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07-11-11 RAW

July 11, 2011

Is this CM Punk’s last RAW… you know it ain’t Cena’s…


Over the Limit Predictions

May 22, 2011

I  Quit Match

WWE Champion John Cena vs. The Miz

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Cena. Superman will make an against all odds comeback and never say I quit cause he’s not a quitter. They’ll make us think Miz has something up his sleeve but it wont work and it will be a stupid match. Can you tell I am excited to see this shit.

Great Puma Prediction: Cena wins by STF or some ridiculous and contrived finish involving a chair, handcuffs and Junior Mints…don’t ask. However, Miz will definitely kick out of an AA just to let you all know that the ‘E is still behind him, while he’s behind your personal savior and all around good guy, The Wack Emcee.

World Champion Randy Orton vs. Christian

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Orton. They’ve shit on Christian once what makes you think they won’t do it again. Watch for the newest member of the WWE Superstars internet show to be Christian after this bullshit. At least it should be a good match.

Great Puma Prediction: This should be a dope match. My inner-mark…wait, my inner child that’s still a fan for all things pure really wants Christian to win this thing. Are they going to milk this storyline for more than a few pay per views and finally let Christian win the title in the final blow off match? My magic 8-ball says “C’mon, son!”

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Jackson. Yeah, they’ll put the title on Jackson instead of building up Barrett as a worthy and credible champion. Wont be a good match.

Great Puma Prediction: Ezekial. If I say that they’re giving Ezekial the Bobby Lashley title treatment am I being (read with echo here) racist – racist – racist – racist? Ezekial is the perfect mold for the WWE champ scene. Count on it.

WWE Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane vs. Mason Ryan & CM Punk

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Show & Kane. They’ll most likely turn Ryan against Punk in the match which will cost them the match. yay….

Great Puma Prediction: Winner? The Big Red Ma-Show. Punk will make this match and Ryan is going to break this match. Mason Ryan is as green as Mascara De Fuego’s favorite seasoning. And you do know what I mean by seasoning, brotherrrrrr.

Kiss My Foot/Hall of Fame Ring Match

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: I really don’t care. This feud should have ended at WrestleMania and I honestly do not care how it ends good or bad.

Great Puma Prediction: If TOOL isn’t accidentally injured here, this match will be considered a failure. Nah, I jest. Wishing legit injury on a person ain’t cool, kids. That being said, this whole feud is meaningless if TOOL does not get beat down and walks away with a loss. This has to end tonight.

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Sin Cara. This feud should have been Cara vs. Bryan. Chavo should have been the in the matches building up to this match at the ppv not the other way around. It will be an ok match just used to showcase Cara.

Great Puma Prediction: Sin Cara. Am I the only one not feeling Sin Cara anymore? I hope this is just a slow beginning to Sin Cara’s eventual rise to super stardom. But when you think about it, Alberto Del Rio got to feud with Rey at the start of his WWE tenure, while Sin Cara gets to feud with Chavo. While I love Chavo, he’s not Rey Mysterio and he’s got more the Superstars television time than Zack Ryder. You know it, bro.

R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Truth. I have high hopes for this match and I hope it delivers. They’ve been doing a unique job of putting over Truth as a heel. He is definitely different and that’s great but I do hope that because this is different they don’t fuck it up.

Great Puma Prediction: Truth. Rey loves putting his boyz over so I expect this match to be no different in quality than the excellent Rey vs. Cody matches.

Diva’s Champion Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly  

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Kelly. It will be a super short match and my magic 8 ball is telling me Kharma costs Brie the Diva’s title basically giving it to Kelly so that Kharma can kill her at a later date.

Great Puma Prediction: Kelly Kelly. I think Mascara De Fuego means “eat her at a later date.” Yes, I expect another Kharma sighting here and I’m psyched about it.

05-16-11 WWE RAW RANT

May 17, 2011

Sorry for the late post folks, I went out to see THOR. Good stuff if you’re into the Comic book movies.

Coffee favored Patron is poured now let’s get into this…



October 3, 2010

Triple Threat Match for the United States Title

Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz

Off the bat they have Bryan come out second, why is the champion not coming out last!? Miz comes out before the match and says he was the mentor of both Morrison and Bryan. Ha. Off the bat Miz is singled out leaving Bryan and Morrison to chain wrestle in the middle of the ring.  Bryan gets on the first submission but its broken up by Miz. Miz then brings John back into the ring but John gets the tarantula! Bryan with the dropkick into the chest of Miz then Bryan gets Cattle Mutilation on Miz!!! Bryan locks Miz’s leg and they fight until John hits the Starship Pain on both! John with the advantage now who takes Miz to the outside. Miz and John fight into the crowd. Miz with the Dragon Sleeper on the step railing but Bryan makes the save. They all brawl all the way to the staging area with Miz using a large wheeled shipping box. Miz hits the SCF on John on the floor, he’s out! Bryan and Miz then fight up the stage both hitting a clothesline on each other. John then starts to climb the lighting grid, the then scaffolding! John hits a high cross body on Miz and Bryan!!! “that was awesome” chant! John with the Texas Cloverleaf on Miz!!!! Alex Riley makes the save! Bryan gets on the LaBell Lock!!!! MIZ TAPS!!!!! Solid victory for Bryan!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Hell in a Cell for the WWE Title

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Its not long before they are fighting at ringside and they tease using the steel steps. Orton ends up using the steps on Sheamus and he’s busted open!… ok wishful thinking. During the match Sheamus exposes the turnbuckle but is unsuccessful to get Orton to it. Sheamus takes Orton to the outside and uses the cage as a cheese grader on Orton.. hmmm still no blood… Why the fuck did Striker just call Randy Orton “Randle”, maybe its his alter ego like Matt Hardy… Orton with a rolling power slam onto the steel steps!… only got a 2 count! Sheamus gets a backbreaker on the steps although he still hits Orton on his knee and not the steps… He gets the Broh kick but only gets a two count. Sheamus tries to hit Orton with a steel chair but Orton hits the RKO! Sheamus rolls to the outside before he can make the pin. Orton now on the outside trying to punt Sheamus but he moves and hits another Broh kick.  Orton hits the RKO on the steel steps for the pin and the win. After the match Orton straps on the title belt and climbs the cage to celebrate.

Winner: Randy Orton

I think the Bragging Rights video package just gave away the outcome of the Cena vs. Barrett match…

Josh in the back the NXT Diva’s when Nexus comes in. Josh reminds Barrett of the stips. But Barrett says they have a special gift for Cena tomorrow now, an “N” armband.

Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring and introduces Alberto Del Rio. He mentions its his ppv debut. He talks about the little Chihuahua on Friday night Smackdown. He wants a his next challenge. He then says he is better than all of us! This brings out Edge!!! Edge says he is fighting stupidity. They banter back and forth with Edge ripping Rodriguez’s sleeve and before they can go at it, Jack Swagger comes out! He said what is stupid is a Canadian and a Mexican arguing! Haha Swagger is pissed because of his mascot’s medical bills. With leads to Del Rio and Swagger beating on Edge, Del Rio takes off but then we get an email… the GM wants an in ring apology tomorrow night but now it will be Swagger vs. Edge.

Jack Swagger vs. Edge

The match starts off where Swagger left off. Edge tries to fight back but Swagger keeps the advantage. Swagger finally gets on the ankle lock but Edge gets to the ropes quickly. Swagger gets the ankle lock again but Edge rolls out of it and Swagger ends up face first into the steps. Edge goes to the top and hits a missile dropkick for a 2 count. Camera man on the outside takes a hit! Swagger with the belly to belly off the top rope for a 2 count! Edge goes for the spear but Swagger catches him, gut wrench powerbomb!!!! 1…2….kickout! Edge looks like he got injured when Swagger was putting him in the ankle lock, Edge back to the ropes. Edge with the quick spear! 1…2…THREE! Good methodical match but the crowd wasn’t into it.

Winner: Edge

In the back Nexus is talking about trusting Wade and how they don’t want this to be the end of Nexus. Otunga has a plan… oh god no.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett (Nexus / Cena on the line)

Wade comes on out on his own, the stip is they can’t interfere tonight or Wade gets DQ’d and Nexus is done. The match starts off with chain wrestling… it did really! They continue to exchange moves and breaking, taking their time with this. Cena gets the advantage in the first exchange but Wade finally takes the lead. Cena snaps and throws uncontrolled punches then goes for the FU which brings out Nexus. Wade gets in their faces and tries to send them back. He doesn’t want to get DQ’d here. They stick around while Wade continues to pound on Cena. Wade with a strong elbow off the second rope for a 2 count. Cena tries to fight back but Wade stays one step ahead. “lets go Barrett, lets go Cena” chants! Cena finally fights back hitting several shoulder tackles and the “you cant see me” punch. Nexus surrounds the ring but the locker room empties out and the WWE locker room has taken out the Nexus. MVP’s drive by kick to Otunga is missed by the camera. Stupid. The locker room heads to the back while Cena smiles. Cena then tries for the STF but Barrett escapes it. Wade hits a pump handle slam for a 2 count. Cena with the sloppiest gut wrench in the history of wrestling for a 2 count. Wade with the double arm suplex for a 2 count. Wade hits a side slam for a 2 ½ count! Wade sets up Cena in the corner and tries to hit another elbow but Cena moves. Both try to make it to their feet and Cena is up first, he’s going to the top. Wade cuts him off tries for the superplex but Cena fights it off and Wade hits the mat. Cena then hits his wack ass leg drop to the back of Wade’s head…1…2…kickout! Cena tries for the FU but Wade reverses it!!! Fireman’s carry slam!!!! 1….2….THR—KICKOUT!  Cena gets up FU!!! Fuck! 1…2…..KICKOUT!!!!!!!! oh shit that was close! Cena goes for the STF!!!!!……FUCK! SOMEONE from the outside distract the ref!!! Husky Harris (PERHAPS) hits Cena!!!!!!…….1………2…….THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nexus is in the ring and lift Wade on their shoulders! Striker is asking for the Nexus shirt! Cena is still in the ring shocked look on his face. Good match for Barrett that helped elevate him further.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Josh in the back its all spooky and purple. Paul Bearer creeps from the shadows. He’s asked why he has returned after 6 years. He said he has been devising his own master plan and how Kane will never be the father of destructions favorite son.

Sappy video package on how the WWE likes to hug little children.

Unified Diva’s Championship

Michelle McCool vs. Natalya

The early goings of the match belong to McTaker who tries to out wrestle Natalya but its just comical and not in a good way. McCool accidentally hits Layla! Nattie with the cover 1…2… kickout! Nattie with the Sharpshooter!!!! She rolls out and hooks the heel, good counter by McCool but Nattie turns over to get the Sharpshooter back on! Layla throws her shoe at Nattie for the DQ. This ended up being a shoe throwing cluster fuck. Ugh.

Winner Natalya by DQ

Hell in a Cell for the World Championship

Kane vs. The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer

Taker kicks Paul out of the cage but Kane attacks and they fight on the outside briefly before they end up on the inside of the cage at ringside. The match finally starts and Taker takes a chair to the side of Kane. Taker has the early advantage until Kane uses the chair himself to take the lead in the match. They end up in the outside once again where they fight back and forth. Kane crushes Taker’s leg between the steel steps and the ring post and spends a good amount of time working on that part of the leg. Both end up in the middle of the ring exchanging the “boo, yay” punches. Taker gets the flying clothes line to finish that exchange. Taker goes for Old School but Kane sweeps the leg. Kane with a flurry of punches while Taker sits on the top rope. Kane finally hits the superplex then climbs the ropes for a clothesline. He goes for the cover but Taker locks in the Hell’s Gate!!! Kane shifts and tries to roll out of the ring, he then uses the ropes to break the move. Kane back in the ring, they both hit a double boot to the face but the BOTH sit up. Taker then hits a clothesline and a chokeslam for a 2 count. Taker then goes for Tombstone but Kane hits the leg and hits his own chokeslam for a 2 ½ count. Kane with a series of punches in the coner but then gets caught in the Last Ride….1….2…kickout by Kane! Taker finally gets Kane in the Tombstone but Kane reverses it!!! 1….2…KICKOUT! Kane punches the ref!? They open the cage and take the ref out. Paul is now in the cage while a new ref takes over. Kane goes after Paul, Paul ends up in the ring while Kane corners him. Taker then sits up chokeslams Kane! There is a lot of pausing here, this is strange. The arena goes purple Paul pulls some light out of the urn and Taker takes it in the face. Paul then offers Kane the urn… this is weird. Kane then hits Taker with the Urn, hits a chokeslam for the pin and the win. That was such a strange and awkward ending to that match.

Winner: Kane

Well, at least Cena went Nexus and the opening match was good shit…

08-30-10 WWE RAW 900 REVIEW

August 30, 2010

The show starts with a great package of past RAW moments INCLUDING the debut of Chris Jericho! Still my favorite moment ever!


Will The Nexus get Spirit Squad’ed?

August 30, 2010

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

~ Philosopher and novelist, George Santayana, 1905

In January 2006, five relatively unknown wrestlers were put together by the WWE and were called the “Spirit Squad”. They feuded with the likes of John Cena, Shawn Michaels and Triple H, who ‘were’ the main event faces of that era. They were endorsed on-camera by Vince McMahon and were heavily featured on Monday Night Raw every week.

They didn’t necessarily put the wrestling world on notice or turn the industry on its head, but they did create a necessary heel presence for the faces to battle on Raw. The Spirit Squad was an entertaining faction of young athletic guys who worked well as a unit. Sound familiar? They carried the spirit of Vince McMahon but also possessed youth and athletic ability to hang with Shawn Michaels and other established main event wrestlers in the ring. A feud with Vince McMahon was considered old news and the Spirit Squad provided the WWE audience with someone new to hate.

Nine months later The Spirit Squad was disbanded and literally shipped off to OVW. Yep, that’s right. Nine months. On November 27, 2006 DX and Ric Flair defeated the Spirit Squad in a three on five handicap match and then shipped them off in a container with an “OVW, Louisville, Kentucky” label.

In my opinion, the Spirit Squad could have gone on to do bigger and greater things. Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Nicky, and Mikey were not the greatest workers but a few of them had decent upsides that warranted steady to great careers if they were utilized to their potential by the WWE.

With the exception of Nicky, who is now Vicky Guerrero’s disco stick, Dolph Ziggler, the rest of the Spirit Squad are no longer with the WWE. This leads me to the question of:

Will The Nexus get Spirit Squad’ed?

First, let me present to you the definition of being “Spirit Squad’ed”:

On June 7, 2010 The Nexus premiered on Raw in big fashion. They destroyed the ring area and practically obliterated the number one guy in the company, John Cena. At that moment, the WWE became cool again. Old wrestling fans who have become disinterested suddenly became interested again. Many pundits saw the first horrifying acts of the Nexus as the second coming of the nWo. The angle was instantly white hot and it would only become hotter.

On August 15, the Nexus were part of the main event of Summerslam. Seven relatively unknown wrestlers co-headlined a major WWE pay per view with six of the biggest names of the wrestling business not named Undertaker or Rey Mysterio. The match was booked very well and the Nexus looked strong for the most part. However, conventional wisdom prevailed and John Cena was the last man standing for the forces of good and the crowd was sent home happy.

The next day on Raw, the angle took a step back in my opinion when John Cena verbally buried The Nexus one wrestler at a time. The Nexus wrestlers were featured in singles matches. Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater barely won their matches via questionable tactics. Only Skip Sheffield, David Otunga and Wade Barret looked somewhat formidable. The Nexus kicked Darren Young out of the stable for losing his match to Cena. That put their numbers down to six members. Skip Sheffield then broke his leg at a house show in Hawaii, which will probably be explained on tonight’s episode of Raw.

Where does the Nexus go from here? It’s only been two and a half months and The Nexus has lost a little bit of steam. The original group of eight members is now down to five. To rebound from that set back and to move a step forward, The Nexus need to start gaining titles. I hope that before their run is over The Nexus holds every title in the WWE at the same time at least once. It has to be done. There’s not a single wrestler in the WWE that needs to hold a title right now more than the Nexus wrestlers do.  The Miz and Randy Orton’s pushes to the WWE Championship can be postponed for a moment so that Wade Barret can lead the way with the WWE Championship belt around his waist.

Seeing every title in possession of the Nexus would keep the angle hot and overall story of Raw so much more compelling. It would be a shame to not to see all the Nexus standing on one side of the ring in a Survivor Series match in November. How interesting would the Royal Rumble be if the majority of the Nexus were in the ring at the same time? The opportunities to get the Nexus over are endless and I hope the WWE sees that they have a plethora of options in front of them. Unfortunately, history proves that the WWE will just abandon and disband the stable once John Cena or a returning HHH ultimately destroys them.

The Spirit Squad lasted nine months before they were wiped off the face of the WWE landscape. The Nexus are two months in and are still very much the focus on Raw. I see a lot of Nexus t-shirts scattered among the crowd on Raw broadcasts. Also there were quite a few Nexus t-shirts being sported last month at Summerslam Axxess in Los Angeles. For every positive sign that the WWE will continue to push The Nexus angle, there’s always that lingering feeling that Vince and company will inexplicably screw the angle up.

The Nexus is the WWE’s chance to learn from its past mistakes and to entertain its fans with something truly new and different. We’ll see what direction the WWE is willing to go tonight and in the months ahead.


August 23, 2010

Warning you readers now, I’m not feeling good right now so pardon if I am angrier than ever, especially if the show sucks! 😉

Show opens with WWE Champion Sheamus coming out to the ring he starts off by calling peoples kids spoiled. He then goes to ringside to pick on kids. He then goes back into the ring calling Orton a big spoiled kid cause he was all bitter in shit about not winning the title at SummerSlam then attacking him on last week’s RAW. He asks the GM not to give in to Orton and his bowlshit, how he shouldn’t ever get a title shot. Of course the GM emails and it says that he should be rewarded. A throne is brought out to the stage for Sheamus. GM says Sheamus gets to pick his opponent after watching a series of matches with the first one taking place right now which leads to Edge’s music playing. While Edge heads down to the ring Sheamus heads up to his fancy seat.


08-16-10 WWE RAW REVIEW (Charlie Day, Justin Long and Matt Sedakis)

August 16, 2010

Nexus beats their SummerSlam opponents individually… except one which leads to Nexus trimming the fat.


Jim Ross shares his thoughts on Summerslam and more

August 16, 2010

In his latest post, Good ol’ Jim Ross offers his always entertaining and keen insight on yesterday’s Summerslam PPV.  Here are just a few of MANY highlights from the post.


Summerslam Predictions

August 15, 2010

Taken from our latest Hayabusa Weekly Wrap Up. For retarded remarks and commentary follow us on our Twitter account!  Eeep!

Summerslam Predictions