It’s the go-home show for Bound for Glory… Bully Ray proves he can be trusted, RVD weasels into an X Division Title match at the ppv and Austin Aries goes full heel in the last minutes of the show…

-recap of the special guest ref King Mo for Roode and Storm, A&8’s make a deal for Bound for Glory and Sting and Hogan choose Bully Ray.

-ppv is on Sunday, no I ain’t getting it.


James Storm vs. TNA Champion Austin Aries

-this was a good even match with a couple of nice spots. Took a little bit to get underway but it picked up. Roode gets involved behind the back of the ref for Aries to get the brain buster for the pin.

Winner: Aries


-Angle with Wes Brisco in the back when AJ walks in all pissy.

-he wants Angle to focus on the tag team titles and not the Aces & 8’s.

-so dysfunctional.


-Sting and Hogan do the walk in the back.

-after the break they go into Sting’s memories of Bound for Glory like beating Hogan before they make nice and hug it out.

-after that these two goof balls come out. remember when both these 2 dudes really mattered… what am I saying a lot of you probably cant remember that far back… #old

-they yip yap about this whole mess with Aces & 8’s and Bully Ray.

-Hogan calls this “making a deal with the devil”.

-this brings out…. Daniels and Kazarian…?

-they say its a bad choice in choosing Ray over them.

-Kazarian calls Hogan, thunder lips! Haha

-they want their tag match for the ppv canceled and how they should go with Angle.

-this brings out Ray he says Angle would have been good for a wrestling match not a fight.

-Ray tries to talk sense into Hogan and Sting about focusing on the A&8’s and proposes he and Sting take on Daniels and Kazarian tonight…

-crowd cheers for this and Hogan makes the match.


Hernandez w/Chavo Guerrero vs. AJ Styles w/Kurt Angle

-back and forth match, wasn’t too bad. Ends out of nowhere when Hernandez hits a big shoulder block for the pin. Did not expect that ending… I figured they’d give it to him but I didn’t think it would be like that.

Winner: Hernandez


-A&8’s video package, I’ll be glad when this over… blah blah blah.


-X Division Champion Zima Ion is out next to jibber jabber.

-he doesn’t have a match because there is no X Division… no kidding.

-RVD of all peoples comes out…

-RVD chant.

-Hogan lets RVD choose who ever he wants to wrestle at the ppv.

-Ion takes a kick that sends his title into his face.



-Hogan and Sting are STILL talking about Bully Ray…

-Ray walks in and argues with Hogan… still.

-they all argue about this, they’ve already signed off on this so why the fuck are we still talking about this…


-in the back Brooke Hogan is talking to Knockout ref Taryn when Tara walks up.

-Tara gives Brooke a list of things she needs when she becomes champion.

-Tara keeps bringing up this boyfriend like we care…


TNA Tag Team Champions Chris Daniels & Kazarian vs. Bully Ray & Sting

-crowd was pumped for this one. Bully Ray plays a full on good guy in this one making tags to Sting and playing up to the crowd. Most of the match is spent showing up the tag team champions. At one point Ray and Sting shake hands only to have Sting channel he inner Devon and tells Ray to “get the tables”. The tag champions win this one by DQ when Ray powerbombs Daniels into the table from the 2nd rope. Crowd ate this shit up.

Winners: Daniels & Kazarian by DQ


-video package on Al Snow and Joey Ryan… no interest. Nuts that this dude is still around and not a huge talent like Scott Lost…


-Joe in the back asked about Magnus who then walks in.

-they banter back and forth…


Knockouts Champion Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim

-Gail carries most of this match trying to make Tessmacher look strong… typical divas match… after Tessmacher wins Tara comes in to beat on her but gets shown up.

Winner: Tessmacher


-Robert Roode in the back talking loudly about Jeff Hardy.

-Storm comes in and gets in his face about someshit.

-they brawl before King Mo comes in and gets in the middle of this mess.


-Jeff Hardy Bound for Glory moment where he jumps off the top of the stage onto Abyss with a swanton.


-video package for Sting and his Hall of Fame ceremony. Funny starts with stills of when he was young… cause I’m sure they couldn’t get any footage from anywhere since the WWE owns it all. Sorry dude.


-rundown of the ppv matches for Sunday. Eh, still doesn’t feel like no WrestleMania…


Robert Roode vs. Jeff Hardy

-good main event that spent a lot of time on the outside. Match was really picking up before Roode gets the nut shot for the DQ. After the match Roode tried using a chair on Hardy only for the ref to take it away. Hardy hits the twist of fate to end this.

Winner: Hardy by DQ

-after the match Aries comes back out.

-he isn’t saying what was on the “sheet” for him to say… he goes off about what everyone has been telling him to be as World Champion…

-here comes the turn…

-Aries then craps on Hardy’s rap sheet and is tired of the treatment Jeff Hardy gets over and over.

-he says he is being set up to fail but its not going to work.

-Hardy says something stupid about his nuts hurting.

-Aries turns by kicking the ropes into Hardy’s nuts then brainbusters him… soooo you leave this heel turn for the last FEW minutes of your go home show?!… fucking TNA…


-so how did this do as a go home show especially after that!?!? Uh… well, good but not great…


-fuck, I can’t believe there is a reality competition show about tattooing, fuck that shit!



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One Response to “10-11-12 IMPACT WRESTLING”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Sounds like Aries is turning into another egotistical Punk.

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