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Smackdown Thoughts & Review [12. 17. 10]

December 17, 2010

Lafayette, LA

Edge comes out. He grabs a mic.

  • Edge shows a video of his adventures with Kane and his daddy with Benny Hill music for the soundtrack.
  • The crowd cheers cuz it’s so rad and funny when somebody kidnaps someone else’s daddy.
  • He says in Kane’s head and he’s going to become Ten Time World Heavyweight Champion.

–Instead of the kidnapping angle, they could have just done the promo vs. promo route and I would have been into this feud a lot more.


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [12. 10. 10]

December 10, 2010

Dayton, OH

Kane comes out to the ring and says…

“This has gone on for way too long.”

That’s hilarious since that’s exactly how I feel about this stupid feud.