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Ken Doane becomes Captain Save-a-Ho on Seducing Cindy

February 28, 2010

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WWE Releases Continue…

February 26, 2010

So far the WWE has release Maria, Paul Birchill and Gregory Helms.

No word if there is more to come.

Here is what Maria had to say via her Twitter account:

“Alright guys let’s talk. I did not ask for my release. I was released. I am still going to kick ass in other areas!! I am excited about the future! But I am sad about never getting the Championship. I am sad about not getting the chance to go to Wrestlemania again. Passion is my Motivation! Time to Sing! Time to work for Charity! Time to Dance! Time to be Alive again! Much love to my FANS, my FAMILY, the DIVAS, and my FRIENDS! There is a bright new future when one door closes another opens! Bring on the Doors! Spanks and Kisses”


Referee Scott Armstrong has also been added to the list of releases. Recently Armstrong was part of an angle during the short Undertaker/CM Punk feud recreating the Montreal Screw Job, Armstrong played the Earl Hebner role. Still no word has been given for any of these releases.

***UPDATE 2***

Charlie Haas has been also added to the list of people released by the WWE, a place all too familiar by Haas.


February 25, 2010

The show starts with Abyss in the back showing off Hogan’s Hall of Fame ring to a bunch of X Division guys saying it was the greatest day of his life… I guess you need to invest time in hanging out with girl’s man if this is the greatest.

TNA Champion AJ Styles comes down to the ring with Ric Flair. Styles cuts a decent promo on The Pope. At least he’s getting a heel promos down. Flair is super fucking pissed that Hogan gave Aybss his HOF ring. Flair keeps calling him “the Abyss”. Abyss comes down to Hogan’s WCW music. Flair cuts Abyss down calling him a clown. All three banter back and forth until Hogan comes out. Flair and Hogan yell at each other, I think one of these guys is going to have a coronary right here in the middle of the ring. Abyss and Hogan are ready to go but Flair and Styles hit the road. I get why Flair & Styles are pissed about the ring but is it enough to start a feud…?! Come on now. Its funny this is all over a ring Hogan got for the WWE. Makes TNA feel cheap.


NXT revisited: The Miz and Daniel Bryan transcript.

February 24, 2010

Here’s a transcript of the interaction between The Miz and Daniel Bryan on the debut episode of WWE NXT.  Personally, it was the best part of the show besides the Jericho-Bryan match at the end of the broadcast.

All the NXT Rookies are in the back.  The audience is pretty amped up (at least 5 times more than they ever were for ECW – which is somewhat sad).

Miz strolls by the Rookies and gives them the once over.  He then calls out Daniel Bryan.  Miz talks about his credentials.  Daniel Bryan rolls his eyes.

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Fighter Hayabusa Thoughts on NXT Episode 1 (2.23.10)

February 23, 2010

The two writers of Fighter Hayabusa were so stoked before tonight’s debut episode of NXT, we just had to post our thoughts after the show was over.

Mascara De Fuego: So Puma, the first NXT is in the record books, what are your thoughts on the premier show?

Great Puma: It looked like FCW with a bigger arena. They should have went balls out and gone the Ultimate Fighter route. However, Bryan vs Jericho was good for what it was. I wish it had more time.

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February 23, 2010

Show starts off with the rookies in the back trying to look hard. Miz comes out and calls Bryan to his side, looks like Bryan is trying not to laugh. Haha Miz wants Bryan to go to thing and cut a promo. Bryan leaves for the ring and Miz says that if he doesn’t show personality he’s going to slap it out of him. I don’t know about this…


02-22-10 RAW REVIEW (Guest Ty Murray & Jewel)

February 22, 2010

The opening of RAW saw the new World Champion Chris Jericho come out and brag about his title win. This of course brought out Edge who speared him setting up their WrestleMania match. Shortly after Jean Shorts comes out to piss and moan about losing this title. Mr. McMahon comes out and sets up a match for Shorts tonight, if he can beat Batista he will get the WrestleMania match against him. If he doesn’t Sheamus gets the match. There is definitely a possibility of screwing Shorts again here…


Another Possible WrestleMania Card

February 22, 2010

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Ken Doane throws the Pearl Necklace challenge on Seducing Cindy.

February 21, 2010

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Mascasa De Fuego’s WrestleMania Card Forecast

February 21, 2010

I’ve been  thinking about how the Elimination Chamber has shaped up WrestleMania and this is what I am gathering so far in regards to the card for the biggest card of the year.

World Champion Chris Jericho vs. 2010 Royal Rumble Winner Edge

WWE Champion Batista w/Vince McMahon vs. John Cena w/Bret Hart

WrestleMania Rematch: The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes

Triple H vs. Sheamus

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth

Unified Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk (possible stipulation)

RAW vs. Smackdown Battle Royal

I will miss Money in the Bank on this ppv.