-Trying this on a Saturday morning… sober… let’s see how this goes.

-The show starts off with a video package of this biker gang known as Aces & Eights rolling into the parking lot of the IMACT zone. This then goes into a recap of Sting & Hogan’s crew coming together for this and James Storm getting cleared of being behind this crew by getting his ass kicked by them.


-Sting is out with some of the TNA roster, goodies and bad guys.

-he calls these dudes out while bringing up who’s in the ring ready to fight.

-Sting cuts to video stills of who they’ve beat up so far.

-we want Hogan chant breaks out loudly here.

-Sting’s got half Sting face paint, half joker… he calls James Storm down.

-Storm yells about wanting to fight.

-sounds like we’re getting a typical TNA brawl here…

-2 dudes from A&8’s show up through the crowd and end up to the ring getting beat up… stupid.

-one of then gets unmasked, don’t know who he is yet. his mouth is all bloody. he thanks Sting for getting “patched in”….

-he warns TNA for a long painful night.

-we get a commercial break right in the middle of this….?


-after the break, we get a recap. But I guess we’re going back to status quo.

-no Hogan yet…


Knockout’s Champion Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara – Taryn Terrell as ref

-Tessmacher wants to talk before the match, oh boy… she says this is “personal”.

-she wants to know if she can beat her mentor and friend, Tara tonight.

-Taryn gets her own entrance… you’re a fucking ref!

-Tessmacher botches an arm drag but luckily she’s wrestling Tara so she recovered.

-Tessmacher is really botchy tonight.

-Tara with a stiff clothesline.

-facebuster from the corner by the champion.

-Tessmacher cut off on the top for a superplex by Tara for the pin.

Winner: Tara

-mutual respect hug after the match.

-match wasn’t anything special. Only thing saving this match was Tara.


-Recap of the A&8’s beat down at the Hardcore Justice ppv to The Pope.

-He’s got a broken shoulder, ouch.


-Sting gives a pep talk to the BFGS contenders about The Pope being taken out.

-AJ, RVD and Robbie E didn’t get to wrestle The Pope, instead they’ll wrestle in a triple threat.

-Rob Terry gets banned from the match even before they can get to the ring.


BFGS match

Robbie E vs. RVD vs. AJ Styles

-Robbie forces someone at ringside to open the velvet rope for him, humorous.

-Styles and RVD try to ignore Robbie only to double team on him. he gets sent to the outside.

-chain wrestling by these two, fast paced into pin attempts.

-they shake hands after this only to have Robbie interrupt again.

-stiff belly to back suplex by AJ on Robbie sending him back to the outside.

-another quick exchange by RVD & AJ.

-RVD sent to the outside and not Robbie cuts off AJ in the ring.

-flying forearm in the corner by AJ.

-commercial break. Did you know Windows changed their logo? Its boring. Anyone see the Dictator? I don’t know anyone who saw this shit.

-same shenanigans after the break with Robbie keeping the advantage.

-nice dive to the outside by AJ onto both dudes.

-RVD on a roll now taking both guys down.

-AJ botches the springboard DDT from the ropes, he still lands it but not pretty.

-superplex by AJ is blocked, he takes a 5 star.

-Robbie out of nowhere rolls of RVD for the win!?

Winner: Robbie E

-good win for Robbie but he needs a shit ton of points to catch up… yeah, he’s still dead last.

-match was fine.


-Jeff Hardy does the walk in the back, am I the only one annoyed by the eyes painted on his eye lids?

-he comes to the ring after the break… oh boy, what will this eloquently spoken man say…

-he calls out…. Robbie T…. ick.

Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie T

-clothesline takes down Hardy.

-lets go Hardy chant.

-powerslam by T.

-whisper in the wind for a 2 count by Hardy.

-Hardy takes T down with a series of clotheslines and an atomic drop.

-twist of fate into a swanton for the Hardy pin.

Winner: Hardy

-another short “eh” match.


-Daniels and Kazarian in the back, sounds like they’re trying to keep this AJ angle alive somehow.

-Daniels say an apple(martini) keeps the doctor away, funny shit.


-Sting yells in the back at the camera about these mysterious bikers… Sting isn’t scary or intimidating in 2012…


-recap of this whole mess with Dixie, AJ and the artist formerly known as Clare Lynch.

-Jeremy Borash in the ring with the results… he brings AJ back out. dude is on triple duty tonight.

-who’s the daddy chant… funny.

-AJ says he’s sorry to his friends, fans and family for all this mess.

-he doesn’t know what happened that night with Clare.

-he will accept responsibility if this “kid” is his.

-AJ says he never walks to talk to Daniels and Kazarian.

-Borash intros Clare but we get the tag team champions instead.

-they talk shit to AJ about the things he’s done and how his actions affect society.

-Daniels accuses AJ of turning his back on Clare.

-Daniels says she’s not here tonight because she’s in the hospital with a placental disruption…?! haha the fuck is that??

-some other lady comes down with a briefcase.

-this strange lady gets on the mic, she’s Clare’s attorney…

-she reads something from “Clare” admitting she was in cahoots in trying to frame AJ with Daniels and Kazarian.

-this letter admits to AJ being drugged.

-also she was never pregnant…

-Daniels and Kazarian are shocked.

-Clare’s letter asks for forgiveness.

-after this lady leaves AJ attacks, Daniels and Kazarian bounce.

-at least this shit is FINALLY over!


-Kris Lewie video package. He’s our gut check contestant.

-dude looks like an unmasked Rey Mysterio.

-pitty party video. Dude is hungry, claims we can see his ribs… we’ll see about that.

-sounds like a lot of talk…


-A&8’s walking in the back, Sting runs into them.

-he goes into the joker shit…

-Hogan attacks from behind with a bat.

-he threatens these dude not to fuck with his family again while he snorts like an animal… dumb.

-Hogan is in Hollywood attire.

-well, they got bitched out in this round. Don’t seem so menacing when these old farts can take you out.

-why not unmask these dudes after this??


-gut check winner, Alex Silva video package… when was the last time we seen this kid!?

-OVW is all up in the background.

-this takes us into the cut check…

Kris Lewie vs. Gunner

-uh, yeah I don’t see ribs on Lewie…

-he takes Gunner down with a shoulder block for a quick pin attempt.

-slow down kid.

-thumb to the eye by Gunner but kid comes back with a dropkick.

-Gunner finally takes over the match.

-kid is still green.

-a bit botchy is Lewie.

-Lewie misses the headbutt from the top.

-Gunner hits his move… tho it looked messy.

Winner: Gunner

-botchy jobber shit.


-Anderson in the back, oh no…


-ODB in the back after the break.

-she’s leaving massages for Eric Young cause he’s been missing.

-sounds like she’s gonna bang some kid in the back. Awkward.


-fucking Anderson comes out…

-he claims this is his last BFGS match tonight, he calls out Bully Ray

Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

-cautious start.

-Bully takes over sending Anderson into the corner before the break.

-I can wait on Expendables 2 for DVD… I think?

-back from the break, there’s a “Devon’s better” chant. haha clever.

-Ray staying on top of Anderson keeping him grounded.

-crowd with an Anderson chant.

-Ray misses the Swagger bomb in the corner.

-YAY/BOO punches by both.

-swinging neckbreaker by Anderson for a 2½.

-samoan drop is avoided when Anderson collapses.

-neckbreaker of his own by Ray.

-samoan drop by Anderson for a 2.

-Anderson cut off at the top.

-superplex by Ray off the top.

-they cut to the back where the A&8’s are getting jumped by the TNA guys…

-Bubba bomb for a 2½!

-DDT by Anderson who goes back to the top, swanton! Another 2½!

-mic check! 1…2…THREE!

Winner: Anderson (7 points)

-good match actually, best of the night thus far.

-still don’t like TNA’s version of Anderson…


-an A&8’s video… didn’t they just get beat up…? They threaten more shit for tonight…


-Sting comes out again with TNA dudes.

-not sure I would have used Aries and Roode for this with them being top tier dudes right now. It doesn’t help put this group over in my opinion.

-Sting calls them out again….

-another we want Hogan chant, the only dude that didn’t come out.

-they finally show up and surround the ring.

-they all brawl around and in the ring.

-TNA gets the best of these dudes, someone should tell Kurt Angle, this shit aint real.

-in the back Hogan, AJ and James Storm are beating up these dudes too.

-Tenay claims to never have seen anything like this… um yeah you have dude.

-this is all over the place, typical TNA brawl.

-Aries is outnumbered in the ring.

-they put an old school barricade in the ring and steel chair Aries arm between it.

-These dudes stand over Aries before Bully Ray makes the save with a chain.

-in the back these dudes show up on their bikes and take off… well that was a dash from the ring…

-underwhelmed with this.


-eh night of TNA for me… they made A&8’s look a little too weak too soon here…



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