Jim Ross on FEDOR, Batista in MMA, Smackdown on SyFy and Michael Jackson


Jim Ross discusses if Fedor Emelianenko is really the greatest MMA Heavyweight of all time, the possibilities of Batista in Strikeforce, Michael Jackson, Smackdown’s upcoming debut on Syfy and so much more from his latest blog!  Here’s an excerpt:

Jim Ross on FEDOR:

Doing business with the Fedor camp is a well known pain in the backside but not having access to the brand known as ‘Fedor’ wouldn’t be a positive development for Strikeforce at this point in time as many fans feel that Fedor is the best MMA heavyweight in the world. For the record, I am not one of them although I do enjoy watching the Russian fight but felt it was telling when he did not sign with UFC when the lucrative opportunity presented itself.

Smackdown’s debut on Syfy (Friday October 1, 2010)

We stayed busy all day Friday working on the promotional side of the Friday October 1 LIVE Friday Night Smackdown event to be held at the magnificent Ford Center in Oklahoma City. This will be the world premier of Smackdown on Syfy and will be just like a Monday Night Raw show inasmuch as it will be LIVE.

Michael Jackson

Emailer…Was I a Michael Jackson fan? yes, I was a fan of the man’s talent. His family followed WWE because when my wife visited Neverland Ranch the Jackson kids asked if I was o.k. after being ‘set on fire’ by Kane.

Batista and Strikeforce:

Obviously, a Batista vs. Herschel Walker MMA fight would likely do a decent TV rating for CBS/Showtime simply out of curiosity. I don’t see Batista ever fighting Bobby Lashley either but that too would be a interesting TV attraction but likely would be panned by MMA purists.

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