Smackdown Thoughts & Review [11. 5. 10]


Bridgeport, CT

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

  • Ricardo Rodriguez walks into the ring to introduce ADR but Edge scares him outside of the ring and onto the ring apron.
  • ADR sends Edge’s shoulder arm into the ring post.
  • ADR focuses on Edge’s tweaked left arm.
  • ADR does his feet first bump through the ropes to the outside.
  • Edge hits a high cross body off the top turnbuckle. Haven’t seen him do that in a looong time.
  • ADR counters the Edge-O-matic and hits his bridging belly to back suplex. Very nice.

  • Edge hits his Impaler DDT for a two count.
  • Edge goes to the top and ADR hits his springboard enziguiri.
  • Edge gains back momentum and teases the spear.
  • NEXUS comes out and throws both men out of the ring.

Otunga has the mic:

  • He says they’re taking over Smackdown.

Big Show comes out and calls out…
Rey Mysterio and Kane.
It’s a Slobber Knocker and the Nexus retreat.

Teddy Long comes out and declares a ten-man tag match between ADR, Big Show, Kane, Rey Rey and Edge vs. the Nexus later in the episode.

–It’s great how Smackdown instantly helps any former RAW wrestler to get their mojo back. The pop for Edge was deafening.

I didn’t mind the Nexus involvement in the finish. An Edge vs. Del Rio match is definitely something that should be hyped and slowly built as a pay per view main event. The small taste of tonight’s match just leaves the fans wanting more.

Dolph Ziggler vs. JTG

  • Sick boot to the face by Ziggler.
  • Zig Zag. Ziggler holds JTG’s head up at the two-count.
  • Sleeper. It’s over.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Kaitlyn comes out and gets in the ring. Dolph tries to push her away.
Vicky Guerrero comes in the ring and slaps the shit out of Kaitlyn.

–I guess JTG is Smackdown’s Zack Ryder. That was beyond a squash. It’s a shame because JTG has a lot more to offer than being a low to mid card stepping stone.

Vicky Guerrero talks to Teddy Long about Kaitlyn. Teddy gives her a match with Kaitlyn. Okay.

They cut to the Nexus beating down Rey in the back. I guess this sets up Rey’s non-wrestling appearances on the European tour.

Josh Mathews interviews Otunga and the Nexus.

  • Otunga says that the Nexus is more than Cena and Barrett drama.
  • Otunga adds that the Nexus attacked Rey Mysterio because they can.

MVP vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre

  • MVP comes out to some new theme music. It’s a big improvement over his last theme.
  • MVP hits a sick flying knee to the back of a kneeling DCR’s head.
  • Drew convinces DCR to team up and attack MVP.
  • Drew Superplexes DCR as MVP gives Drew a belly to back suplex off the top turnbuckle. Cool.
  • MVP tries pin attempts on both men for near two counts.
  • MVP hits his Ballin’ Elbow Drop on Drew.
  • Drew counters MVP’s Playmaker/Overdrive.
  • Drew teases the Futureshock DDT but DCR hits his Beautiful Disaster kick on Drew.
  • MVP with a brutal pump kick to Drew’s face while his head was hanging on the second rope. One…two…three.


–I’m pleasantly surprised. I don’t mind Drew taking the loss at all. DCR did very well and he came out looking strong. I really like how DCR incorporates his dad’s footwork and punches or some of his brother’s mannerisms throughout his moveset. Very cool.

MVP needed this win and I’m glad he’s getting another opportunity at a singles title. I hope he takes the title off Ziggler soon.

Vicky Guerrero vs. Kaitlyn

  • Kaitlyn basically manhandles Vicky at the start.
  • Striker and Cole express concern over Vicky’s frustration.
  • Kaitlyn drops a nice ax handle off the ring apron.
  • Kaitlyn also executes a nice quick leg drop for a quick two count.
  • Kaitlyn tries to kick Vicky in the corner. Vicky catches her leg and gives her a double leg takedown. Pin with the feet on the ropes. One…two…three.

WINNER: Vicky G.

–This was farce. Kaitlyn is stunning. That is all.

Kaval and MVP are talking in the back. They get jumped and plundered by the Nexus.

–I really hope this leads to a feud between Kaval and the Nexus. Kaval needs a meaningful program so his talents can shine and eventually get over.

Chris Masters vs. Tyler Reks

  • Tyler Reks hits the Burning Hammer.

WINNER: Tyler Reks

–Eh. I still think Reks is green. On the other hand, I’d like to see Chris Masters gets an opportunity at an IC Title run sooner or later. He’s improved ten-fold and his character is someone that the crowd can get behind.

Nexus vs. Kofi (in place of Rey), Edge, ADR, Big Show & Kane

  • Big Show slaps the hell out of lil Hennig’s chest.
  • Husky Harris hits his flying double forearms on Edge.
  • Show accidently pushes ADR off the ring apron from bouncing off the ropes.
  • ADR is pissed and leaves the ring.
  • Kofi backbody drops Slater onto Husky and Gabriel on the outside.
  • Kofi slingshot cross bodies himself on Lil Hennig, Harris, Gabriel and Slater. Nice.
  • Kofi gets beatdown by the Nexus for most of the match.
  • Kofi makes the hot tag to Kane.
  • Kane wrecks shop and gives Otunga his flying clothesline.
  • Big Show cleans house
  • Kane teases the chokeslam.
  • Edge tags himself in the match.
  • Kane gives him a glare.
  • Edge misses a spear and runs into Kane’s goozle.
  • Edge reverses it and spears Kane AND spears Otunga for the win.

WINNERS: Team Smackdown

–Good match. It was great to see a main event match focus on the show’s most important title instead of the Nexus. I wasn’t expecting the Nexus to be used as a background prop for the budding Kane and Edge feud.

I liked how the Nexus came out on the entrance stage with Tag Title belts on. It makes them look strong and formidable.

Someone made a West Side Story analogy and it didn’t really work. I wanted to see Kofi and Edge snapping their fingers while they strutted down the ramp.

The Show Overall

No complaints really. MVP’s win into IC Title contention was a nice surprise and I hope they give him his due come-uppance soon. Drew lost the match and I don’t think DCR lost any momentum by not winning that triple threat match.

I am concerned with the lack of main event talent overall. I hope Rey’s beatdown was just for a storyline and not for a real injury. I’m looking forward to an episode where a combination of Rey, Edge, Kofi, Swagger, ADR and even Kaval wrestle each other throughout the whole night like the Smackdown Six used to do.

If Kofi, ADR or Rey get a title shot will the WWE book them as strong as they’re booking Edge against Kane right now? They’re making Edge look like a world-beater right now and a true threat to Kane’s title.

It’s hard to believe Kane, a man who just dominated the Undertaker for three months, losing his title to Edge. I’d be cool if it happened, but I have a hunch that the WWE is just doing a helluva job of making their current number one contender look very strong. Smackdown didn’t have Pee-Wee Herman this week but it did have meaningful matches and a damn good main event that wasn’t all about getting John Cena over.

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