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February 23, 2014

Elmination Chamber 2014 small


Who’s going to WrestleMania??!


02-17-14 WWE RAW

February 17, 2014


Go home show that didn’t  mention the network all that much and no mentions of any special guests for next week…



February 17, 2013

Elimination Chamber Smackdown 2013

WrestleMania title matches are set…


WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Predictions

February 16, 2013

Elimination Chamber Shield 2013

WWE Champion The Rock vs. CM Punk w/Paul Heyman

Mascara De Fuego:  The Rock. Although I wasn’t a fan of the go-home show where they focused on The Rock recounting a crack whore story from Nashville and a Punk & Heyman love fest that didn’t make sense, I am looking forward to this match. I think this has potential to be even better than their last match. Although they could put the title on Punk at the ppv only to take it off of him on RAW, I think they best plan to keep The Rock strong into Mania is to have him defeat Punk cleanly… and hopefully with the Rock Bottom this time…

Great Puma: The Rock. Their first match was good but I had the feeling that they didn’t pull out all the stops. I think they’re going all out in this match and I look forward to seeing them battle. The outcome should be clean but this DQ-countout nonsense leads me to believe that all sorts of fuckery is going to happen at the end of this match. My only request is that they both kickout of the each other’s finishers and that we see a successful People’s Elbow.


02-11-13 WWE RAW

February 11, 2013



Go home show for the Elimination Chamber!


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [February 17, 2012]

February 17, 2012

The Elimination Chamber is getting The Cobra!



February 13, 2012


Soap Opera Mania is running wild!


FighterHayabusa’s Elimination Chamber 2011 Podcast

February 21, 2011

Listen to the two writers of discuss WWE’s Elimination Chamber. Curse words are a helluva drug.

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February 20, 2011

We start the show with Ricardo Rodriguez in the ring introducing Alberto Del Rio!

Our announce team is Booker T, Michael Cole and Josh Mathews. Odd, no Striker.

Del Rio says he’s committed to excellence, not like the people here in Oakland. Haha He says he’s going to be World Champion because its his destiny. He then calls Kofi a piece of trash, nothing. How Kofi stop destiny.


Elimination Chamber Predictions

February 20, 2011

Raw Elimination Chamber Match

John Cena vs John Morrison vs R-Truth vs Randy Orton vs King Sheamus vs CM Punk

Great Puma – CM Punk should be the last man standing. Punk’s stablemate, Michael McGillicutty, should have something to do with that. Cena will be eliminated due to the Miz interfering. Truth and JoMo will provide the high spots with Truth being eliminated first. I think Orton’s momentum is all but gone. Sheamus doesn’t need to win since he has a date with HHH at Wrestlemania. I would love to see the last two men being JoMo and Punk. As much as I want JoMo to get his come-uppance, CM Punk wins this Elimination Chamber. My only disappointment is that JoMo won’t have a high profile match at Wrestlemania.

Mascara De Fuego – I would love to see your picks at WrestleMania Puma, but I don’t think we’re going to get a Cena-free main event at the biggest show of the year. I think they’ve been building towards that and quite honestly if Cena doesn’t get this match where else does he fit on the card? I think Morrison and possibly Punk are going to end up in the Money in the Bank match. I think it would be a waste to do Sheamus vs. Triple H now because we’re running out of time to build it and seeing as Sheamus’ push has been in limbo since winning the King of the Ring, (yes that doesn’t make sense at all) it was just be a squash. Right now with The Rock on the show, I think they should leave Sheamus and HHH for something like SummerSlam so you can put more behind it than just another match at WrestleMania.