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A Sick Collection of Low Ki Kicks

December 15, 2011

From Thunderfilez youtube channel. Enjoy.

I still can’t get the resentment out of my heart for the WWE not knowing what to do with Low Ki. Just the thought of Low Ki destroying Rey Mysterio’s head with a Black Magic kick (series starts at 0:18) keeps me hoping that Low Ki/Kaval will be back in the WWE someday. This is practically a who’s who of professional wrestling being blasted by Low Ki.

Fighter Hayabusa reviews Destination X

July 11, 2011

Welcome everyone to a very special episode of Fighter Hayabusa actually covering a TNA ppv…!? 



July 10, 2011

Ah shit check out Fighter Hayabusa covering a TNA pay per view… but don’t get use to this shit cause my pockets aren’t that deep. Plus its TNA, I put up with two hours of their bullshit a week as is. This is the only thing that’s excited me on their end in a long time.



June 30, 2011

Opinionated? Yup. Straightedge? Nope.



February 16, 2010

From PWinsider:

Here’s the talent roster for WWE NXT, premiering next Tuesday, February 23.

Justin Angel, current FCW Champion.
Daniel Bryan, formerly known as Bryan Danielson
Kaval, formerly known as Low-Ki
Skip Sheffield
Darren Young
Heath Slater
Michael Tarver
Joe Hennig (Mr. Perfect’s son)
Brett Dibiase (WWE Hall of Famer, Million Dollar Man’s other son)