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A First look at the Wrestling Retribution Project

February 5, 2012

MVP is Hassan Assad in the Wrestling Retribution Project (logo & picture are from

Here’s the first trailer released for Jeff Katz’ Wrestling Retribution Project. You can see Colt Cabana, Chris Hero, Luke Gallows, and PWG favorite, Joey Ryan, throughout the trailer. The action looks solid but I’m more impressed with the usage of the song “Intro” from one my favorite bands, The xx. Yeah, I realize that wasn’t very “wrestling head” of me to say but I have to admit I’m a little disappointed that MVP isn’t shown for more than a second or two in the trailer. Hopefully, he’ll be featured more in the next one. I’m looking forward to seeing more. Enjoy.

MVP on Japan and leaving the WWE

January 2, 2012

Courtesy of MVP's facebook

The Miami Herald posted an interview with MVP. MVP talks about why he left the WWE, speaking with John Laurinaitis, and his career in Japan. It’s a great read. Here’s a brief excerpt:

 “He (Laurinaitis) knew about my passion for Japanese wrestling. I made no secret about it. I would talk about it all the time. I expressed to him I wanted to leave here on good terms. There are guys that have left here in the past and have returned, who have done well. Japan is where I always wanted to be. When I presented it to him in those terms, because I didn’t speak to Vince [McMahon], I asked him to speak to Vince for me. He just understood that I wasn’t happy and needed to go. He was very accommodating. That was on a Tuesday at SmackDown!. He called me that Thursday to tell me he spoke to Vince, and Vince agreed to let me out. I can’t tell you how happy I was.”

*You can read the article here.

MVP’s Session 8: Wrestle Kingdom partner and Japanese B-Boys

December 14, 2011

In his latest entertaining youtube video, MVP offers some insight on his greatest match, his partner for Wrestle Kingdom in January, and another ex-TNA/WWE wrestler rocking out with some Japanese B-Boys. MVP’s story involving Shelton Benjamin and Ricky Steamboat at a house show makes this worth the watch. Enjoy.

Post Money in the Bank Twitter Explosion

July 17, 2011

picture courtesy of

From indy wrestlers and ex-WWE Superstars to Living Legends and BBQ sauce makers, the Money in the Bank pay per view drew quite a reaction all across the board. Read a collection of MITB-related reactions after the jump. Here are a few standouts from MVP, Jim Ross , Paul Heyman, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin:


WWE F*CKS UP AGAIN: Kaval released

December 23, 2010

Low-Ki, also known as Kaval in the WWE, was released today. I’ll post when I learn more details. In the meantime here are some tweets and reactions from folks in the industry:

Jim Ross

Kaval’s release from WWE surprised me. Don’t know the circumstances. Kaval won’t have any issues finding work. I wish him my best.


I have changed my Twitter name to OneWorldWarrior.



Shelton Benjamin

I guess my question is would you rather see him as a jobber for Wwe or the Indy phenom that he had been

Hurricane Helms

You’re a talented mafaka bro. @OneWorldWarrior Hope to see ya down the road.

Samoa Fuckin’ Joe

Huh Low Ki is back around? Hmm the cowards better keep their heads down someone is liable to get there #CraniumCracked.

John Cena

CeNation. Behind as always. I guess wwe has released kaval. I have no clue why but this close to holiday would probally mean…….

*picture courtesy of

Jim Ross on NXT 4, Kofi vs. Swagger, and Chael Sonnen

December 6, 2010

Good ol’ Jim Ross does it again in his latest blog post. He discusses the rookies on NXT season 4, MVP, Chael Sonnen and a lot more.  Here’s an excerpt:


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [12. 3. 10]

December 3, 2010

They show a Kane vs. Edge video package to start the show.

Norfolk, VA

The ring area is littered with tables, ladders and chairs. I think they’re trying to promote something here. 😛


MVP Does What is Best For Him

December 2, 2010

From MVP‘s twitter:

We all have many dreams. Realizing one sometimes prevents you from realizing another. Decisions must be pondered & made ! Stand by …

No need for alarm. I did not get fired . I asked for & received my release. I felt it was time to go international & freshen things up.


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [11. 26. 10]

November 26, 2010



Smackdown Thoughts & Review [11. 19. 10]

November 19, 2010

Richmond, VA

Alberto Del Rio promo

  • ADR comes out in a classic European Rolls Royce.
  • He’s going to be the superstar of Survivor Series.
  • He’s going to lead Team Del Rio to victory.
  • He’s going to teach Team Mysterio a lesson like he did to Sgt. Slaughter on last Monday’s RAW.
  • He called Sgt. Slaughter a little action figure.
  • He’s the people’s real hero.

Cue MVP’s music.

  • MVP comes out in a very TRON-ish body suit.
    He says the WWE Universe wants him to punch ADR in the mouth.
    MVP name-drops some legends that paved the way for ADR. Huge pop for MVP.
    ADR says that MVP is never going to be a legend like ADR is now.
    ADR says the only person he’s fighting is Rey Rey and it doesn’t matter since MVP couldn’t handle him anyways.
    ADR calls out Drew McIntyre to face MVP.