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Money in the Bank – Thoughts

June 15, 2015
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Who is our new Mr. Money in the Bank!?


04-27-15 WWE RAW & KING OF THE RING 2015

April 28, 2015



Extreme Rules – Predictions & Thoughts

April 26, 2015
predictions Extreme Rules 2015

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WWE World Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match

(RKO is Banned, Kane is the “Keeper of the Cage”)

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

Mascara De Fuego: Rollins. Let me first start off by saying, FUCK this pay per view. Nothing feels worth this show being put on. They should pull a UFC move and just cancel this bullshit. Who fucking care about this show that will be forgotten about!? Anyhow, Rollins will win this match when he and Kane end up on the same page again. Orton will huff and puff about being screwed the night after this shit. No reason why this should not be a good match. Orton will end up using the RKO as some point, probably after the match.

Great Puma: Rollins. Rollins is the best thing going in the WWE right now. There’s no reason for him to lose and Orton is over no matter what position he’s at on the card. I’m sure they’ll steal the show and an RKO-festival is going to happen so the live crowd can go home happy.


Fastlane Predictions & Thoughts

February 22, 2015


#1 Contenders Match
Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan
Mascara De Fuego: Roman Reigns. I know the rumblings of either replacing Reigns at Mania or making it a triple threat but my gut still tells me that they are sticking to their original plan and putting Reigns in the main event against Brock Lesnar for the title. What I do think will change the out come of the WrestleMania main event is if Lesnar does stay with the WWE. If he does, I don’t think you should take the title off of him and have this match as a learning lesson for Reigns. After this build up to Bryan vs. Reigns, the only one who’s shining at the moment is in fact the WWE Champion. As for the match, I have to think that Bryan will carry Reigns to possibly the best singles match of his career.
Great Puma: Double DQ or Double Countout. I want that Triple Threat to happen for the Wrestlemania main event. The WWE has to realize by now that Reigns is just not ready. He has a strong pop but it’s nowhere near Daniel Bryan’s reaction. Having Reigns go over Lesnar will backfire big time. The fans want Bryan to win, or Lesnar to retain. It’s as simple as that.


WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Predictions

January 23, 2015


WWE World Heavyweight Title Match
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins
Mascara De Fuego: John Cena… then Seth Rollins. I hate this prediction but I think this is the way they will book the show. Brock being the wild-card in regards to his contract leaves him in an odd place. Yeah, he will work WrestleMania but I don’t think they will put him in the main event since it will probably be his last show. I would love to see Brock stick around but I think its a forgone conclusion that 1-the WWE can’t afford to keep Brock around anymore and 2-the UFC can afford him… with that, Brock will lose the title to Cena (who unfortunately then ties Ric Flair with World Title wins) but as usual for Cena, he will get cashed in on (again) and lose the title to Seth Rollins who will then go to WrestleMania as champion. Let’s face it, he’s been the ONLY heel that they’ve built up into a place where main eventing Mania is actually viable option for him. Lord knows, they’ve been sucking at utilizing Brock Lesnar’s limited dates. Maybe on the way out, Brock can put over Roman Reigns WITHOUT the title on the line.
Great Puma: Brock Lesnar. If rumors of Brock heading back to Dana-Ville are true, Brock Lesnar should leave the WWE after losing his title to Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. This keeps Brock looking strong and allows him to come back on favorable terms, if and when he decides to come back. It would be bad business for Cena to win in Philadelphia on Sunday. There’s little doubt that the Philly crowd will drop a giant turd on any finish that doesn’t involve Seth Rollins or Brock Lesnar leaving the ring with the WWE title around their waists. I don’t know what they do with Cena for Wrestlemania and I don’t care. Brock vs. Bryan, and Sting vs. HHH is a strong pair of main events to build ‘Mania around.


12-14-14 WWE TLC

December 14, 2014

TLC 2014 predictions

Way too much plunder…


WWE TLC (and Stairs) Predictions

December 14, 2014

TLC 2014 predictions

Tables Match

(If Cena loses the match he loses his shot at the WWE World Title.)

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

Mascara De Fuego: Cena. I think it would be stupid to go against super-Cena in this match. Ultimately it’s a meaningless match with the added stip to add more intrigue but that’s all for not. It’s hard to be excited for this show when NXT put on a great show on Thursday night!

Great Puma: Seth Rollins. Another full mark pick from yours truly. I really don’t want to see Cena vs. Brock again at the Rumble, but that’s the rumored plan for now. I hate it already and I would hate to see Randy interfere at the end to give Cena the cheap W. Whatever happens, I hope Seth is looking strong and I expect him to go all Shawn Michaels and steal the pay per view. (more…)


December 2, 2014



Survivor Series Predictions

November 22, 2014



11-03-14 WWE RAW 

November 4, 2014
A lot of double duties tonight on RAW….