Smackdown Review [airdate 6.25.2010]


The show starts off with Teddy Long and Vicky Guerrero.  They talk about the Money in the Bank pay per view until Drew McIntyre interrupts them.  Teddy tells him that Matt Hardy has been reinstated and that Drew will have a match with Hardy later in the show.  Vicky shows a little face side to her character and backs up Teddy Long and tells Drew to get out.

Jack Swagger comes out and cuts a promo on the stage before joining Big Show in the ring:

  • He talks about the injustice of Kane interrupting his title defense.
  • He was cheated out of his World Heavyweight Championship.
  • He invokes his rematch clause at the MITB PPV.
  • There’s one thing his dad taught him – “Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat.”
  • He’s going to make everyone suffer.
  • He’s going to make Big Show suffer like his father suffered on Fathers day.

The usual excellence from Swagger on the mic.  He’s getting better and better every single week.

Big Show vs. Jack Swagger

  • Show dominates the beginning of the match with strikes and head butts.
  • Show even manages a pretty impressive superplex on Swagger!


  • Show maintains control and works the arm of Swagger.
  • Show gains more momentum with a clothesline and a splash in the corner.
  • Swagger ducks one more clothesline and then returns with an front chopblock to Show’s left leg.
  • Swagger immediately works on Show’s left leg and takes control from there.
  • Show is selling his injured left leg.
  • Swagger also hits an impressive flying shoulder block from the second rope.
  • Swagger hits a Swagger bomb and goes for a second one.
  • Show counters that with a goozle and goes for a chokeslam but it’s countered with a forward roll.
  • Swagger goes all KURT ANGLE on Show and hits the ankle lock.
  • Show reaches the ropes but Swagger won’t let go.
  • The ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Big Show via DQ because Swagger would not let go.

Excellent match.  The superplex was a nice surprise from Big Show.  Swagger could very well be the next Kurt Angle but I’m not a fan of wrestlers using finishers that are already signature moves of other active wrestlers.

If Kurt Angle retired ten years ago I would have no problem with this but he’s still active and very relevant in TNA.  There are so many submission holds that are out there, why an ankle lock?  I’m probably nitpicking but I’d rather see a single-leg crab or a Texas Cloverleaf from Jack Swagger than an ankle lock.

I also liked the selling job from Big Show after the match.  This match definitely made Swagger the biggest threat in the Money in the Bank match.

Six-Man Tag Team Match:
HBK Curt Hawkins, Vance Archer & Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP, Christian & Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

  • The faces take control early.
  • Nice t-bone suplex from MVP on the Showstopper Curt Hawkins.
  • MVP kicks Shawn Hawkins out of the ring, back elbows Archer off the apron and tosses Ziggles out as well.  Nice sequence for MVP!
  • MVP slingshots over the tope rope on Archer.
  • Kofi hits a beautiful suicide dive on Ziggler.
  • Christian follows with a textbook baseball slide kick to the Showstopper Hawkins.


  • Kofi and Dolph go at it with some nice chain wrestling with Kofi gaining the upper hand with his highflying strikes.
  • The heels get momentum with quick tags.
  • Archer slows the match down with wear down holds on Kofi.
  • Shawn Hawkins is tagged in and picks the match up with a lot more energy.
  • Kofi does Ricky Morton and gets beat up by Archer and Ziggler as he tries to make the tag.
  • Kofi ducks a clothesline and makes a super hot tag to Christian.
  • Christian comes in with a blaze of glory and controls the match.
  • Ziggler hits the famouser on Christian for a two count.
  • Christian hits a missile dropkick for two.
  • The mayhem picks up.  MVP sends Archer over the ropes with a high crossbody.
  • Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise that sends HBK Hawkins to the outside.
  • Ziggler attempts a zig zag but Christian blocks it.
  • Christian with the KILLSWITCH.  One…two…three.

Winners: MVP, Christian & Kofi Kingston

Great six man tag.  The hot tag from Kofi was played out perfectly.  MVP is ready to main event more than ever.  We all know Christian should be wearing a world title these days but I guess they have to keep them busy in the mid card.  Ziggler is  good as a heel but I still don’t get excited about his matches.  Michaels Hawkins seems to be pulling Archer’s weight. I just don’t get that pairing at all.  I could see Archer and NXT’s Eli Cottonwood being a Twin Towers type of tag team that is used for tag team fodder.


They replay the NXT 7 beatdown on Vince McMahon.

Kane gives a maniacal promo looking over a casket with red and purple lighting.  Very cool and atmospheric.


Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy

  • Hardy takes control early and kept beating on Drew on the outside of the ring.
  • Drew hits a nice backdrop on Hardy on the outside.
  • Drew hits a nice modified hip toss to a falcon arrow from the second rope.


  • Drew wears Matt down with methodical offense with a few punches and kicks.
  • Hardy gets punished by another backdrop from the second rope.
  • Hardy kicks out at two and rolls to the outside in pain.


  • Drew continues his punishment with vicious stomps and wear down holds.
  • Hardy gains momentum with a side effect for a two count.
  • The pace picks up with a big boot from Drew to Matt’s head.  Two count.
  • Drew with a knee to the head.  Two count.
  • They play up that Matt Hardy will not die!
  • Hardy hits an axe handle on Drew from the apron to the outside.
  • Drew is about to stomp on Matt’s head against the steel steps again but Hardy sweeps his leg and Drew falls hard on the steps.  Great spot.
  • Both men are back in the ring and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate.  One…two…three.

Winner: Matt Hardy

This was a hard hitting and very good match.  It went pretty long for broadcast television standards at 12 plus minutes.  I LOVED how they played off their previous matches and revisited Drew’s stomp to Matt’s head a month ago.

This is the first time I was actually impressed by Drew’s ability to sell and take a bump.  Drew’s bump on the steel steps was nice and he certainly took a licking.  Although, I wouldn’t care if he didn’t come on my TV again, this match certainly featured Drew in a different light.

Teddy comes on the Titantron and tells Drew that his work visa expired and that he has to go back to Scotland.


Cody Rhodes’ promo:

Cody Rhodes come down with his rookie, Husky Harris and cuts the promo of his life:

  • He talks about his looks.
  • He discusses a Diva’s poll where he was voted the WWE’s most handsome wrestler.
  • He disses Husky Harris and dismisses him.
  • He walks outside the ring and tells this lady that he can literally hear her getting fatty.
  • He tells Todd Grisham that while he spends time reading comics and, Cody is in the gym.  For the record, rottentomatoes is my steez!
  • Cody then tells the WWE announcers and the WWE universe that he wants to be called “DASHING” Cody Rhodes.
  • He repeats this over and over again so we don’t forget.  Okay.

This could be Ravishing Rick Rude 2.0.  I liked the promo and it took a lot of balls and effort by Cody to pull it off.  Hopefully, this will translate into bigger and better things for Dashing Cody Rhodes and he’ll do it without Rick Rude’s hip gyrations.

Divas Match:  Rosa Mendes vs. Kelly Kelly (w/Tiffany)

  • Rose is jumping rope because she wants to get in shape for Lay-cool.
  • LayCool comes out to announce.
  • The bell rings, Kelly hits the K2 legdrop and it’s over in less than 20 seconds.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

Nothing to comment on in terms of wrestling but Kelly Kelly and Layla gave me some good material for my Shake Weight session later on.  That is all.  Oh wait – there was another Kaval in a pink shirt sighting too.  Does LayCool make him pop the collar?

Alberto Del Rio Video Promo

At first I thought Smackdown was over since the opening of the segment is an exterior shot of some random villa.  We see an unmasked Dos Caras Jr. sitting on a couch.  There’s Spanish flavored acoustic guitar music in the background.  Del Rio gets philosophical about innocence and the loss of innocence as children grow older.  He then says that all men lie and that here’s only one honest man, Alberto Del Rio.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the WWE hype up an in-coming wrestler with well-produced video promos.  It was one of the most interesting teasers aired on WWE television since Sean O’ Haire’s video teasers back in 2001, which could be a bad thing considering O’Haire’s WWE tenure.  Personally, I think Del Rio is a blue chip prospect that should be making the WWE a lot of money sooner than later.

NO DQ MATCH:  CM Punk vs. Kane

Punk comes to the ring solo and grabs a mic.  He addresses the crowd with the look of a frustrated and scared man:

“I only have one thing to say.  This is the face of an innocent man.”


  • Kane walks out.  They cut to Punk physically trying to psych himself up for the match.
  • Punk starts off hot but Kane throws him over the ropes and pummels Punk around the ring and against the barricade.
  • Luke tries to interfere but also gets manhandled.
  • Joey “Masked Man of S.E.S.” Mathews attacks Kane from behind and Kane drops him with a right hand.
  • Kane advances towards Mathews as Serena rushes out to protect him.
  • The S.E.S. gang up on Kane from behind but Kane gets the upperhand when he backdrops CM Punk over the barricade.
  • Kane starts to work Punk’s right arm and Punk is selling it like crazy.
  • Kane chases CM Punk through the crowd and into the arena concourse.
  • Kane destroys Punk through some merchandise tables.
  • Punk manages to fall outside and quickly flees the arena and runs across the street as the show ends.

Thrilling ending to a good show that pushed a lot of the major storylines in a very efficient and entertaining manner.  I liked how the show opened up with Teddy and Vickie Guerrero announcing the current state of the Smackdown brand and hyping the next PPV, Money in the Bank.  It gave the upcoming PPV a sense of importance and it also gave meaning and urgency to the matches and drama on this episode.

Seeing CM Punk sell the hell out of his right elbow  was a stroke of pro wrestling genius.  Cody’s promo certainly showed off his mic work and the six man tag was as good as it gets for televised six man tags.  This was a solid show loaded with lengthy matches and good wrestling.

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