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07-19-15 WWE Battleground Thoughts…

July 20, 2015


Didn’t give a flying fuck about R-Truth vs. King Barrett. Seriously, enough of this shit.

I thought the same shit about Orton vs. Sheamus although St. Louis thought differently since Orton is from there. The RKO to Sheamus was anticlimatic. A bad “out of nowhere”.

The tag team title match between the Prime Time Players taking on The New Day was decent.

Surprised how much time Reigns and Wyatt got but I was kind of suprised at this match. It was good and it seemed the crowd was into it.

The diva’s triple threat with Charlotte, Sasha and Brie was good. Glad they kept Brie to a minimum in this one. I feared they would give her the match but luckily it was Flair who got the submission victory.

I thought the Cena and Owens match was match of the night for sure. I was more of a fan of the first match still. I think it would have made more sense to have Owens pinned and not tapped out if you were going to have him lose. Should have saved the tap out. Interesting choice not to put the title on Owens, believe it or not I’m ok with it soley for Open Challenge matches. What to do with Owens now though..?

Brock vs. Rollins was going pretty well until they did the Undertaker spot… Yeah, the crowd loved it but 1-You just turned Brock heel (no one is booing Taker) a waste when he had recently turned face. 2-Taker just comes off old and bitter for losing at Mania and if he is coming to the aid of his brother who’s been workinng for the Authority for a few years now doesn’t that make him guilty by proxy? 3-Brock losing to Taker at SummerSlam does NOTHING for Brock who should be kept strong. Personally, I hated this. Lame ending, she show was cut off 15 minutes short. The match barely got any legs before this shit.

Overall an ok show with another good Cena/Owens match.

Mascara De Fuego –


07-06-15 WWE RAW

July 7, 2015



– Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman started the show. A little odd to see Heyman do face-promos although its basically the same thing. Crowd wasn’t too crazy about him bringing up Brock breaking the streak. Decent promo to open the show.

– Didn’t want Big Show vs. Ryback. Miz was on commentary and looked like he got involved.

– Didn’t want Paige vs. Brie Bella with he sister and adopted sister.

– Definitely did NOT watch Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus. Fucking can not watch a Sheamus match in 2015. His “are you not entertained” line makes me insane. Bray caused the count out… sigh. Orton came out after and RKO’d Sheamus… Looking forward to this match even LESS.

– Hunter convinces Seth Rollins to call out Brock tonight.

– Rusev and Summer cut a promo on Ziggler and Lana before they came out. Long story short, Rusev isn’t injured anymore and beats the shit out of Ziggler. Lana took some bumps via Summer. Felt like a looong segment. Is this feud over yet..?

– Bo Dallas and Dean Ambrose was short but got dueling chants. Ambrose with the dirty deeds for the pin. They need to stop sleeping on this dude.

– Fuck no I did not watch Barrett vs. R-Truth… fucking stop this.

– Rollins is out for this call out of Brock. J&J pull into the arena with this car Rollins gave them. Brock comes out but instead of going to the ring where these three were wielding axe handles, he takes 2 axes to the J&J Cadillac. He beat the shit out of this car. Brock ripped off one of the doors and threw it like 50 feet, part of it went into the crowd! It was nuts!!! It did look like it hit a fan, crap! Brock then took out Noble and “broke” his arm. Mercury took a suplex onto the hood of the car. After that Brock headed to the ring at Rollins and he got the fuck out of dodge and ran through the crowd. Brock then stood on the car posing to end the segment. Damn, this was bonkers.

– New Day took on the Lucha Dragons. Prime Time were on commentary where Titus took over the whole thing. It was a bit much…┬áThis was a pretty good match, notably Big E and Kalisto.

– John Cena had another open challenge for the US Title. At first he got Kevin Owens hot off of losing the NXT Title. Cesaro showed up pissed about last week and kicks Owens out of this match and takes his place. This match was stellar! I hate to say it but Cena might have won over Chicago during this match… it didn’t start out that way. Cesaro came off like a star out of this one even in the loss. The only bad thing about this match was Cena’s springboard stunner… its just bad, stop it. After the match Owens tried to powerbomb Cena but he got out and AA’d him to end the show strong for Cena.