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May 26, 2011

Tonight is more of a read along, kind a companion piece while you watch the show. Why? Because I not watching this on my own, fuck that!



May 5, 2011

hey you… yeah YOU. Read this shit. I shouldn’t be the only one subjected to this waste of two hours.



March 31, 2011

I have no idea what I am in for but it can’t be good…

Oh god the name of this episode is R-V-DAMNED.


03-17-11 (airdate) TNA IMPACT! RANT

March 19, 2011

Sorry for the late post folks but seeing as IMPACT! fell on St. Patty’s day, there was no way in hell I was giving up the option to go out for this shit storm of a company. 😉 It will be interesting to see how I digest the show on a Saturday so here we go…



March 10, 2011

TNA World Champion Sting comes out, he’s now sporting one red eye so he looks like he’s wearing a pirate eye patch. He does a cuts a promo about being back etc for a few minutes. Hogan & Bischoff come out and calls Sting out about taking his ball home. Sting didn’t want to deal with Hogan and Bischoff until it he got “that fire” back. AND the over booking begins… Mr. Anderson’s music hits and he comes out and wants his rematch. He introduces himself to Sting doing his Anderson… Anderson mic bit. The dude does his usual overacting. Over booking continues with Jeff Hardy coming out next, he was robbed last week. Our next contestant… RVD, he was originally screwed when he got stripped of the title and a bunch of other shit. Bischoff sets up a matche for tonight with all of these dudes.

Beautiful People, Cookie, Jersey Shore Angelina, Winter, Serita shit talk session in the back.

The Pope and Samoa Joe wrestle each other next in one of the lamest feuds of the year. I hate you TNA, this should have been some dope shit here, come on its Joe vs. The Pope!!!

I hate the Okato character. Luckily he’s taken out right off the bat with Pope hitting him with a pipe before the match. I wonder what the WWE would do with Joe. I would like to think they would do it right but they wouldn’t. I guess Joe is best here, even with this bullshit ass role. Anyhow it was a decent short match I suppose. Joe gets jobbed out by getting hit in the head with Pope’s chain.

Bully Ray is back stage all pissy about Tommy Dreamer stepping on his nuts. He wants to fight him tonight.

TNA Knockout Champion Madison Rayne with Tara. Rayne is pissed about competition, offers another open challenge. Roxxi comes out and gets beat. Mickie James makes the save.

Dreamer doesn’t like getting called out so he goes out to the parking lot waiting for Ray. Funny that Dreamer has become the same character he was in the WWE. I guess the only difference is the lighter work schedule… right?

After the break Ray is now in the parking lot looking for Dreamer. Instead he gets jumped by Devon. Ray sold his ass off while Devon yelled “those were my kids”. Ray doesn’t want anymore but Devon doesn’t listen. Dreamer finally shows up and pulls Devon off. Security guy checks on Ray but instead Ray beats his ass.

Sarita w/Rosita, Cookie and Jersey Angelina vs. The Beautiful People and Winter was next. This shit sandwich ends when Velvet “rolls up” Jersey Angelina. Worst roll up in recent history.

Video package on that football fool from last week.

Anderson in the back asking if Jeff Hardy, Bischoff and Hogan do drugs… too soon?

Matt Hardy and Ric Flair take on AJ Styles next in a handicap match. They come out and cut a promo on each other first. I would have listened to this shit but I got into a deep conversation with my fiancé about wrestlers like Ric Flair back in the day and how the WWE doesn’t let dope dudes blow up like they use to… or sometimes never. Sigh. Anyhow, after the commercial the match starts. Its not long before Flair is busted open. Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Hate after Flair nut shots Styles for the pin. Ok no DQ match.

Sting tries to hug it out with RVD but he ain’t having it.

Generation ME takes on Inc Ink with Beer Money on commentary. ME’s wrestling gear is straight out of 1991. Its bad, although not as bad as how hard Ink Inc try to be cool with their tattoo’s and Mohawks. A tribal tattoo on a wrestler has become more common than bad tans. Ink wins. Shannon Moore and James Storm cut promos for their teams after the match.

Anderson in the back when Jeff Hardy comes into his locker room. Jeff tries to get Anderson on his page, it doesn’t work.

Pope in the back, he’s sick of this Joe bowlshit. He’s gonna rid TNA of Joe.

Recap of the wedding bullshit from last week followed by a backstage promo with the Jarrett’s. Jeff is excited about the honeymoon in… Orlando… so romantic Jeff.

Cool video package for the X Division and Kazarian.

Sting video package is shown next up until he walks away from TNA then returns last week.

Borash in the back with TNA Champion Sting… wow look a promo NOT shot in “REaction” style. They need to switch out the Title belt when Jeff isn’t holding it. It just looks lame when Anderson and Sting hold this Hardy belt. Anderson comes out of “nowhere” and beats up Sting.

Who the fuck is introducing the main event!? Sounds like a midget!?

Main event time Anderson & Jeff Hardy vs. TNA Champion Sting & RVD. Sting doesn’t come out so Anderson starts the match beating on RVD. Anderson and Hardy aren’t getting along. Hardy hits the Twist of Hate on RVD but Anderson stops the count and hits Hardy with the Mic Check. Lights go out and when they come back up Sting is in the ring and beats on Anderson. This leads to RVD hitting the Five Star Frog splash for the pin.

RVD and Sting celebrate and this shit is finally done.

Oh by the way, they have a ppv on Sunday. Let me know how it goes.


February 24, 2011

Mr. Anderson starts the show pissy, leads to RVD coming down and ends in a brawl. Isn’t this what he did with Morgan? Bischoff and Immortal come out and make a match between RVD vs. Anderson vs. Angle. Hey look its Al Snow and D-Lo Brown.

Another bad promo by Scott Steiner in the back that is interrupted by Eric Young. Stupid.

Footage from earlier today with Jarrett and Karen with their gay wedding dress guy. Stupid x 2.


AJ Styles cuts the promo of his life

February 8, 2011

Last Thursday TNA Impact revealed who “They” are and AJ Styles arguably cut the best promo he’s ever done in his career. He was never bad on the mic in my opinion but his mic skills certainly were never his strongest attribute. However, this promo features an evolved AJ Styles, who is now a complete package of a great wrestler who can cut a great promo.

Industry folks have always blamed his size for him not going to the WWE, I’ve always felt it was his lack of ability on the mic. One has to wonder if the WWE will come calling after seeing this incarnation of AJ Styles. Here’s the segment. Enjoy.


January 20, 2011

This shit sandwich starts with a recap of the Jarrett’s/Angle bowl shit from last week. They then go to the back where Angle pulls up in some muscle car. He tells the production team (hey its Jimmy Hart) to play his music… so THIS is how they do it before they interrupt the show. Haha He comes out and bitches how his ex-wife who he brought into TNA liked to hang out with Jarrett and how Jarrett is throwing their relationship in his face. Dude starts to get all teary eyed talking about being a great father and husband, how he should have spent more time with that but he was working his ass off for them. Jarrett’s music hits but we get his asshole squad who gets beat down. These fools OVER sell Angle’s punches. Flair and Bischoff then come out and send “cops” to escort Angle up out of here.



January 13, 2011

Shit starts with a recap of the pay per view, they focus on Angle/Jarrett, Anderson/Morgan and Anderson winning the TNA World Title. Oh yeah an on a side note, Immortal won all the other titles. Anderson talks all kinds of shit

Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle Jarrett show up backstage in a limo and they are huggy n shit. This feels awkward man, I guess good for Angle that he would work an angle with these people.



January 6, 2011

Just finished watching WWE Superstars, crowd loves Bryan! Too bad the WWE doesn’t. Can’t wait to see Bryan vs. Kidd, its going to be good shit. Anyhow onto the TNA rant…

A full year of the Bischoff/Hogan TNA… let’s see what year two brings.