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FighterHayabusa’s Top 5 Wrestlemania Moments

April 5, 2013

[repost from 2011]

5. HBK loses to Undertaker in their WrestleMania rematch

Mascara De Fuego: Great emotional moment, every time I think back to this match I think of HBK standing in the middle of the ring saying thank you to the crowd. A moment that was built over TWO YEARS something unheard of from the WWE!

Great Puma: This is one of my favorite WrestleMania endings in recent history. As soon as the ref counted to three, I immediately missed Shawn Michaels. It meant the ending of an era of one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. As much as wrestling is a work, this moment was all real and Shawn Michaels’ heartfelt gestures at the end of the match put this moment over the top.

4. Stone Cold winning the WWE Title at WrestleMania 14

Mascara De Fuego: Without question the beginning of what the WWE would call the “attitude era”. Stone Cold brought the WWE into the forefront of the industry once again and it all started here. The addition of Mike Tyson did wonders for the WWE and no moment captured this than Tyson taking off his DX shirt and knocking out HBK. Now as a pro wrestling fan it was not my personal favorite to see that but I knew it was right for the business.

Great Puma: This was Stone Cold barely reaching his peak. Stone Cold pinning HBK, followed by Mike Tyson’s knockout punch, catapulted the WWE into the second golden age of pro wrestling since the late 80’s. It was a great moment for wrestling fans who couldn’t be more happier to see Stone Cold finally get what he deserved.


Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chael Sonnen’s Strength and Conditioning Coach

May 14, 2012

I saw this first posted on Bloody Elbow. Chael Sonnen dropped an interesting piece of information. Sonnen stated that he heads out to Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch and has Stone Cold Steve Austin put his body through hell for about a month for his pre-fight training camps. Enjoy.

CM Punk makes Twitter Explode

June 27, 2011

Here are some reactions from indy wrestlers and Joey Styles to WWE superstars and Stone Cold Steve Austin.


What can be done with CM Punk?

June 21, 2011

CM Punk announced last night what he was eluding to at the Capital Punishment pay per view the night before. He first insisted on being the #1 contender and long story short he got that after defeating Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio is an awesome triple threat match. Punk then filled us in on part two of his announcement, his contract with the WWE is up at Midnight after the Money in the Bank pay per view and that he would be taking the WWE Title with him.

This of course should sound a little familiar as it is pretty much what he did when he left Ring of Honor for the WWE. CM Punk won the ROH Title and threatened to take it with him. Of course lost it before he left but it was a cool angle for the company.

Mark my works, come the MITB pay per view superman John Cena will defeat CM Punk and he will ride into the sunset. The WWE will not take a chance to do anything different and exciting.

BUT… my brain started turning the wheels last night and started thinking how the WWE could use this to build the biggest WrestleMania in its history.

Here is what I would do…

Have CM Punk first pass leadership of the Nexus back to Wade Barrett. He hasn’t been the same since he went to Smackdown and quite honestly neither has the Nexus. They need each other to survive. Punk can play up the “honest man” role by admitting he was wrong about Barrett and give him back the Nexus so he can go into the MITB ppv as his own man.

I would have Cena do his same ol’ song and dance where he cuts jokes on Punk and doesn’t take him seriously.

At the pay per view (by crook) I would have CM Punk win the WWE Title from John Cena. Before he can start celebrating the entire RAW locker room runs out to the ring to stop CM Punk from taking the title belt with him. Punk runs into the crowd and celebrates as we all watch on in shock. The announcers have few words, things like “my god”, “what do we do now”, things like that.

At this point this angle could go two routes…

Route one:

CM Punk leaves with the WWE Title and the WWE sets up lawsuits against Punk to hand over the physical belt. At that point the WWE (behind the scenes, using personal Twitter accounts) starts creating rumors where CM Punk will show up next with the Title. Rumors will fly and speculation will begin to infest social media.  WWE decides to temporarily have the World Title defended on both shows until their legal issues with Punk are settled. At this point Cena takes a few months off to deal with the fact that he completely cost the company he loves so much their most prized possession, the WWE Championship. He’ll end up refocusing his efforts on the Mania match with the Rock when someone ends up stepping up to try to get CM Punk back… Stone Cold Steve Austin. This will first start on Twitter with Austin making mention of Punk and taking jabs at him. This will start picking up as more fans catch on. Finally rumors leads to Austin showing up on RAW where he cuts a promo on Punk taunting him and his straight edge life style. How Austin who loves to drink can beat the living hell out of Punk but it doesn’t matter because Punk is a chicken shit who took his ball and went home. Punk takes to Twitter with a cell phone-made video saying he isn’t fazed by Austin. This banter continues until Punk shows up to a “movie set” where Austin is filming his next movie and Punk beats the shit out of him. Of course the WWE gets footage of this to play on their shows. This completely builds so much tension that Punk finally agrees to wrestle ONE match against Austin for the WWE Title but it will be at WrestleMania 28. Austin gets one more match in plus saves the WWE Title from the turmoil it has been in for months. Punk gets the credit of being the most infamous man in WWE history and when he is ready to come back full time he will, coming back as the biggest heel in the WWE.

Route 2:

After CM Punk leaves with the WWE Title, the WWE strips him of the title and brings in a brand new belt which they have a tournament for.  CM Punk continues to carry around the “spinner belt” and claiming he is the true WWE Champion. Again WWE-created rumors flood social media as to where CM Punk the “WWE Champion” will show up. Pictures will show up on the internet of him backstage at other wrestling events with his championship although no one ever sees him on the actual shows. These rumors and WWE’s animosity continues to grow until Elimination Chamber next year where (player to be named later) wins the match and retains their WWE Title. After the match CM Punk comes out of the crowd and completely demolishes this person until he is run off  into the crowd similar to when Punk won the title at Money in the Bank. Through social media the WWE Champion and CM Punk push their own grievances and the WWE and Punk agree to do a Title vs. “Title” match at WrestleMania where Punk will lose his title and this champion will save the good name of the WWE Championship.

If the WWE is serious about “shaking things up” anything remotely close to these ideas would help for sure.

Again, I know neither one of these two things will actually happen but sometimes it is fun to play arm chair quarterback.

06-06-11 WWE RAW + Tough Enough Finale

June 6, 2011


OverBookedMania 43




April 4, 2011


The show starts with a rundown of all the contestants. Couple of stand outs like Matt (M-DOGG20), a blond who’s got a background and an MMA fighter.


The contestants are brought out to an empty arena where Stone Cold give them a pep talk but tells them most of them wont make it and that this is the closest they are getting to that ring. He lays the rules down and for them not to piss him off. Their first lesson is about commitment.


TE cast are suiting up and are working garbage duties, running cords, setting up the ring aprons and doing janitor duties. They then have to break down the arena its now 1am.


They are then driven to this large mansion style home where they are greeted by Trish Status, Bill DeMott and Booker T. They head into the ring and they call get championship belts which they have to give back if they get eliminated.


They check out the house and they chit chat only to find out Rima is the current Miss USA. The guy from Jersey talks shit saying that if you got booty you don’t need skills. The girls down like it. He’s really pushing buttons, this dudes name is Mickeal I guess. Rima says she is out to get this dude.


The head to the gym for the first day of training, DeMott lines them up and has them get right into warm ups. Austin then shows up on a old Harley. He climbs into the ring and reminds them this is competition, how there there will only one chosen.


They then put the guys into the basics like rolling, taking bumps, etc. They are all getting nicknames from DeMott.


Luke is the first to get praise.


Ariane and Rima have no experience.


Michelle says she has 11 years of experience but it isn’t showing…. at all.


After training the guys have a drink in the house while the girls start it off in the Jacuzzi. Andy isn’t partying, he’s focused and is doing this for his wife who’s pregnant.


Luke wants to be the Ric Flair of the competition, party hard and train harder… good luck.


DeMott is already giving skid-mark a hard time.


Austin is going to put them through an endurance of running the ropes for three minute straight.


Eric had a hard time running the ropes for so long.


Uh Jeremiah lost his fake tooth while running! Haha


11 years and Ariane are having a hard time.


Rima has padded her ass while running the ropes and got caught. oops.


Austin takes the trainers into his office to talk about the TE kids.


They think Luke is the top one so far.


Ariane they complain about because she kept pulling up her pants. DeMott calls her greener than goose shit. haha


Michelle isn’t looked great upon and Booker T doesn’t think she has it.


Booker T says Eric needs to get together but Bill says after 6’6 he’s got nothing which is a shame. Austin isn’t impressed.


Trish isn’t impressed with Rima trying to pad her ass but Booker says if you aint cheating you aint trying.


Austin and the trainers come back to the ring, Austin is calling forward, Michelle, Ariane and Eric. Austin is having them pack their bags and come back to the gym with their WWE belts.


Michelle feels misunderstood… riiiight. The guys talk about her and Eric is concerned, he doesn’t want to go home yet. Michelle says she’s ready to throw someone under the bus to win. Ariane refuses to go home first… well lets see.


The bottom three show back up to the gym and line up in the ring. Austin comes into the ring and looks at all three, he tells them this is time to save their ass.


Ariane is asked what this opportunity means to her. she says she’s given up her job, house, everything. She knows she is the underdog but she wants to prove herself. Austin calls her a powder puff and brings up her running the ropes holding up her pants. She apologizes but he’s not impressed. Austin said he shit his pants and kept going.


Michelle says she’d keep going but Austin asks her if she has maximized her 11 years. She says she’s gotten off track because of her modeling and having a baby. She said she will commit herself to this. Austin says he’s never one father of the year not one fucking time because cause he was on the road. He says she needs to act like someone while 11 years and needs to prove it.


Eric is next, Austin asks him what’s wrong with him. Austin doesn’t like the fact he showed up out of shape and wants one good reason why he is here because he shouldn’t be. Eric says he loves the business and wants to be here. Austin wants Eric to ask him like if he’s a contestant why he should stay and just like only Stone Cold can do he cuts a promo on his ass! Eric wants to help his family out but Austin asks him again why he showed up out of shape to which Eric apologizes and says he is out scratching and clawing.


Austin asks Ariane about Michelle and she says she has done better than her because she finished running the ropes and it was just her pants holding her back.


Michelle says you can learn all the moves you want but she has the passion for it. She shouldn’t be talking shit when Ariane has no experience.

Austin asks Ariane what her favorite match was and she says Melina vs. Alicia Fox… Austin asks WHO? Haha He said THAT is your favorite. She apologizes for not knowing more matches and Austin says “you know how many times I’ve apologized to Vince McMahon…none”. She wants this opportunity to show Austin but he isn’t giving anything.


Austin sends Eric and Michelle back to the house and cuts Ariane while she says she’s be in the WWE.


Austin tells Michelle she’s got too much experience to be a bottom feeder and tells Eric he has too much potential and that they both have a lot of work to do.


Ariane says in her post interview that its not the last for her.


Austin says you can feel when someone really wants this but he didn’t get that from her.





March 7, 2011

They recap last weeks Triple H promo where he buried the current roster, killed Sheamus and about his match with Taker at WrestleMania.

We cut to the area to Taker’s gongs and Johnny Cash’s song. Taker then does his slow, smoky walk to the ring. Taker says two legends will collide at WrestleMania and in the end there can only be one last outlaw. He mentions how people say this is the year the streak ends and how they feel Triple H is the one man to do it. Taker reminds us what happened at the last two WrestleMania with someone Taker calls, the greatest of all time. They then roll to footage of the Taker vs. HBK matches from Mania, good video. He says at WrestleMania there will be no excuses and the match will be No Holds Barred! Taker mentions what HHH said about when the streak dies, Taker dies or Triple H will die trying. He ends by saying HHH will rest in peace. Good opener that didn’t drag on… (cough, cough, TNA).

Stone Cold Steve Austin returns tonight!

They cut to the back and its Nexus beating on Randy Orton. Punk says he put McGillicutty on the shelf but where they are sending him is much much worse. Punk throws him continually into a steel wall then gives him the G2S. Punk then wants Nexus to drag Orton to the ring.

We’re back from break and Nexus is still beating on Orton in the ring. The refs finally show up to break this up. Otunga is yelling at the ref to ring the bell to start his match with Orton. The ref asks Orton if he wants to continue and he says yes.


Randy Orton vs. David Otunga

-The bell rings and Otunga goes right at Orton in the corner punching and kicking him.

-Otunga makes covers after bodyslams…? He keeps looking at the WrestleMania sign.

-Uranage on Orton for a two count

-RKO out of nowhere on Otunga…1..2..3! Otunga can not be in the corner of Punk.

Winner: Orton


Mason Ryan comes out after the match and continues to beat on Orton… until RKO to Ryan! Punk shows back up and he keeps taunting that he is going to go into the ring. Orton looks back at Otunga and before Punk can get to Otunga, he gets punted! This Nexus keeps getting bitched out. Bring back Wade Barrett… geez. Why cant CM Punk ever get a stable that they get behind, fuck!

Cole reveals his choice for guest ref in his match with Lawler at WrestleMania tonight.

The cover that Miz has posted on Twitter that he is boycotting RAW tonight.

CHRISTIAN IS HERE! Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and intro’s Alberto Del Rio who comes out with Brodus Clay. At least we know what they are doing with this guy. ADR tells Christian that they are fighting but not tonight and tells him he has to get through Clay first.


Christian vs. Brodus Clay w/Alberto Del Rio

-Christian goes for the Killswitch early but Clay power out of it.

-Head butt thrust from Clay to Christian’s chest!

-Arm lock by Clay into a t-bone suplex.

-Dropkick by Christian off the top ropes but it takes two of those to get Clay off his feet. 2 count for Christian.

-Tornado DDT by Christian in the corner…1..2…THREE!

Winner: Christian


After the match ADR beats on Christian, he tries to fight back but ends up in the arm bar. The ref finally gets Del Rio off of Christian, he smiles and walks off with his crew.

Recap of Rock’s response to Cena. Cena tweet’s he’ll throw the knockout blow tonight… whatever man.

Great promo video is shown for Sin Cara! This dude is fucking quick!

Sunny is the next inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame! Oh, and “Bullet” Bob Armstrong was sort of announced too.


Diva’s Champion Eve w/Gail Kim vs. Nikki Bella w/Bre

-Eve starts by manhandling Nikki.

-Cole spends the whole match getting himself over and his match at WrestleMania.

-Cole finally gets on the mic and says enough with this match and how he cannot wait to announce his guest ref will be. Josh keeps telling Cole to sit down, I think it finally worked.

-Ref catches Bre trying to do Twin Magic and kicks her out of the ring.

-Neck breaker by Eve for the 3 count.

Winner: Eve


Cole gets back on the mic and says thank god that is over, he calls himself the main event and how we’re going to find out who the ref is… back from break and they roll footage of Swagger taking out Lawlwe from last week. Cole says his match will be the main event, he is holding the contract for the match and the person who signs it will be raising his hand up high when he beats Lawler. He said he respects Lawler which is why he choose this person to be the ref and will call it down the line. This person is a former WWE Champion and a true legend, Cole says. That this person is iconic and a Texan just like Cole. Cole keeps saying “you know he is hear” and gets the crowd to chant “Austin”, he then calls the crowd fools and how he suckered us all… and how his ref for WrestleMania is….JBL!!! The limo with the horns pulls up and JBL comes out of the limo with his shit grin, a suite and a cowboy hat. He and Cole stand in the ring hugging and smiling. JBL brings up how he left the WWE for New York City and how he felt sorry for Texas and their loser teams. He thanks the people for welcoming him with open hearts. Ha. He says whatever to the WrestleMania guest host and how no one has ever had their debut match in the main event at WrestleMania. How Cole has paid his dues to become what he is now. JBL says he hates bully’s like Lawler… HA! Pot calling the kettle black! JBL says he cant be bought and will call this match down the line. He pulls out a pen to sign Cole’s contract. JBL says this is his return by signing this contract. Before he can sign it…STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN’S MUSIC HITS! Austin comes out and celebrates on the turnbuckles with middle fingers blazing! The first shot got the fingers, all the other ones cut off the shot at his wrists. JBL and Cole yell at Austin while the crowd chants for Stone Cold. STUNNER TO JBL! Austin puts on JBL’s hat and calls for beers! Cole gets back on commentary and yells how this was HIS NIGHT! Austin pours beer on JBL and he drinks another. Austin then stops and looks down at the contract sitting in the ring, then looks up at the WrestleMania sign as the crowd cheers him on. Cole is losing his shit right now! Vintage Cole! Haha Austin say’s if you want him to sign this contract give him a HELL YEAH, the crowd gives it to him and Austin signs the contract! Cole says he’s gonna faint! Haha Austin says he is now the guest ref because Stone Cold said so! Cole keeps begging asking why. Austin then shakes his hand and covers Cole in beer, wishes him luck and pushes him back into his chair. Austin goes back into the ring and while Cole is leaving all pouty lipped, Austin pours more beer on him. JBL is on his feet and Austin gives him a beer. JBL is apprehensive but they toast, drink and Austin stunners JBL again! Cole and Swagger are on the stage all pissed.

Good segment, maybe a little predictable but fun. Austin might need to practice his Stunners again, he seemed a little rusty.

More footage of the Rock from last week is shown.

Cole and Swagger in the back and Cole is bitching about his suit and being drenched on beer. Swagger tells Cole to focus on the so called King and he’ll focus on Stone Cold.

Of course now that Cole is gone, Lawler is out for commentary. I like that they are keeping Cole and Lawler separate. Cole said we saw the greatest thing in TV history.


United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

-Sheamus looks sad faced coming to the ring.

-They show footage of him getting bitched out by Triple H last week.

-Sheamus starts off aggressive on Bryan in the corner, manhandling him.

-Dropkick by Bryan than sends Sheamus to the outside and holding his ankle.

-Sheamus gets counted out as he favored his ankle.

Winner: via countout Daniel Bryan


Sheamus gets on the mic and says he’s been on a losing streak but that changes next week when he wins the US Title. He challenges Bryan and says if he cant beat him, he’ll quit! Bryan agrees to the match.

Next we get part 2 of HBK’s interview about Taker vs. HHH.


CM Punk w/Mason Ryan vs. R-Truth

-Truth is just the jobber to the stars now.

-Punk tries to get the best of Truth off the bat but Truth rolls him up for a quick 2 count.

-Punk sent Truth into the corner post multiple times.

-Truth fights back with a series of clotheslines and a scissors kick for another 2 count.

-Punk hangs Truths arm over the ropes then hits a Uranage into the Anaconda Vise for the tap out victory.

Winner: CM Punk


After the match Punk has Ryan hit the shoulder breaker on Truth.

Best sign of the night from WWE Sign Guy. It says “Nexus leader?” with a picture of CM Punk from high school. Haha

They go to footage of HBK talking about Triple H and their history. He talks about the evolution of Triple H over the years and shills the shit out of him. I think its smart to make Triple H sound like he is bad ass enough to take out Taker but lets not keep burying the current roster folks.

Snooki from the Jersey Shore is the guest host next week…. Sigh.

Vick Guerrero is out! She gets out a couple of “excuse me’s” then intro’s the former World Champion and the new member of the RAW roster, Dolph Ziggler.


Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki Guerrero vs. John Morrison

-Vicki is on commentary and she says her and Ziggler are just business partners now.

-Great spot where Morrison goes to jump over Ziggler but Ziggler dropkicks his knee instead which sends him to the outside.

-Back from break and Ziggler has Morrison in a headlock.

-Vicki talks shit about Snooki and how she best keep her hands off her men.

-Rolling neck breaker from Morrison but Ziggler gets his foot on the ropes.

-Poke to the eye of Morrison when the ref wasn’t looking which sets up the Zig Zag for the 3 count!

Winner: Ziggler


Vicki goes into the ring to celebrate with Ziggler and we get an email… Lawler says Cole is ringing beer out of his diaper, he reads the email and the GM did hire Ziggler but not Guerrero! The GM calls her a “very polarizing figure”. Lawler said she can have a job if she wins her match next week against… TRISH STRATUS! Security then comes out to escort Vicki out. The crowd is eating this shit up while Vicki grabs onto Ziggler’s leg. Ziggler calms her down and she leaves with security. Vicki is pissed that Ziggler isn’t helping her. haha.

More footage of Rock’s comments last week, how Cena will pay for running his mouth.

Cena comes out for his “knockout punch”… The bitches cheer him and the dudes boo him. We get a Rocky chant. He kisses the crowds ass in Texas. He said he’s got one guy mad at him, the Rock. That gets another Rock chant. He said he liked what the Rock said about him, how he thought it was funny. He then does the “you can’t see me” that Rock does. He said some things that made Rock really mad. Cena says he is addressing Rock in hiphop this week. Crowd is booing. He says the Rock’s ass is soft and how he wouldn’t take is glasses off. He said he could have gotten on a plane or a helicopter but instead he stayed home and read off a teleprompter. He said you could see the words on his glasses. He said that the Rock is unbeatable and how he is going to put Cena on the shelf but the only thing Rock is beating is himself. He says Cena is in the same place but that Rock is a yabba dabba disgrace. He says Rock’s bragging made him throw up, but if he wants to be the People’s champion all he has to do is show up. Cena says he is glad this is over so he can cross it off his check list and offers Rock a pearl necklace… that he pulls out of his pocket. He makes a Rock eating his shiatsu then cuts to a picture of Rock looking like he is eating a dog. Cena has a Rock shirt that says “I bring it, via satellite”. Funny. He tells Rock not to call him out anymore cause that’s bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Better showing from Cena in this one but still, he is second class and still a bitch. Why doesn’t he go and scratch the Rock because his balls itch.

Miz comes from behind and clocks Cena with the WWE Title! Miz then gets on the mic and says he and his little buddy the Rock have disrespected him for the last time. How every time he and Rock get their panties in a wade the same thing happens to Cena. Miz then busts his own rhyme. He then looks into the camera and introduces himself to the Rock. He tells Rock to be the best Ryan Seacrest he can be. He then talks shit on Rock and says he’s the Miz… then hit the skull crushing finale on Cena! Oh shit, Miz is going for the People’s Elbow. Haha! He then picks up the mic and says, AWESOME!

Show ends with Miz standing over Cena.

Good show and build up to WrestleMania. Its unfortunate that Stone Cold’s return didn’t have what The Rock’s did but then again this isn’t the first time Austin has been back.


Jim Ross hypes up tonight’s 900th episode of RAW and more

August 30, 2010

As usual Jim Ross drops another gem in his latest blog post. He discusses his excitement for tonight’s 900th episode of RAW. Here are just a few highlights of many:

The Best Feud

“The guttural, intense heat generated with the Austin-McMahon rivalry. It made stars of both Stone Cold, the anti hero, Mr. McMahon, the antagonist, and helped make RAW the Monday night TV destination for millions. For my money, RAW never had a better rivalry than Austin-McMahon.”

The Greatest Stable

“DX…which helped launch HHH, re-invent HBK and made stars of Billy Gunn, Road Dog, and Chyna. Every one came along at the right place at the right time with the right presentation for their persona’s in a male friendly 18-34 demo. To me, this faction was as good as it gets and ranks in the same breath with the Horsemen.”

The Rock

“The explosion of The Rock who Hollywood discovered and away the Great One went to become a major player on the silver screen. Rock’s verbal skills and ‘look’ set him a part and captivated the imagination of film makers and fans the world over. The Rock was a once in a life time athlete/personality in the mat game….a natural entertainer.”

He also gives a nice tribute to just how great the Undertaker is.   Head on over to JR’s blog to read that nugget of praise and respect and more.

Brock Lesnar’s Post Fight Press Conference

July 4, 2010


In his post fight press conference, Brock Lesnar does quite a ‘face turn’ as he displays the heart and insight of a humble man and great fighter.  The highlight video is after this quote of Brock Lesnar giving credit to his amateur wrestling and professional wrestling roots:

Without the WWE, with the visibility I had, the television time, Dana wouldn’t have given me a second look.  I mean there’s no way.  I’m just another guy.  I’ve wrestled in all fifty states and thirteen different countries and my face was plastered on the television screen for four years all over the world.  I just had to bring credibility to the table and my amateur wrestling background gave me that.

Brock at the UFC 116 post fight press conference

Again, I can’t say enough about the amazing job that Ariel Helwani and mmafanhouse do for us, the fans.

Stone Cold Steve Austin comments on Lesnar vs. Carwin

July 3, 2010

From the Heyman Hustle.

“I’m here in Las Vegas to enjoy myself,” Austin told me when I ran into him at his hotel this evening, “and I’m here to watch Brock Lesnar whip Shane Carwin’s ass!”

Steve Austin tweeting on Brock Lesnar’s showdown tonight at UFC 116: