Jim Ross on MVP’s great promo, John Cena vs. the Nexus, and the art of Promos


Good Ol’ Jim Ross hits another homerun with his amazing insight and commentary in his latest blog post. Here are some excerpts:

THE Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio has a bona fide upside but needs to be more aggressive and allow his mean streak to be vividly be on display when he’s on the offensive. I really think that Del Rio can be a star in WWE but it may take him a little longer than some may like. Patience is the key as Alberto has a great look, wrestling heritage, and the legit skills to be a major player over time and then for years to come. Del Rio walking the edge of the PG rating might be interesting.

MVP’s breakout promo on Smackdown.

MVP’s promo on Friday Night Smackdown was his best in months and maybe ever. I listened intently to every word and to be perfectly honest I rarely listen to every word of every wrestling promo that I hear during the week of seemingly endless TV broadcasts.

Promos in general.

Promos in wrestling need to be like great reality TV and come off as real, organic and natural while not being contrived and memorized copy. Those that can ad lib to a certain degree and rise to the occasion when challenged to perform extemporaneously often times end up becoming stars.

On possibly working with the UFC.

The UFC upper mgmt people know that I have an interest in their product and I think that my style would fit what they do quite well especially when they begin expanding their roster of broadcasters.

Jim Ross goes on to discuss Paul Bearer’s rough day of taping, Jack Swagger, Kaval, John Cena’s Nexus predicament, Wrestlemania info, the future endeavored, autographed Coozies and so much more! We highly encourage you read his latest post.

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