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Smackdown [August 23, 2013]

August 23, 2013

0 - smackdown new logo April 2013

Daniel Bryan raises the bar for Smackdown main events


Smackdown [August 16, 2013]

August 16, 2013

0 - smackdown new logo April 2013

Daniel Bryan shows us all why he’s the best in the WWE in the main event


12-16-12 WWE TLC

December 16, 2012

TLC logo 2012

Way to finish off the year WWE!


12-03-12 WWE RAW

December 3, 2012


Lie detectors, girlfriends and new guys keep trying to make an “impact”


11-05-12 WWE RAW

November 5, 2012


This company has no fucking idea on how to long-term booking…


10-15-12 WWE RAW

October 15, 2012

CM Punk finally gets an opponent for Hell in a Cell…  (more…)


December 19, 2011

Fuck. Overall this was a solid RAW! One of those RAW’s that you are going to wake up the next day and hope you weren’t dreaming about what happened. This was some new shit here!



July 22, 2011

Bryan lets us know when he’s cashing in then beats Heath Slater, Kane and Orton beat the crap out of each other before Henry beats on Kane Christian makes it one show still being the World Champion…




June 19, 2011

Ok people, I ain’t in a good mood cause my fridge isn’t working, poor Puma is got bird flu so he cant come out so its me Han Solo on this shit…



Smackdown Thoughts & Review [3. 11. 11]

March 12, 2011

Houston, TX

Edge Promo

  • Edge says Alberto Del Rio has no idea who he’s dealing with.

Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay come out.

  • Del Rio says his destiny spiel.
  • ADR and Brodus attack Edge and gain an advantage.
  • Christian plays Captain Save-a-Ho

Teddy Long comes out and makes a tag match between Brodus Clay and ADR vs. Edge and Christian

–This match better involve a con-chair-to.

Kane comes out to the ring.

Wade Barrett comes out with a mic.

  • He says Kane made two big mistakes.
  • One, he doesn’t appreciate what the Borre has done for him.
  • Secondly, he put his hands on Justin Gabriel.

Kane and Wade Barrett battle to a No Contest

  • The Borre enter the ring.
  • Big Show comes out to play Giant Captain Save-a-Ho.
  • They come back from commercial break and state that an official match was made.

Kane & Big Show defeat Wade Barrett & Heath Slater via DQ

  • Kane was tagged in and cleaned house.
  • Kane was about to hit the chokeslam but the rest of the Borre interfered.
  • The Borre got the upperhand until Show cleared them out of the ring with a chair. Show even got a chair shot on Kane for their match last week.

–This isn’t the storyline or feud that we wanted but I like this feud just as much. As I’ve mentioned before, Kane is do for a turn and this is program worthy of Big Show and Kane.


They show Rey strapping on one of his sickest black masks yet.

They keep hyping an interview between Lil Tool and John Fruity Pebbles.

They show a replay of Stone Cold’s segment on RAW.

JTG is in the ring.

Cody Rhodes comes in business casual attire. Odd.

Cody Rhodes pins JTG

  • Rhodes’ in ring style is a lot more agressive and rugged.
  • Rhodes hit JTG with a hard headbutt. Cross Rhodes, and it’s done.

–A total gimmick change and now Cody is a deranged and bitter man who wrestles business casual gear. Interesting. His offense looked amazing and his match against Rey should be a sleeper contender for Match of the Night.

Replay of HBK’s interview to hype ‘Taker vs. HHH

John Cena interview with Lil Tool

  • Tool replays Miz’s beating of Cena from this week’s RAW.
  • Cena disses Tool and tells him to get out of the ring. Cheap pop.
  • Cena says Miz made the biggest mistake of his career and goes into an expository explanation of their storyline.
  • Cena says he’s done wasting his time being murked by the Rock in promo. (He didn’t really say it but it’s true.)
  • His new focus is on breaking Miz’s face.
  • Tool speaks again and asks Cena to answer the question.
  • Cena takes off his shirt.
  • Swagger comes in to play All American Save-a-Ho.
  • Swagger gains the upperhand while Tool talks shit.
  • Cena fights Swagger off, teases to AA Tool, only to have Swagger break it up.
  • Cena AA’s Swagger instead.

–I think the WWE realized that Cena’s war of words against the Rock was turning most of Cena’s fans against him. Hopefully we won’t have to see another one of Cena’s wack ass homo-erotic punchline filled battle rap again. This was solely done to get Cena’s heat back. Make that cheap heat.

Layla with Michelle McCool pinned Kaitlyn

  • Kaitlyn came out to a big pop
  • Kaitlyn was looking quite fine. Booker T responded with, “Shucky Ducky quack quack…look at her.” Agreed Booker. Agreed.
  • Kaitlyn tossed Layla around until McCool distracted her on the apron.
  • Layla attacked with a side kick and a sick neckbreaker for the win.
  • After the match, Layla pulled Kaitlyn’s head against the bottom turnbuckle. McCool blasted the back of Kaitlyn’s head with a running loaded boot. Ouch.

–Nice short match for what it was. Two of my favorite divas not named Eve Torres did well for themselves. I like how they’re highlighting Kaitlyn’s strength. It looks like she’s improved tenfold since her NXT days. Layla was solid as usual. I hope this is a beginning of a Kaitlyn vs. LayCool feud to give Kaitlyn a push – but it’s probably not.

Rey Mysterio pins Drew McIntyre

  • Drew kills Rey with a HUGE boot.
  • Hard backbreaker by Drew for two.
  • Dope sequence – Rey headscissors Drew into the 619 position, Drew rolls out, Rey follows with his head first tumble outside. Drew misses a clothesline and turns around only for his face to be smashed into the corner of the ring apron via Rey’s drop toe hold. Dope!
  • Drew sidewalks release slams Rey HARD onto the ring apron. That looked amazing. I hope Drew uses that more often.
  • Drew bends Rey with a bow and arrow. Nice.
  • Rey rallies but misses a springboard cross body.
  • Rey dodges Drew who rammed his shoulder into the corner post. Rey follows up with a hard jump kick to the head.
  • 619 followed by Rey’s missile splash off the top for the duke!

Cody Rhodes comes out and asks Rey about his challenge.

Rey grabs a mic and responds.

  • Rey said he wears his mask with pride and he will wear it with pride when he beats Cody at Wrestlemania.

Cody walks off in anger.

–Excellent, excellent match. In the past few months, I’ve been saying Drew’s ringwork is growing on me. This match was entertaining as hell and hopefully Rey and Drew will have a mini-feud after Wrestlemania. I want more.

Cody Rhodes is going for it. If this isn’t the beginning of a jetpack push I don’t know what is. I expect Cody to be a World Champion by the end of 2011. Rey vs. Cody is definitely going to be the sleeper match of the night at ‘Mania. I just hope Cody wrestles in wrestling gear.

HHH Promo

  • He’s seen the two greatest matches he’s ever seen at the last two Wrestlemanias.
  • He can separate emotion from his matches.
  • HHH says Shawn came into his matches with Undertaker with the mindset of not to lose instead of winning.
  • He will beat the Undertaker.
  • He will not care about the mountain of legacy that stands before him.
  • He thanks ‘Taker for making the match No Holds Barred.

–I pray to the wrestling gods to keep the Undertaker’s streak alive. All dirt sheet speculation aside. I am never convinced that HHH will allow himself to put someone over on a PPV. Never.


Matt Striker interviews Christian.

  • He rattles off pop references that have come in the last ten years.
  • “Houston,…more specifically, Alberto Del Rio, we have a problem.”
  • Edge comes into the frame and Christian tells him, “Let’s do this.”

–Great promo. Period.

Edge & Christian defeat Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay

  • Clay grabbed Christian off the top rope and hit a nice fishermans suplex.
  • ADR avoids Edge early on.
  • Christian with a flying spinning elbow off the top on ADR.
  • Edge is tagged in but is powerslammed by Clay.
  • Edge tries to spear. But Clay counters with a hard clothesline.
  • ADR attacks Edge but thrown out of the ring by Christian.
  • Christian hits a nice tornado DDT on Clay.
  • Edge followed up with a Lost in Space Elbow Drop from the top for the win!

–Great match that minimized the confrontation time between ADR and Edge. Clay was booked like a beast here and that’s a good thing. They played up Clay’s strengths and he came off looking like a future contender in this match.

I don’t know if they’re going to have Christian turn on Edge in the near future. I think that’s a mistake. E & C is one of the last great tag team franchises from the WWE’s glory era. I can see E & C reunion matches bringing in as much business as Degeneration X did a few years ago.

The Show Overall

Again Smackdown brought a good balance between promos and wrestling despite the lack of a Con-chair-to.

I like how they maintain a steady course for all the Smackdown feuds. Nothing seems rushed and everything seems to make sense.

Kane teaming up with Big Show is coming along slowly.

I look forward to seeing Clay and Kaitlyn improve and move up the roster this year.

As much as I’m going to miss the Dashing Beauty Tips segments, this new incarnation of Cody Rhodes is very compelling. I think he realizes that this version of himself can be taken seriously as a title contender instead of a mid card fixture. I just hope Cody eventually wears wrestling gear.

HHH vs. Undertaker would not be nearly the draw it is if it wasn’t for the last two epic matches between HBK and Undertaker. HBK’s presence within the promos adds so much weight to the match. I just hope HHH doesn’t go over with the help of his Mjöllnir.

The ADR vs. Edge storyline is strong. There’s no senseless drama involved and it’s based on competition between two men who want to be the best. If that’s not a good reason for a main event I don’t know what is.

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