The Bound for Glory series continues, a debut.. well sorta and the Ace’s & 8’s clear up some shit.

-Recap from the BFGS and the happenings at the ppv on Sunday. Sounds like it was good.


-Austin Aries is still TNA Champion, he’s out to start the show.

-he says fluke a lot and how he proved he wasn’t.

-he says people who didn’t believe can “go fluk yourself”.

-Aries says its now his company and he’s the face.

-he brings up the Aces & 8’s.

-Aries says he’s going to Bound for Glory as champion, this brings out Jeff Hardy.

-Hardy congratulates Aries before he says he’s winning the BFGS.

-Hardy calls out the A&8’s but gets Bully Ray instead.

-Ray comes out to accuse James Storm as being behind this mysterious group.

-He calls himself lucky for getting the 20 points at the ppv.

-Aries has calf jokes for Bully before reintroducing himself to Ray.

-They go back and forth on who’s behind the A&8’s and winning the title…

-A&8’s come on the tron to threaten shit.

-Ray leaves telling the other two to wake up on who’s in charge of this group.


-video on AJ Styles winning his points at the ppv.


-Magnus interview on Joe being his opponent tonight.

-good promo for the most part.


BFGS match

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus

-nice start with each guy standing one second ahead of each other.

-good stiff shots.

-interesting standing powerslam by Magnus.

-muscle buster is fought off with knees to the face.

-nice uranage from Joe in the corner.

-rear naked choke but magnus rolls out

-roll up out of no where by Joe for the pin.

Winner: Joe

-Dug this match, good stuff here.

-Joe offers to help Magnus up but he doesn’t take it.

-Magnus picks up a chair and hits Joes arm with it… not cool.

-all tag teams in TNA break up… all.


-new Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne goes on about being the greatest.

-assistant comes in to tell this chicky that Brooke Hogan wants to see her in the ring.

-great, Hogan’s kid is back…

-after the break Rayne is heading to the ring.

-she’s really happy and thinks this is a party for her.

-Rayne wants chocolate cake… she mentions it a lot.

-she calls Earl Hebner over.

-a couple of morons chant “you screwed Brooke”…

-Early and Rayne hug before some country song comes on.

-oh its Brooke… she’s terrible.

-Earl gets banned from ref’ing Knockouts matches.

-Tessmacher gets a rematch tonight with a “special” ref tonight.

-Rayne shits on Brooke and her riding on daddy’s name.

-Rayne calls out Brooke but when she heads for the ring Madison bounces.

-A&8’s end up behind Brooke. She’s all scared and some junk.

-Aries, Hardy, Angle and Ray make the save.

-Matt Morgan commercial is STILL airing.

-after the break and Sting is yelling about stuff and things.

-he promise Hulk that Brooke would be safe.

-Sting challenges A&8’s next week for the Open Fight Night.

-good shit I thought here too even if Brooke sucks still.


-Daniels and Kazarian and talking about comic books.

-They are all over the Amazing Spiderman. Marks.

-Kaz shits on Clare’s looks.

-Baby daddy walks in all mad.

-AJ calls Clair a foot. Haha

-so um… they are wrestling for this…

-if AJ loses tonight to Daniels he will accept that he’s the baby daddy… BUT if he does he wants a pregnancy test… what? that makes no sense! Just ask for the test either way, who’s going to buy this shit. Haha!!!


BFGS match

TNA Champion Chris Daniels w/Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

-ref boots Kazarian from ringside.

-Styles beats on Daniels keeping him grounded.

-after the break Daniels with the head lock on AJ.

-submission moves by AJ, he wants to make Daniels tap for the points.

-Daniels has all but his middle finger taped in black so when he hold up his hand it looks like he is flipping us off. Haha

-Daniels is now trying his own submission moves. It looks like a variation of Hell’s Gates.

-powerbomb out of the corner by AJ.

-good match so far.

-springboard forearm by AJ, he’s a house of fire…

-this spills to the outside.

-only to have AJ run back into the ring to flip out of it. nice.

-Kazarian comes from under the ring, he holds AJ’s leg while Daniels is pinning him.

-ref sees him setting up for the Pele Kick to Daniels for the pin.

Winner: AJ

-after the match Daniels takes a Styles Clash for good measure.

-now we get to find out if AJ is the baby daddy.

-another good match tonight.


-Sting has a white iPhone.

-He calls Hogan who’s going to be there next week to call out A&8’s.


-Storm shows up in the back only to have Jeff Hardy show up.

-he’s pissed about losing 20 points and accuses him of being with this group.

-he’ll be out to fight next week and during Hardy’s match tonight.


-shaped dressed Robert Roode does the walk.

-recap of the ppv where Roode lost and can’t fight for the title no more.

-Aries had pinned Roode out of nowhere after some shenanigans.

-Roode says Aries win was a fluke as he claims to had won the match before Aries pinned him.

-he gets a loser chant.

-he’s bummed about not being champion or getting another shot.

-he’s blaming everyone for his loss.

-Roode then gets all sad and drops the mic and walks away.

-time off?


-video package on the next Gut Check challenge. Kid’s lost his brother, damn.


Knockout Champion Madison Rayne vs. Miss Tessmacher – special guest ref….?

-Brook comes out before the match to intro… Taryn Terrell… who?

-oh wait, this was Tiffany in the WWE right? Former “GM”… haha! is McIntyre still married to this chick?

-Taryn is taking this ref thing too seriously.

-Tessmacher misses a high cross body off the top.

-Rayne tries to pin Tessmacher with the feet on the ropes.

-Tiffany catches this which sets up for the facebuster by Tessmacher for the win.

Winner: Tessmacher regains the title.

-whatever match and Terrell isn’t going to add anything different to the Knockouts.


-A&8’s are happy to be invited and will show up next week with bells and whistles.

-the carrot top guy in the group reminds this leader than they have more business tonight.


BFGS match

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

-I do hope Ray gets another shot in the fed.

-cautious start.

-Storm comes out soon after to watch the match.

-Storm and Ray have words at ringside which causes Hardy to dive onto him.

-Hardy finally makes a comeback, usual spots for him like the leg drop to the crotch.

-slow sell by Ray after the Hardy dropkick.

-swanton by Hardy for the… NO! kickout!

-Ray to the outside who pulls Storm in the way of the Hardy dive.

-whisper in the wind from the corner.

-A&8’s show up in the ring which both guys are down.

-Sting’s crew chases them off.

-twist of fate and the roll up by Hardy for the win.

Winner: Hardy

-seconds after the match Ray knocks Hardy down looking for the A&8’s.

-Ray threatens Storm who comes into the ring.

-Ray causes the accidental super kick to Hardy.

-A&8’s come into the ring clapping but then beat on Storm.

-the shock of it all, he wasn’t involved…

-no one is making the save… and the shows done.


-A nice well done TWO hour show I must say. Well done TNA.

-See you fuckers Sunday for SummerSlam.




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