Smackdown Thoughts & Review [10. 29. 10]


They show what happens to the Undertaker’s soul after he’s buried alive. The soundtrack is choral music mixed with hopeful tones and riffs from a flute. Interesting. Undertaker opens a door and a light shines on him.

Kane comes out and gives his spiel about how dominant he is. He asks the crowd to give a moment of silence for the Undertaker. ALBERTO DEL F*CKING RIO comes out in another classic car. Kane looks pissed and I’m loving every second of this.

Alberto Del Rio says that the only tragedy here is that he’s never had an opportunity for the World Heavyweight Championship. Kane yells at him and Alberto Del Rio gives him an enziguiri and some boots. Rey Rey comes in and kicks ADR out and gives Paul Bearer a 619 just for kicks. Kane boots Rey off the apron and then Edge runs in and spears Kane. Cue Edge’s theme.

–I’ve moved on from the Kane-Taker feud already. But seeing this possible next-level push for ADR is awesome as well as the establishment of 3 new contenders for Kane’s World Heavyweight title. Great ten-minute segment that set the tone of the show and interesting possible scenarios for the rest of the year.

ADR explains to Teddy Long that he wants a title match. Long sets up a triple threat match between Rey, Edge and ADR to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan

  • Wow. Vicky comes out in a skintight leopard outfit. Meow.
  • For some reason Ziggler starts the match off with a snap firemans carry followed by a pin attempt. I hate that. There’s no way a firemans carry will every weaken an opponent enough to pin them. Grrr.
  • Ziggler punishes Bryan with methodical offense (i.e. wear down holds, boot grinding etc.)
  • Bryan got a lot of his offense in.
  • Ziggler hits his legdrop bulldog for a quick two.
  • Bryan with a backslide attempt and a nice counter to Ziggler’s sleeper into a shoulder throw to a dropkick into the turnbuckle combo.
  • Nice spot where Bryan suplexed Ziggler to the outside and then followed through with a messy cross body on top of Ziggler.
  • Very solid headbutt by Bryan.
  • Ziggler with a nice counter to the Lebell Lock into a slingshot to the turnbuckle.
  • Ziggler and Bryan accidently slam the ref into the turnbuckle and momentarily knock him out.
  • Ziggler hits the Zig Zag and Vicky counts the pinfall.
  • The ref comes around blows off the pin count.
  • Ziggler protests and Bryan catches him a hard roundhouse to the head.
  • One…two…three.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan (3-0 vs. Ziggler)

–Yesss! A Daniel Bryan match on Smackdown. Odd match that didn’t click all the way but was still really entertaining. Not sure where they’re going with this feud but I really don’t mind as long as I don’t have to see Ziggler wrestle Kofi again.

Josh Mathews interviews Paul Bearer in a creepily lit hallway. Bearer says that Rey, ADR and Edge will pay for ruining Kane’s memorial.

They give a stream of soundbites from WWE Superstars explaining how they’ve achieved their dreams working for the company.

Kelly Kelly is primping in the mirror and is bumped out of the way by Dashing Cody Rhodes. Show comes around and challenges DCR to a match. DCR says no but then concedes to having a tag team match vs. Show.

–DCR looks like he’s living within his gimmick comfortably. I can’t say enough about the greatness of the Dashing One.

Jack Swagger w/ the Swagger Soaring Eagle vs. Kaval

  • HUGE size difference.
  • Damn it. Swagger countered a Muta handspring cross body. Kaval hasn’t done that move yet in the E.
  • In a long but interesting sequence, Kaval went from being in a hanging bearhug to going around Swagger’s shoulders and turning it into a hurricanrana.
  • Huge gliding kick to Swagger against the turnbuckles.
  • Sick Rolling Lyger kick by Kaval.
  • Nice counter to Swagger’s german suplex to a quick stomp to Swagger’s chest.
  • Swagger catches Kaval in the corner and rams his ankle into the post twice.
  • Ankle Lock. Tap out.

WINNER: Jack Swagger

–It’s frustrating to see them push Jack Sparrow Tyler Reks while Kaval is being treated like effin’ Maven. Good match for what it was. The fact that Kaval’s losses are incredibly entertaining is a testament to Kaval’s skills as an in-ring performer. Push the man already, WWE!

Divas ‘Halloween Costume Contest
God Bless Little Bo Kelly Kelly. That is all.

This turns into an 8-Diva tag match.

  • Melina hits an interesting boot to the face into the splits. Cool.
  • Kelly hits the K2 on Rosa Mendez for the duke.

WINNERS: Bellas, Kelly Kelly & Melina.

–Happy Halloween!?!

Edge and Rey Rey talk about their match. They do the whole may the best man wins thing.

Drew McIntyre & Dashing Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show & Kofi Kingston

  • Drew and Cody come down with mics. They run down the new Nexus tag champs.
  • Show kills Drew with GIANT chops.
  • Show with a gigantic back body drop on DCR.
  • Show destroys DCR with a chokeslam. Done.

WINNERS: Big Show & Kofi Kingston

–I was expecting for Drew to bust out with “Oh you didn’t know???” Thank god he didn’t. DCR brought the intensity whenever he was in the ring. His first sequence with Kofi was as good as it gets. Decent match. They teased Drew showing a lack of heart and abandoning the match when DCR was getting chokeslammed. Free DCR from this tag team and let him shine solo already.

DCR confronts Drew. DCR fires Drew. Well, that was quick. Thank god.

–PLEASE start DCR’s push now.

There’s 25 minutes left in the show so I’m stoked that the main event is getting some time to develop.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Edge

  • Rey Rey comes out wearing a Rey baseball cap in Mexican colors. Doesn’t he know wearing a cap with a luchador mask is a serious fashion faux pas?
  • Rey hits a nice super cross body off the top turnbuckle to ADR and Edge on the floor.
  • Rey with a HARD dropkick to ADR’s face against the bottom turnbuckle.
  • Edge with a sunset flip on ADR, which led him to german suplex Rey. Very cool.
  • Rey with a Mysterio Splash for a two count on Edge.
  • AWESOME counter to Edge’s Edge-O-Matic into a beautiful bridging german by ADR. Two count.
  • In a cool sequence: Rey and Edge were on the top turnbuckle. Edge pushed Rey off, who was greeted by ADR’s cross armbreaker. Edge gives an elbow drop to ADR to break the submission.
  • Rey 619’d ADR but was met with Edge’s spear before the springboard. Edge goes for the quick pin. Two count.
  • ADR hits his springboard enziguiri on Edge and goes for the pin. Rey hits a springboard legdrop on the back of ADR’s neck to break it up.
  • Rey goes for the pin. Two count.
  • In another amazing sequence, ADR gets Rey on his shoulders but gets speared!
  • Edge goes for the pin. One. Two. Three.


–Standing ovation. As we all know these three men cannot do any wrong in the ring. The best part about this match was that not one person was any more dominant than the other. Everybody got their offense in and shined. Every moment was well timed, especially Edge’s pin attempt after he speared Rey off the ring apron.

ADR is so damn technically sound. Edge tried to suplex ADR into the ring from the apron and ADR actually bent his right leg around the rope. This match showed he can in the elite levels of a WWE card. He more than held his own with two of Smackdown’s veteran ring artisans.

This was a pay per view-quality match with a quality finish. Much props to all three wrestlers involved. Wow.

Notable Points

Survivor series almost seems too soon to bring Taker back. Royal Rumble would be perfect but I almost don’t want or need to watch the Taker-Kane feud continue in 2011. The best thing about witnessing the Undertaker get buried alive is knowing that you get to see another Druids ceremony before Undertaker returns.

WTF? I’m not sure what they’re doing with him but it’s clear the audience supports Kaval no matter how many times he loses. Give the man and a chance and stop wasting his time.

Thank goodness for that Triple Threat Main Event. Edge vs. Kane should be entertaining and I don’t think it means that ADR and Rey Rey are totally out of the picture. If that match was any indication, I expect Edge, Rey and ADR to create more in-ring magic in the future. Hopefully, the World Heavyweight Title will be on the line the next time those three meet.

But for some reason, I think powers that be just might be using Edge, Rey and ADR as fodder to further emphasize just how dominant Kane is right now. It’s a waste of their talents for sure but a strong champion that defends his title against the best contenders strengthens the importance of the title as well as future title defenses at the bigger shows in the first part of the new year.

The Show Overall
I’m stoked that DCR is now solo. His singles push is long over due and I’ve always thought that he’s far more talented than his ex-Legacy brethren, Stone Cold Orton included.

I’m not sure why Kofi is in Limbo and why MVP is nowhere to be seen. Most would assume MVP is in the doghouse but his lack of presence could mean anything. We’ll see exactly what his situation is in the coming weeks.

This episode is the best episode they’ve had in the SyFy era. The Smackdown main for Survivor Series was established and every match on the show was solid. I hope they stick with what’s working for the show and continue to produce the best two-hour wrestling show on pay TV.

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4 Responses to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [10. 29. 10]”

  1. a pseudo writer Says:

    The ending of the show was spectacular and very well done by the three competitors. With Del Rio being speared with Rey on his shoulders, that was something I wasn’t expecting until when it was about to happen. It seems that most people prefer Orton’s RKO when it comes to the spontaneous times when he executes it, but what about Edge’s spear?

    Also, I was sort of hoping for a possible Fatal Four-Way matchup. I used to be a huge wrestling fan from ’98’99 till ’04, and I’ve only gotten back into watching it every week in July this year, but I’m wanting to ask you: when was the last time the WWE had a fatal four-way?

    Nice blog. Keep up the good work.

    I’m pretty excited for Chris Jericho’s new book, which is slated to be released in February. Loved the first one, but I know that I’ll be able to relate to the second one better, since he’ll be focusing on his years in the WWF/E, and that will conjure memories in my head.

    • Great Puma Says:

      “Nice blog. Keep up the good work.”

      Woah. Thanks for that. It’s comments like these that make the hard work worth while.

      Agreed on Edge’s spear. I think his maniacal set up is just as entertaining as Orton’s. His trademark hair pull backs have definitely become a key part of the finisher itself.

      Not sure when’s the last time the WWE had a decent Fatal Four Way. Personally, I prefer Triple Threat matches myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Fatal Four Way with ADR, Edge, Rey and Kane in the future. Kane usually does well when he’s pitted against high flying workers who can do the dirty work.

      Yeah, I’m excited for Jericho’s book as well. He’s always an entertaining read and his wrestling work in the past 5 years has been nothing short of amazing.

      Thanks a heap for stopping by and visit us again!

  2. a pseudo writer Says:

    I know Kelly Kelly looks good, but my god, back in July on NXT, Laycool wore these short shorts, and holy hell…holy hell… that’s all I can say. Layla has been my choice of ‘eye candy’ ever since.

    • Great Puma Says:

      I wholeheartedly agree, sir. Layla is another one of our favs. I thought she was working the Beyonce gimmick very well last night. Thanks again for stopping by!

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