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Thank You Shawn

March 29, 2010

03-29-10 RAW REVIEW (Guest Cast of Hot Tub Time Machine)

March 29, 2010

Batista is going to start off RAW? That’s odd. You figure they would have sent Batista back to Smackdown after losing the title. Crowd is hating on Batista hard tonight. He calls last night a fluke and wants a rematch cause no matter what Cena cant beat him. This of course brings out Jean Shorts and his spinney belt. Shorts says some shit and its not too long before there are strong “Cena sucks” chants. Lame story short he give Batista a rematch tonight but Batista turns it down. They throw a few punches and Batista leaves. JACK SWAGGER then comes out and cashes in when he attacks Shorts from behind. He asks for a ref but Shorts tries to put Swagger in the STF. Swagger bolts and calls off his title match. Dammit.



March 28, 2010

The show starts with three F1’s going over the arena. Damn, way to pull out the stops here!

Fantasia does the Star Spangled Banner and doesn’t fuck it up.


Live match by match coverage tonight!

March 28, 2010

Tune into Fighter Hayabusa’s Twitter & Tumblr pages for out LIVE coverage of WrestleMania 26 starting at 4pm PST.


March 23, 2010

Matt Striker says that next week will be huge with the Pro’s putting out their list of top guys in NXT.

Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel w/Christian beat Skip Sheffield w/William Regal & Wade Barrett. Slater makes the cover on Sheffield who got accidentally got kicked with a big boot by Barrett. This is the first all rookie tag team match. Match wasn’t too bad.

David Otunga & Darren Young w/Straightedge Society beat Daniel Bryan & Michael Tarver w/Carlito when Otunga hits the Urnage on Bryan….god dammit. Tarver comes out with a shirt in the vein of RUN DMC, it says RUN NXT… sigh. Funny shot of the SES during the match sitting on the ring steps shooting the shit. Bryan looked solid in the match. Tarver and Gallows had a couple of arguments during the match.

The show only had two matches as the rest of the time was spent building up WrestleMania.

We’ll see how this all pans out next week with the Pro’s picks so far…

03-22-10 RAW REVIEW (Guest Pete Rose)

March 22, 2010

Shawn Michaels comes out to the ring, he says he has the same feeling he’s had numerous times before of being able to do anything like beating Taker. HBK says that even though there is a DVD out now about his career he is going no where. He said he will go down in history as the only guy to ever beat Taker and break his streak. The lights then go out and a video package on HBK’s career is shown, I think it’s the same one from the HBK DVD but then ends with a graphic that says 1985-2010 The Career of Shawn Michaels. HBK says that didn’t intimated him and to come out and try to do it to his face. Pete Rose then comes out. He wishes HBK luck and says he is the right man to end that streak. He books a match with HBK vs. Kane. He wants revenge on Kane for what he is done to him all these years. I see Rose taking ANOTHER tombstone tonight.


“Witness The Fall Of Mankind”

March 19, 2010

By El Jefe

The Hayabusa Weekly Wrap Up

March 18, 2010

WrestleMania 26

The guys at break down the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 26!



March 18, 2010

In the back a tacky orange hummer shows up with Hogan, Hardy, Abyss and RVD. Is this TNA’s version of Sunday Brunch?


Smackdown Spoilers!

March 16, 2010

Quick results from the Tuesday night Smackdown tapings…