Smackdown Thoughts & Review [12. 17. 10]


Lafayette, LA

Edge comes out. He grabs a mic.

  • Edge shows a video of his adventures with Kane and his daddy with Benny Hill music for the soundtrack.
  • The crowd cheers cuz it’s so rad and funny when somebody kidnaps someone else’s daddy.
  • He says in Kane’s head and he’s going to become Ten Time World Heavyweight Champion.

–Instead of the kidnapping angle, they could have just done the promo vs. promo route and I would have been into this feud a lot more.

They show Miz’s appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

–I actually dvr’d Fallon that night and I thought the Miz absolutely killed the interview. He comes off way more natural with the media than Mr. Cena.


  • Teddy Long tells Edge that he doesn’t know if Kane is even going to show up at the pay per view.
  • Alberto Del Rio comes in and insults Edge.
  • Rey Mysterio butts in and says he deserves a shot as well. He and ADR go at it en espanol.
  • Teddy then says that if Kane doesn’t show up, all three of them will wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship in a TLC match at the pay per view. If Kane does show up, it will be a four way.

Teddy tells Edge….

If Kane does show up, may god have mercy on your soul.

–Beautiful segment. I love it when they show continuity in the World Title scene. Seeing the top three contenders arguing over who’s getting a title shot is always great to see.

Kofi Kingston & Kaval vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

  • Swagger overpowers Kaval early with his strength and size.
  • Swagger catches Kaval coming off of a dope Tajiri handspring cross body.
  • Stereo suicides on opposite sides by Kaval and Kofi! Very dope!
  • Dolph Ziggler comes in and all the excitement and energy dies down as usual.
  • Swagger and Ziggler double team and work on Kaval’s legs.
  • Kaval with some foot stomps! MMA in the house!
  • Swagger gives Kaval a German suplex but Kaval lands on his feet!
  • Kaval rolls through from the powerbomb position and gives Swagger a ghetto stomp through his chest. Hot tag to Kofi!
  • Sick Ranhei on Ziggler!
  • Mayhem in the ring! Kaval ‘rana’s Swagger to the outside – Kofi rolls through a schoolboy, stops and then returns with Trouble in Paradise to Ziggler for the win!

WINNERS: Kofi Kingston & Kaval

Swagger lays Ziggler out in the ring.

Vicky Guerrero screams at him while Swagger has a glazed look on his face while he walks out. That was a very cool moment.

–Exciting match and I hope Kofi comes out on top at the PPV.

What can I say? I’m a huge Kaval mark and it’s good to see him shine in a match with some of the bigger mid-card stars of the company.


  • New correspondent kid interviews The Miz.
  • Miz complains about having to wrestle Rey Mysterio again.
  • He talks about his busy week.
  • Miz goes down the list and Alex Riley tops it off with “…a partridge in a pear tree!”.
  • Miz looks at him annoyed, then finishes his interview with his catch phrase.

–I hope this awesome jerkwad keeps the belt for a long time. Miz’s reign has been refreshing and is exactly what the WWE needs right now.

JTG has a video commentary segment called “Str8t Outta Brooklyn”.

–Good to see minstrel shows are still going on today. Way to tap-dance for the man, JTG. I feel a little more ignorant now.


  • Drew McIntyre hits on Kelly Kelly.
  • Kaitlyn cock blocks.

–That was brutal. WTF.

Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips
DCR talks about hair and the awesome benefits of blow-drying. Loads of double entendres here.

–I’m thinking this gimmick is a keeper for DCR. It’s him 100 percent and I hope he gets a World Title opportunity a couple of years.

Dashing Cody Rhodes vs. Chris Masters

  • DCR slaps him and Masters gives it back ten-fold.
  • Nice military press by Masters.
  • DCR hits the Crossroads and its over just like that.

WINNER: Dashing Cody Rhodes

–Quick match, which is really disappointing since the fans have been getting behind Masters as of late. I wish it went a little longer…at least longer than your average Divas match. Yeeesh.

Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz ©

  • Michael Toolbox goes all homo over Rey Rey. Ugh.
  • Rey hits a brutal running dropkick to Miz seated in the corner.
  • Rey hits a seated senton on Alex Riley on the outside, then gets hit with a big boot by Miz.
  • Miz with a very nice SIDE EFFECT!
  • Nice power slam counter into a wrap around DDT by Rey.
  • Perfect ‘Rana off the top by Rey!
  • ADR and Alex Riley disrupt a 619 attempt.
  • Miz gets his knees up to counter a West Coast Splash.
  • Goes for the pin. It’s over.


ADR attacks Rey. This brings in Edge. Both faces clean house before Teddy comes out. He declares a match between ADR & The Miz vs. Edge & Rey Rey.

–Quite a clusterf#ck but an entertaining clusterf#ck. Cool to see this match was used to set up the main event. Classic booking 101! I like it.

Miz furthered his in-ring education here. Wresting Rey twice in a week could only help improve his game.

LayCool come in the ring.

  • They complain about possibly being put through a table.
  • They explain what a Diva is.
  • Natalya and Beth Phoenix come out with a Christmas wrapped table. Quaint.
  • Beth unwraps the table and there’s an insulting cartoon of LayFool on it.
  • Beth and Nat are about to suplex Layla through the table and McCool saves her and they scamper out of the ring.

–I think the possibility of seeing LayCool put through tables is quite a marketing gimmick. I’m actually interested in that match now.

Santino Marella & Vladirmir Kozlov© vs. Chavo Guerrero and Tyler Reks

  • Reks dominates early with power moves.
  • Nice scoop slam by Kozlov on Chavo.
  • Chavo holds on to Santino as he swims upstream to tag Kozlov. Funny.
  • Santino hits the COBRA and rolls Chavo up for the win.

WINNERS: Santino Marella & Vladirmir Kozlov

–I saw a Santino Stunner tonight. I can go to bed a happy wrestling fan now.

An Ezekial Jackson on Smackdown promo airs. Interesting. I hope they let the brother speak normally.

Alberto Del Rio & The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio & Edge

  • Miz works on Edge and tags in ADR, who wasn’t holding the rope and was standing halfway between the corners. Funny.
  • Rey and Edge hit a sick Wheelbarrow Splash double team on Miz.
  • Rey hits a bombastic roundhouse to a seated ADR.
  • Edge counters a Skull Krushing Finale and hits an Edgecution DDT on Miz.
  • They show a path of destruction and Kane walking through the halls.
  • The WHOLE locker room empties and they separate Edge and Kane. Awesome.
  • Kane throws everybody off and chokeslams Trent Barretta for his efforts.
  • Edge breaks free and gives Kane a spear.

End of show.

–Wow. Seeing Miz in a main event with arguably three of the WWE’s best workers was interesting to see. He held his own and the match was flowing well before Kane came in. This was the perfect way to set up the 4-way showdown at TLC and I’m looking forward to seeing Alberto Del Rio win his first World Championship.

The Show Overall

I’m looking forward to seeing Ezekial Jackson on Smackdown. He would have become just be another under-utilized, talented midcarder on Raw. Let’s hope Smackdown can work its magic on the former ECW champion. I also think they should allow Jackson to speak on the mic and be himself. He’s quite an entertaining person on Twitter and comes off very well rounded. It’s about time the WWE promotes a black wrestler without the racist jive and bullshit that they love to push down our throats (here’s to you Slick, JTG and the Godfather!).

This was probably the most entertaining Smackdown I’ve seen in a few months. I’m guessing that the fact that it didn’t involve Paul Bearer or a long-winded Kane promo is no coincidence. This episode was about wrestling and winning titles, which is what a pro wrestling sports entertainment show should be about.

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