02-24-14 WWE RAW



Hogan, Brock, Taker, the WWE Network and WrestleMania season is in full force!

-Off the bat Real American comes on and Hulk Hogan is out to start the show. Pretty good reaction for the Hogan here as he plays up to the crowd. He claims to be home and talks about his history with WrestleMania. He goes over the WWE Network and goes over what he can watch on it, even bringing up Shawn Michaels… oh man. He then declared that he is the “host” of WrestleMania this year. Short segment for Hogan but straight and to the point.


-Lawler, Cole and JBL push the Network HARD at this point.


Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

-this match was longer and maybe better than last nights until there was I decent sized miss spot. luckily Orton comes out for the distraction and Del Rio rolls up Batista for the win. Orton then shits on Batista and the reaction of the crowd to him. he tells Batista that he is probably second guessing his return. This massive “CM Punk” then breaks out. Batista then calls their reaction honest even if its good or bad… he’s trying to save himself here… this was definitely the WWE trying to salvage this match and Batista…

Winner: Del Rio


Intercontinental Champion Big E vs. Cesaro w/Colter and Swagger

-this got “we the people” chant right off the bat. first time that I am keeping up with RAW with the App. Oh, I did get the network but more on that later. Good heavy hitting match between these guys. They both got a handful of near falls before Cesaro got the big swing which got a great reaction. Swagger then came into the ring for no reason which caused the DQ. After the match Colter, Cesaro and Swagger aruge until Big E comes back into the ring just to get a Neutralizer. Looks like Swagger is going to be odd man out.

Winner: Big E


-on the app the new McMahon’s show up in the back when Bryan walks up to confront them yelling about being screwed. Steph calms this shit down but I didn’t hear what she said. #mute


-Cena comes out next and shills Hogan coming back for WrestleMania 30. Cena then super shills the WWE Network and the future of the WWE. He then claims the future stars needs to go through him first. He then goes into the Wyatt family and how they cost him the match at WrestleMania. He then called Bray out who then came out. Wyatt’s intro video was different and not the stock one they’ve been playing as Bray did shout out Greed Bay. Bray cut a dope promo on Cena and how he is a liar by telling the people he will always be there for them. Its not long before Cena gets jumped and triple teamed. Cena might have twisted his ankle in this or so they made it seem.


-during the commercial on the app the trainers are checking on Cena who is about to get carted out due to this leg injury. They recap where this injury might have happened… didn’t look that serious… But then again, Rowan could have just injured Cena since he’s so sloppy.


Christian vs. Sheamus

-this match was set up during the pre-show as both these guys argued in front of Mad Maddox who then booked this. Christian is full fledged heel now. This was another good back and forth match. Sheamus hit the brogue kick on Christian who was mid air.

Winner: Sheamus


-Cole recaps the app footage from earlier with Bryan interrupting the new McMahon’s when they got to the arena. Hunter says he will try to find Bryan a spot on WrestleMania when he’s just trying to get a match with HHH.


-Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson get featured for Black History Match. Good stuff!


-Rollins and Reigns are grilling Ambrose about where the fuck he went during the last part of their match last night with the Wyatt’s. Dean bounces and the Wyatt’s walk in. Reigns wants a one on one match with Bray tonight, he gets it.


-Josh Mathews is at the RAW desk with Ric Flair and Booker T to talk about what’s happened on RAW so far. It was awkward watching Flair lead a YES chant…


Daniel Bryan vs. Kane the Accountant

-solid reaction to Bryan as always. Kane cut a promo on the app in a white beater… Kane wrestled in this and dress pants… Most of the match is lead by Kane beating on the injured shoulder of Bryan. Bryan finally makes a comeback which leads to a hurricaneranna on Kane from the top! Kane got the chokeslam but Bryan kicked out a 2½ which got the crowd pumped. Bryan shot the flying knee shortly after that for the pin! Yet another good match! I love that Bryan has the flying knee as a finisher. After of the match Bryan calls Hunter a coward. Crowd goes nuts as Bryan challenges Hunter again for Mania.

Winner: Bryan


Summer Rae w/Fandango vs. Emma w/Santino

-this was probably the best wrestling Diva’s match on this show in a while. Emma got beat down for most of the match before she go a submission on Summer.

Winner: Emma


-Cole recaps all the media coverage for Hogan’s return to the WWE and WrestleMania.


WWE Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws vs. The Uso’s

-the bell rang for this one but the Outlaws still wanted to do their intro… this cost them when they got attacked mid intro. Crowd didn’t like that… oops. Top rope splash for the pin. This match only lasted seconds.

Winner: Uso’s


Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

-no Shield and no family. Hard hitting from the get go of this one. Couple of stupid fans tried to get the “Husky Harris” chant, it didn’t catch. After the break the match slows down which gets the crowd to chant for other people, same names they usually do. As soon as Roman was going for the super man punch the Wyatt’s show up but then so does Rollins while runs into the ring and dives onto the family. Ambrose finally shows up to even things out at ringside. Reigns then gets the super man punch but then Ambrose attacks Bray which cost Roman this match similar to what Swagger did to Cesaro earlier… this brawl ends with the Shield getting the best of the Wyattt’s.



-Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar in the back talking about how he should destroy anyone tonight.


-Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad is on RAW next week.


-Brock and Heyman come out to the ring where a table is set up. Heyman calls Brock the number one contender who should be main eventing WrestleMania. How Batista and Orton should get their match out of the way so Brock could get in the title match. Instead the new McMahon’s give Brock an open contract for WrestleMania, Paul wasn’t too pleased by this as he builds up what Brock has done over his career. Heyman then shits on this contract and how Mania isn’t getting Brock… all of a sudden, the lights go out and it’s THE UNDERTAKER! Taker and Brock go face to face in the ring while the crowd gets a solid “Undertaker” chant, dope! Taker looks up at the Mania sign and Brock knocks yes! The contract is signed by Brock first then Taker who stabs Brock with the pen then chokeslams his ass through the table! the crowd lost THEIR shit but chanting “holy shit!” haha!


– After RAW went off the air we went back to the arena where Taker looked back at Brock before throwing up the first.


-well that was kinda a dope night for RAW. Good shit all around and the WrestleMania buildup is officially underway!




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