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What is it going to take to save professional wrestling…

December 24, 2010

…Random thoughts from a loyally frustrated fan.

Just wrapping up from a Christmas Eve, Eve get-together when I got on the interwebs just to find out Kaval was released from the WWE. Sounds like they didn’t have anything for him…Kaval. Nothing to do… fucking WWE at it again. Puma and I had a brief text exchange after this and while this might not make sense as I have polished of a bottle of wine, some sort of peppermint cocktail and champagne here are some random thoughts about the state of wrestling…

How hard is it to have good wrestling matches, tell good stories with good production quality!? Basically the WWE look but with ROH’s matches and talent. Maybe we’re the issue because we expect too much? High expectations?? Yeah the WWE caters to the kiddies right now but even in the past they’ve had something for people who wanted to watch legit matches. Now everything is a Michael Cole joke, cookie cutter looks, attire and wrestling.

What is it going to take to wake these companies up? You can only beat us up for so long before we get tired of this nonsense and move on. These are scary times and as silly as it might sound to some this has always been in our lives, for both Puma and I for as long as we remember. This isn’t something easy for us to walk away from, we love this shit. Some watch the NBA, NFL, UFC and MLB just as religiously and yeah we know wrestling is more “entertainment” but regardless it doesn’t change that people can swear buy it.

I’m not saying I am done (just yet) but I am saying it is getting hard do to this when all we get is garbage and recycled bullshit. I hope things turn around soon but I just don’t see how it can. Something big has to happen to wake people up and realize we’re not asking for a lot. We’re just asking for quality wrestling AND entertainment.