stuff and things are afoot on IMPACT…

-Recap, recap, RECAPS! Tara turns on Tessmacher, Al Snow slaps Joey Ryan but offers him a chance to beat him for a contract, Storm and Roode picks up again, Joseph Parks tries to find out who’s behind A&8’s and Ray challenging Hardy for his BFS shot against Aries… Hardy retained it. phew!


-in the back Hogan runs into Shaquille O’Neil!

-Hogan got plugs for Shaq before they talk Aces & 8’s… oh boy.

-Shaq says he has Hogan’s back… but he’ll be across the street… what?

-Shaq flexes his muscles at the camera while Hogan walks off…


-AJ and Angle are out to the ring, Tenay calls them the “dream team”… Doesn’t look like Greg “The Hammer Valentine and Brutus Beefcake to me…

-Angle brings them up being former tag champions before getting screwed a couple times.

-its Open Fight Night so they challenge Hernandez and Chavo instead of the tag champions…!?

Kurt Angle & AJ Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

-AJ and Chavo start this one off with a few exchanges before making the tag to their tag partners.

-I don’t understand the tights Hernandez is wearing… looks like something goofy ass Eric Young would sport.

-weird seeing Angle vs. Chavo.

-of course Taz brings up Eddie… let’s focus on Chavo for once people…

-nice belly to belly by Angle to Chavo.

-Kaz and Daniels show on on the stage to watch on.

-Hernandez with the hot tag.

-huge shoulder block by Hernandez to AJ.

-hot tag now to Kurt who delivers suplexes to Hernandez and Chavo.

-decent tag changes here.

-Angle finally gets the ankle lock on Chavo.

-Chavo breaks it but takes a springboard AJ clothesline.

-everyone gets their shit in including the angle slam and the 3 amigos suplexes.

-Chavo misses the frog splash and takes the Pele.

-before he can get the styles clash Kaz and Daniels ruin the match.

Winner: no contest

-they are beating on Styles and Chavo.

Hernandez makes the save.

-Hogan’s out with a bat.

-he makes a triple threat tag team match for Bound for Glory…

-that should be decent.


-Al Snow and Jason Hervey talk about haircuts and the Gutcheck Challenge kid who’s 18.

-they talk about Joey Ryan and the slap he landed on him.


-Hogan in the back on the phone… I hate this spots.

-he’s talking to Parks about his evidence.


-GFB 2008 moment with Joe diving onto Sting from the luxary box.


-Gut Check Contestant Evan Markopoulos and his love for wrestling.

-kids got a good story and more personality than most of the over contestants.

-now the big question is will he choke like the rest of them have in their matches. They have just not shined through.


-oh no Dixie in the back with Tom Pritchard… talking about A&8’s…

-bad actors as they try to find out who’s behind this. annoying.


Gut Check Challenge

Evan Markopoulos vs. Doug Williams

-damn I didn’t realize Williams was still on the roster!

-Evan’s dad is at ring side.

-kid plays up to the crowd and gets them to clap! Good move kid.

-Williams shows up the kid a couple of times before getting slapped.

-kid is grounded and cornered.

-Evan lands a nice standing dropkick but goes back to selling.

-standing vertical suplex by Williams.

-Williams is showing up the kid before putting on the modified crossface for the tap out.

Winner: Williams

-kid didn’t show much as we was grounded for most of the match but he looked like he had more personality than most of these other kids.


-James Storm is heading to the ring.


-Kevin James has made an MMA movie… the fuck!?


-recap of feud #2 by the former Beer Money…

-Storm comes out to his shitty new song.

-man that short hiatus he took really took the steam out of his crowd reaction…

-they still chant for him.

-he yaps about Roode, kicking his ass and trying to remember to call him a coward.

-Roode comes out for the challenge but he’s still in his suit.

-Roode shit’s on Storm’s success not being as good his own.

-this fight isn’t happening, he’s over this whole thing with Storm… he walks off.

-Hogan stops Roode in the back about what OFN means.

-Hulk gives him 3 minutes to decide if he’s taking the match or taking a looong vacation.

-after the break, Roode comes back out in his suit.

-Storm meets him up the ramp and helps him to take off his suit.

James Storm vs. Robert Roode

-this heads up the ramp and onto the stage.

-they head over to the announce table and fight off that.

-this finally makes it to the ring and we get the opening bell..

-so far this keeps going in and out of the ring, its just a brawl.

-Roode finds a beer at ringside which turns on him.

-Storm shares the beer with a fan. The WWE would have had a heart attack at this now out a days.

-these fans then put their feet up so Roode can be sent into it! haha! Were these plants!?

-some redneck chick gets bleeped by Spike. Classy.

-vertical suplex at ringside by Roode.

-nice clothesline by Roode back in the ring.

-Roode’s putting ref Brian Hebner out of the way.

-annnnd back to the outside again.

-Now Storm pushes the ref, he calls it.

Winner: no contest… (#2 of the night)

-they now fight into the crowd, this seems very long…

-Hebner gets tossed a couple of times while trying to break this up in the back.

-I assume this continues.


-Hogan yells at some working stiff about Parks not getting in to the arena yet.

-Hogan gets a call from A&8’s… they got a lawyer now too… who the fuck cares… !?


-Judge Dredd doesn’t look good…

-oh shit Indiana Jones on Bluray!

-hmmm nacho cheese Doritos tacos at Taco Bell!


-Aries walks up on Hardy.

-stupid face paint.

-they both want something different from their main event match at the ppv.

-Hardy wants the title, Aries wants the status of a superstar.

-this whole promo was Aries doing all the talking… AGAIN!


-bad guy Tara is out next.

-she shits on the crowd, some shit about making signs to get on TV.

-some other shit about her “boy friend” reminding her she’s the best knockout.

-boring chant that she tries to defuse.

-Tessmacher chant… awkward.

-she calls out Christy Hemme…?!

-she reluctantly heads to the ring for Tara to yell at her about who her favorite knockout is…

-she says Tessmacher… really!??! Haha

-Tara grabs Hemme but the hair before Tessmacher makes the save.

-I miss good women’s wrestling…


-after the break, Brooke Hogan yells at Tara…

-this is bad.


-RVD memories from BFG… he makes it sound like you gotta pay to see his big moves like the Van Terminator. Well shit, everyone else in TNA is giving away moves, matches and angles on free TV!


-guess TNA isn’t dropping the TV Title, we get some sort of tournament next week.


-Hogan’s made his way to the ring with a bat.

-apparently Parks has indeed been abducted by this biker gang.

-he’s trying to cut a deal to let Parks go…

-Parks for Hogan showing up at their “clubhouse”…

-A&8’s voice piece comes up on the screen and has one of his cronies eff up Parks laptop.

-Parks is shown before he takes a sledge hammer to the head. This is what he gets for knowing too much apparently.


-Hardy video on him winning the BFGS and going on to take on Aries.



-TNA Champion Austin Aries comes out to the ring.

-he claims everyone is focused on Hardy.

-Aries wants to do better than Hardy so he calls out Bully Ray.

TNA Champion Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray

-Ray is shown in the back all pissed that he got called out.

-he gets on the mic and sounds shocked he got called out.

-Ray says he doesn’t get called out HE calls people out.

-Ray eats up a fan who touched him.

-Aries isn’t having this shit either and says he’ll punch this dude if he touches Ray too. Geez, shit just got real…

-oh god, there is a disabled kid at ringside and Ray looks like he’s going to heel on his ass when he just waves him off and says “forget about it” that was CLOSE.

-Aries cuts Ray off mid sentence with a dive to the outside.

-Aries brings this back into the ring before Ray pushes the ref into him ultimately sending him to the outside.

-after 2 commercial breaks Ray’s still beating on Aries.

-Ray is still the best heel in this company, shit probably BOTH companies.

-Aries tries a comeback after Ray gets in the face of Earl Hebner.

-Ray misses the ass drop.

-ref bump.

-submission by Aries and Ray taps but the ref is still down.

-Ray wraps his chain around his fist and Aries takes it to the face!

-Ray covers…1..2….THREE!

Winner: Bully Ray

-Ray hugs the ref after the match. haha!

-well I hope this means he’s getting added to the main event of the ppv.

-Ray asks for the belt which he brings back into the ring to hold it up.

-Ray goes to his Aries with the belt but Hardy makes the save.

-Hardy picks up the belt which Aries sees and he is pissed and yelling at Hardy to end the show.

-seemed like they were turning Aries heel with his comments and actions toward Hardy. That’s a bad idea.


-this seemed as long as a 3 hour RAW tonight.







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