Survivor Series Predictions

by’s two sleepy writers discussed the Survivor Series pay per view over some poptarts and milk this morning.  Here’s the transcript:

Free or Fired
WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett w/John Cena as Guest Ref.

Mascara De Fuego: Wade Barrett. I see this going one of two ways and both end the match with Barrett as WWE Champion. The first scenario is Barrett winning the title with the help of Cena uncovering that he IS a full member of Nexus thus turning heel. This is the one I am hoping for as I think turning Cena heel is the smart move right now. Yeah its going to cost you money in merch but I’m sure the WWE can find ways on making that money back. HEY, how about a line of vintage WWF logos… oh wait. The second scenario sees Barrett win the WWE Title with a reluctant Cena making the three count. Cena will then take Barrett out setting up for The Miz to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase to win the Title away from Nexus. I don’t think the match will be that good and honestly we’ll all just be watching just to find out the outcome more than anything.

Great Puma: Wade Barrett. The Nexus needs this. Wade needs this. Nexus merchandising sales needs this. This is the first and only time I hope that The Miz does NOT cash in. I think Wade and the Nexus need to carry the titles around their waists all the way up to Wrestlemania. What’s a better way to send a crowd home happy than having all the belts taken away from the top heel faction at Wrestlemania? I am really looking forward to seeing all three major titles being worn by the Nexus on tomorrow’s RAW. Make it happen, WWE!

World Champion Kane vs. Edge
Mascara De Fuego: Kane. This is Kane’s time and honestly Taker’s current injury was probably the best thing to happen to Kane as it continues his push atop Smackdown. Moving Edge back to Friday nights was a smart move as was turning him face again. His character on RAW was just floundering and the main even scene on Smackdown was empty enough for Edge to have a quick transition onto the brand. The match should be decent but I feel that they will keep the title on Kane for a while and juice this feud until at least The Royal Rumble.

Great Puma: Edge. I’m thinking Edge is a perfect candidate to be the first face champion to lose the title to Alberto Del Rio. They’re not going to have a top heel lose to another top heel in Kane. In the long term, I think a money match up between Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio or even The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship is the most appealing for Wrestlemania. I’m interested in this match since it lays the foundation for the World Title scene for the months to come leading up to ‘Mania. Kane has had a great run as champ but I feel his heat has fizzled somewhat since Urn-Flashlight Gate. Edge also will win here to balance out the heel win for Wade Barrett in the other main event.

Co-Diva’s Champions LayCool vs. Natalya
Mascara De Fuego: Natalya. Its just time to transition the title to ONE person not that I see Natalya holding onto the title for a long period of time. But at least we can stop seeing TWO of these god awful titles. Should be a 3 to 6 minute match.

Great Puma: Natalya. I just picked her based on her wrestling ability alone, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if the WWE kept the title(s) on LayCool. Perhaps a HUGE buildup will happen for Natalya to have a rematch at Wrestlemania to finally get the title around her waist. Let’s hope that’s not the case and they finally put the belt on a well-skilled Diva.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus
Mascara De Fuego: Sheamus. As much as I would like to see Morrison getting the win in this match, Sheamus has been bitched out too much lately so he’ll have to come out on top to level out. Hopefully this feud will go on for a little while, helping build Morrison into a main event player. Unfortunately, it’s probably not going to last too long with the rumors of Paul McMahon coming back soon.

Great Puma: Sheamus. I can’t imagine the WWE allowing Morrison, an internet fanboy favorite, to go over one of the inner-circle boyz in Sheamus. It usually doesn’t happen like that in the WWE, especially when HHH needs to come back a hero against Sheamus. Sheamus needs to win here to keep up his aura of dominance while Morrison goes back to midcard brilliance. It’s sad but that’s how the WWE ball likes to bounce. Let’s hope we’re both wrong.

Survivor Series Elimination Rules
Team Mysterio vs. Team Del Rio

Mascara De Fuego: Team Del Rio. I am glad we are getting a traditional Survivor Series match and hopefully we’ll get a RAW one as well but they should have been building this for a while now and not the week of the event. Also I think it hurts this style of match having Bragging Rights last month. I think its time to move Bragging Rights away from November so you don’t run into these types of issues, and by the time Survivor Series comes along, you can have mix-branded teams since Bragging Rights focuses more on brand vs. brand but in the same style of match. I look for Del Rio getting the big rub here, possibly being the sole survivor for his team.

Great Puma: Team Del Rio. This is Del Rio’s revenge for losing to Rey in their last one on one encounter on Smackdown. I’d like to see Del Rio be the sole survivor as well. This will make him look strong and allow the audience to accept him as a viable contender to the World Heavyweight Championship in the near future.

WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
Mascara De Fuego: Nexus. I think the WWE has finally starting paying attention to the crowd reactions to Santino, which is why they got this match. Unfortunately as much as I would like to see Santino & Kozlov win the titles here, I just don’t think they are going to pull the titles off of Nexus so soon and especially with Barrett winning the title. It will be a comedy match until Gabriel hits the 450.

Great Puma: As much as I like Marella and Kozlov, Team Nexus needs to build legitimacy in their current tag title run. As MDF said above, the Tag Titles need to stay in the group as they welcome the WWE Championship into the fold. I sense some interference in the form of Harris and McGillicutty.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kaval
Mascara De Fuego: Kaval. He needs to win this match to give any sort of credibility to NXT, especially if they are thinking of doing ANOTHER season, which is what the rumors indicate. Kaval has it all and yeah he’s not 6’9 but god dammit no everything has to be a giant like The Big Show or The Undertaker in this business. Ziggler has been stepping it up in his matches lately so this one should be a solid match.

Great Puma: Kaval. Period. No explanation needed. Just kidding. I hope they allow this match around 12 to 15 minutes so Kaval and Ziggler can truly show their talents. It’s doubtful but IC Title matches have such a great lineage of amazing matches and more time could only help these two wrestlers in the long run. Having Kaval and Daniel Bryan win tonight would bring a lot more interest to the WWE’s second tier championships.

United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase
Mascara De Fuego: Daniel Bryan. I know this is wishful thinking but it would be an awesome night if at the end of it Bryan and Kaval were champions in the WWE. I do think it was a good move to transition the Million Dollar Belt off of DiBiase, thus helping him find is own way ala Dashing Cody Rhodes. But that doesn’t mean I want him to come out victorious over Bryan either. Hopefully Bryan can pull a good match out of Ted.

Great Puma: Daniel Bryan. As MDF said above, it will be a lovely night of pro wrestling if Kaval and Daniel Bryan win their respective matches. We’re marks for both wrestlers here and a Daniel Bryan win could only add interest to the U.S. Championship. Could they possibly be building towards a US Title vs. IC Title unification showdown at Wrestlemania? Hardcore fans would be drooling at the prospects of seeing a Daniel Bryan vs. Kaval match at Wrestlemania. I expect DiBiase to have a great showing here as well to further his own character development. Just don’t take the title off Bryan yet…please.

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