Soaring Eagle. Shoot me.

This week was a mediocre show that featured a good opening moment and an awesome main event. The show was saved at the end by its arguably two best performers in Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio. I’m assuming that CM Punk is gone but Edge is more than adequate to fill the void. Rey, ADR, Swagger and Edge is a nice little quartet to build a wrestling show around. Throw Kofi, Cody Rhodes and Kaval in the mix and you almost have an equivalent to the glory days of the Smackdown Six. This was a lackluster show but the future of Smackdown is certainly golden.

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