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09-29-14 WWE RAW

September 29, 2014


the bookend parts of the show were at least good…


08-11-14 WWE RAW

August 11, 2014


RAW, brought to you by the WWE Network for… $9.99….


02-24-14 WWE RAW

February 24, 2014


Hogan, Brock, Taker, the WWE Network and WrestleMania season is in full force!


FighterHayabusa’s Top 5 Wrestlemania Moments

April 5, 2013

[repost from 2011]

5. HBK loses to Undertaker in their WrestleMania rematch

Mascara De Fuego: Great emotional moment, every time I think back to this match I think of HBK standing in the middle of the ring saying thank you to the crowd. A moment that was built over TWO YEARS something unheard of from the WWE!

Great Puma: This is one of my favorite WrestleMania endings in recent history. As soon as the ref counted to three, I immediately missed Shawn Michaels. It meant the ending of an era of one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. As much as wrestling is a work, this moment was all real and Shawn Michaels’ heartfelt gestures at the end of the match put this moment over the top.

4. Stone Cold winning the WWE Title at WrestleMania 14

Mascara De Fuego: Without question the beginning of what the WWE would call the “attitude era”. Stone Cold brought the WWE into the forefront of the industry once again and it all started here. The addition of Mike Tyson did wonders for the WWE and no moment captured this than Tyson taking off his DX shirt and knocking out HBK. Now as a pro wrestling fan it was not my personal favorite to see that but I knew it was right for the business.

Great Puma: This was Stone Cold barely reaching his peak. Stone Cold pinning HBK, followed by Mike Tyson’s knockout punch, catapulted the WWE into the second golden age of pro wrestling since the late 80’s. It was a great moment for wrestling fans who couldn’t be more happier to see Stone Cold finally get what he deserved.



October 11, 2012


It’s the go-home show for Bound for Glory… Bully Ray proves he can be trusted, RVD weasels into an X Division Title match at the ppv and Austin Aries goes full heel in the last minutes of the show…



October 5, 2012





September 20, 2012

stuff and things are afoot on IMPACT… (more…)


August 23, 2012


-Trying this on a Saturday morning… sober… let’s see how this goes.



August 16, 2012

The Bound for Glory series continues, a debut.. well sorta and the Ace’s & 8’s clear up some shit.



June 28, 2012

Clair’s back and apparently this story is far from over…