Week in Review: Numero Uno

Mascara De Fuego: So Puma, what were your thoughts on RAW last night?

Great Puma: I thought it was decent show.  They did a good job of hyping up all the major storylines and giving the main players in the Rumble some momentum.  I think one of the key points of the show was the Bret Hart confrontation between Cena and Vince.

Mascara De Fuego: Yeah, I thought they pushed the Bret Hart angle well and did some justice to the Royal Rumble with the DX distension. I like that the Rumble (and a chance at WrestleMania) match was done well by them putting everything especially friendship aside. I think Dule Hill did a decent job for a non-wrestling guest host. I know you were a fan of the Cena/McMahon exchange, is there anything you didn’t enjoy?

Puma:  I didn’t like Santino getting thrashed by Swagger.  I swear the WWE doesn’t realize what they have in Santino.  I dig Swagger and all but please don’t push him at Santino’s expense.  He’s one of the few reasons I watch pro wrestling anymore. Is it me or is Maryse Trish-lite as a heel?

Mascara De Fuego: For me it had to be Swagger himself. He had such potential and they killed it with his move to RAW. It’s really a god damn shame. I hate to say it but I do like Maryse as a heel, I’m not saying she’s a good worker but she is definitely a good heel, someone you want to hate for sure. Did you hear the rumors of Santino getting a “show” on WWE.com that they will try and push into something on television? Also, with the build up of the Royal Rumble who is your pick to take the Rumble this Sunday on pay per view?

Puma:  Nah.  I didn’t hear the Santino rumors.  How could I?  People.com and Bangbros.com don’t really post wrestling stuff so I’m in the dark most of the time.  Who’s winning the Royal Rumble?  I dunno.  It’s pretty much a crap shoot.  I’d love to see a rising star take it all.  Kofi winning the Rumble would be the most interesting result.  Shawn doesn’t need another Rumble win and I think they’ll find a way to get him in a rematch with Taker without a Rumble win.  I think most of the WWE universe *cough* marks *ahem *cough* want to see Cena vs. Batista so maybe Batista wins it for a heel victory while Cena wins the WWE title back in February for them to wrestle at the Mania main event.  As long as Triple H doesn’t win it, I’ll be happy.  It won’t be Jericho…I’m hoping the ‘E is saving him for Edge’s return…that is if he’s on schedule to return at ‘Mania. Who’s your pick?

Mascara De Fuego: Honestly, I’m a little afraid of the Rumble this year. Main event guys have been winning the Rumble more so lately and newer guys have been taking home the Money in the Bank match. As much as Shawn Michaels doesn’t need the Rumble win at least it makes sense if he does win to set up his return match with the Undertaker. Not like Triple H who makes NO sense but I am afraid they will give the win to him and set up a match with Sheamus. I would prefer to see Punk win the Rumble setting up for at match against Rey who would win the World Title from the Undertaker. If Cena was to win I would prefer to see him take on the Undertaker for the World Title at the undefeated streak, that makes more sense for Cena since we haven’t seen that match in a looong time. As much as I would like to see Edge come in at the Rumble I think his feud with Jericho doesn’t need the Rumble you know? I do have to say that this Rumble is really up in the air and I hope the WWE pulls off a surprise and doesn’t go with HBK or Triple H.

Puma:  So I guess we can say we’re fine with any result as long as HHH and HBK aren’t involved.  They’re already icons who don’t need this type of victory to add to their legacy.  I’m thinking it’s genius on the writers’ part to involve HBK’s need for revenge in this year’s Rumble.  HBK’s one of the few participants with a legitimate storyline and reason for the fans to get behind.  Not sure if the WWE braintrust has built up any other wrestler coming in.  We know Show will be a force but does have a driving desire to win it all?  Lately, Show hasn’t been used in any sort of quest for the title storyline.

Back to RAW.  I liked HBK’s fake super kick to gain space to tag HHH by making DiBiase to move back and avoid getting kicked in the face.  CM Punk’s “Straight Edge Society” logo is incredibly dope.   Glad they gave Big Show a one minute squash.  I hate that MVP was used as Show’s victim.  Not sure what that does to the US Title picture like, “Hey, everybody, our future US Champion got bitched out by Show in 63 seconds.”  Is it me or do Legacy segments have that Fast-and-Furious-macho-guy-gay-sausage-circus vibe?  I think it’s the way Orton grits his teeth while he talks to his boys.  I thought Dule ROCKED.  I hope they bring him back.

Mascara De Fuego: Agreed on the Rumble, Triple H and HBK do not need this win but it does add intrigue to the match with HBK wanting to win the match as a way to get his match with Taker. Show will be a force but they always drop the ball on this guy, the guy can deliver they just need to put faith in him. Yes back to RAW, yeah sometimes I don’t get Legacy, they can be a walking contradiction during their promos especially when Orton is involved. At this point do they even need Orton? Honestly I hope its Rhodes that ends up blowing up from this group, that kid just has the tools in the group not that DiBiase wont. Orton either needs a break or a change of scenery because he is just feeling played out to me. I do have to say I am enjoying the work Miz has been doing in the past several months, the kid is just a natural heel.

Puma:  Word on Miz.  It’s great how he gets you to genuinely dislike him, which means he’s doing his job well.  He’s the Jericho of the hipster douche world and I think I want to see more of it.  True, I see Rhodes having just as much potential as DiBiase does.  I just never got on the Orton bandwagon.  Orton’s promos have always seemed forced and he never showed he could truly wrestle.  I love the guy’s finisher but it takes a lot more than a great move to make a match.  I really do hope they allow Show to wrestle like the force of nature that he is and be one of the final 4.  Damnit!  More Rumble talk.  Back to RAW:  Did I mention Dule rocked?  Also, Gail Kim did a nice scoop slam that would have made Samoa Joe proud.  Yes, I did just cross-pollinate a TNA wrestler in this conversation.

Mascara De Fuego
: The Gail Kim/Alicia Fox match was stiff as fuck and if it was anyone else matched up against Kim it would have been a good, stiff match. Unfortunately I think the days of good working Diva’s is over… at least for now. I’m still bummed out that talent like Bourne, Swagger and Kingston are just just buried on the underbelly of RAW. If they were on any other show they would be upper mid-card, main event. Ok Puma, I think that does it for this weeks review but we will be here next week to cover the out come of Smackdown, the Royal Rumble and Bret Harts return to RAW. Until next week, back into the shadows with you Puma.

Puma:  Word.  It’s a shame the Cruiserweight title is gone.  That would have been a great showcase for Bourne and Kaval (when???).  Peace, yo.

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