Clair’s back and apparently this story is far from over…

Recap dude goes over Austin Aries giving up the X Title for a World Title shot and how this stip is now permanent. They also recap the CRAPPY conclusion to the AJ/Dixie mess.


Shit starts with Dixie and AJ in the back talking over how they glad this is over… me too if that’s how you’re ending this shit that could have at least been good.


They do a run down before we get a video of Dixie and this mystery chick walking in the back… its NOT over…


God dammit… here comes Mr. Anderson.


RVD vs. Anderson in a BFGS match. I’m not going to lie, I have NO interest in watching this match so this got a forward job… yes, I am sorry. I know that we don’t usually get good long matches on TV in 2012. But I cant watch another RVD vs. Anderson match in TNA anymore… RVD won with a crucifix  , he gets 7pts.


Aries comes down to the ring WITH the X Title. He recaps what happened last week, the X Title and his come up.


Robert Roode comes out, they bicker about Championships and failing and who owns the ring… I think it belongs to TNA. This almost breaks down but the champion bounces.


“Clair” and Dixie in the back getting questions by Jason Hervey. I didn’t pay attention I got a text about Spotify having “stations” on it. Yes, I knew that.


X Tournment Time… Sonjay Dutt is back! He’s taking on Rubix, who I believe goes by Jigsaw on the indies… but I could be wrong. Good X Division match here, especially Dutt’s tornado DDT and fucking moonsault footstomp from the top! Oh god please put some emphasis on this shit again!


SoCal Val interviews him and its good… until the end, he flubs.


Tazz, Snow and Pitchard go over this last rookie, Taeler Hendrix in the back. Sometimes this conversation is a little too “real”…


BFGS match, Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray. Now these dudes I enjoy watching. Yes even Joe who hasn’t been the same in YEARS. Battle of faux hawks. Joe gets a chant, he’s like so many dudes in the WWE that are just getting wasted. Good match until Joseph Park comes out, slaps Bully Ray who then gets locked up in the clutch for the win. Park cuts a promo on Ray and challenges him for 2 weeks from now.


More bullshit with Clair and Dixie… don’t care anymore. Forward.


Kazarian goes see Hogan to throw Daniels under the bus. Dick. Hogan doesn’t give a fuck.


Garrett Bischoff in the parking lot when Madison Rayne walks up on him talking about her crush, it ain’t him.


Tessmacher gets a print ad hookup by Brooke Hogan. Gail Kim is all mad n some junk but gets a rematch next week.


X Title tournament, Rashad Cameron vs. Mason Andrews (aka Scorpio Sky!) Crazy ass aerial flip from Andrews to the outside. Taz takes this moment to crap on MMA. Old school X Division style shit here, so dope! They even get a “this is awesome” chant. Cameron gets the win with jumping DDT.


Christy talks to Cameron after the match. Looked him up, he wrestles a Jeez on the indies.


Hogan in the back with Storm and Hardy. Useless jibber jabber.


Gut Check Challenge results is up next… she’s nervous. Taz = yes. Snow = … oh look Joey Styles in the audience asking Taz to hit him, drama. Anyhow, Snow = no. Pritchard = yes. Taeler Hendrix gets a “contract”.


Kurt Angle tells AJ Styles he has a lot of respect for him with all this nonsense… didn’t Angle give him a hard time about this!?


Clair and Dixie at ringside… oh no they’re here to watch the main event.


Tag Champions Styles & Angle vs. Kazarian & Daniels. Kazarian and Daniels argue to the ring and during the match. They keep playing that Kaz is disgusted by this like he didn’t know the truth of what Daniels was up to. Good spot with Angle hitting rolling German’s on Kaz and Daniels. Daniels gets a chair but Kaz pulls it out of his hands. He tells AJ to finish him off only to have Kaz hit AJ in the back with the street chair… 1…2…THREE! New tag team champions! Daniels plays shocked like he wasn’t in on this. Styles gets deserve again. Daniels gets on the mic and tells Dixie that AJ’s the daddy of Clair’s kid. Clair breaks down but doesn’t answer shit.


Well maybe they took this turn since last week sucked? Maybe this was the plan all along!? Either way the story continues.


Over all better ended than last week and another solid night of matches.


I know I crap on them but good stuff TNA.






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