06-21-10 WWE RAW REVIEW (Guest Host An Apple Laptop)


Bret is out, laptop is in and NXT is at it again but this time they get crowd chants! Why you ask? Read on..

Vince McMahon comes to the ring for the second time in as many days. He brings up what happened last night and Sheamus winning the title. Vince says there is only one person to blame for this… Bret Hart. He said even though he was “shaken” up last week its not excuse to not show up last night. Because of all of this Vince fires Bret from being RAW GM! He then announces that there will be a new GM but will be anonimous…!? What the fuck!? This is retarded and got NO pop… Apparently this person will make their wishes known thru a Mac laptop on the commentary desk. All of a sudden Micheal Cole gets an “email” and apparently the GM has hired all seven NXT guys. Is Apple getting a cut of this shit!?

WWE Champion Sheamus then comes out, he apologizes because he didn’t want to win the title like this. He says he cant accept the Title under these condition and looks like he’s going to give up the title?! He goes to hand Vince the Title but then pulls back and smiles. He says he doesn’t care how it happened, he is the WWE Champion. He sends a message to the former NXT guys…thank you. Ha. He then said he didn’t need their help and he could have won the match on his own. This brings out assclown John Cena. He goes into his typical bullshit. He said he wants to thank the GM for hiring the NXT guys so he can get his hands on them. He wants a rematch tonight but Sheamus says no. And of course Cole gets an email, the GM wants Sheamus to defend the title against Cena. Another email comes in and says there will be a special guest ref, Mr. McMahon…whoopeee.

Chris Jericho beats Evan Bourne in a rematch from last night and last week. Before the match Jericho says that if he cant beat Bourne tonight he’ll leave the WWE… oh god no! Good match but I enjoyed last nights more so. The end comes with Jericho getting the knees up from the Shooting Star, then hitting the Codebreaker for the win. After the match Jericho raises Bourne up only to push him back down.

In the back Vince is talking on the phone about the match tonight. I guess he’s talking to the GM person. Vince doesn’t want to be surprised again…

Virgil and Ted Jr. in the back. Ted apologizes for embarrassing Virgil but he is firing him and has hired Maryse…? Virgil asks why Ted’s going to do for protection and he said, go to the drug store! BAH! Funny.

The Hart Dynasty in the back with Josh, they arent be happy about what happened with Bret. Natalya is wrestling tonight and she is dedicating her match to her uncle.

In the back some SUV limo pulls up but no one is shown coming out.

Natalya w/The Hart Dynasty vs. Tamina w/The Uso’s Its almost weird to see wrestling in Diva matches now a days. Sad. And of course they only time there is real women’s wrestling on and then…

The NXT guys hit the ring! Wade says they came out to apologize to the Hart’s but the shit breaks down when Kidd comes over the top rope onto the NXT dudes and they beat up on the Hart’s.

Otunga says he would like to apologize for their actions for the last couple weeks and they only did this for the love of the WWE. He said now that they have their contracts things can go back to normal. Slater they said they have no problem with anyone, nothing has been personal. They want to single out people to apologize to, Gabriel apologizes to Bret and hope he’s ok now. They apologize to the Hart’s but they had to defend themselves tonight. Young apologizes to Cena and says people call him the black John Cena. Haha damn they do look alike! Young’s a good sarcastic heel. Skip apologizes to the WWE Universe. He tries to get the crowd to do his “yup, yup yup” bullshit chant he did on NXT. Tarver gets on the mic he apologizes to his kids and says he raised his kids better than this. He said anyone would have done the same for their kids. Wade gets on the mic and said these guys had to do what they had to do. He asks why would he band together with this guys and he said loyality. They banded together early on in NXT apparently and wanted to make sure they ALL got contracts. Wade said he’s got his ppv title shot back which leads him to Sheamus. He said Sheamus is champion because of them. They made a target of Cena and can do the same to him. He said he will make no apologies no matter who he beats. Wade used the word “Nexus” which was copy written by the WWE recently so it looks like the name is sticking and the “N” arm bands are safe. Ok segment but these dudes still need to be running rough shot and trying to jack as many titles as possible, maybe even splitting up to Smackdown also. Might be a good time to split the tag titles up too.

John Morrison w/Eli Cottonwood beat Ted DiBiase w/Maryse Zack Ryder w/Titus O’Neil with Starship Pain. Before the match Ted says he’s got better things to do than to wrestle tonight so he found a replacement with Ryder. Short decent match.

Cena in the back when Josh stops him and askes him about the NXT apology. He’s pissy. He doesn’t accept their apology. Vince walks in and says Cena nor Sheamus will have no excuses tonight and that the best man will win.

In a mixed tag match, Great Khali & Eve Torres beat Diva’s Champion & Primo Colon when Khali beat Primo. Why is this match no happening on WWE Superstars!?!? Boring match.

Randy Orton comes out to the ring, he brings up NXT and says that now that they have contracts its just a matter of time before they get punted in the skull. He then accepts Wade’s apology and hopes he does win the title so get can take it from him. The Miz’s music then hits, he comes out to the stage and says he’s tired of seeing of seeing Orton in the main event. Miz says there is something no one has done but him and that’s hold the US Title and the Tag Titles at the same time. He tells Orton to head to the back of the line and Miz wants the front of the line. Miz then jumps Orton only to get powerslammed but before he can hit the RKO Miz takes off. Edge then comes out of no where and spears Orton, then tells him now the real fun begins.

WWE Champion Sheamus and John Cena w/Mr. McMahon as special guest ref. (more of an enforcer) ends in a no-contest. Same ol’ shit in this match for both these dudes. “Lets Go Cena” chants from the bitches in the arena as the dudes chant “Cena Sucks”. And here come the NXT guys to run off Sheamus! The announcers have hit the bricks. They throw Cena over the announce table and dump the table onto him. McMahon then comes into the ring and tells them to stop, then asks them to come into the ring. He said he’s responcible for their actions and he wants a round of applause. Vince turns around and all these dudes are starring him down. They laugh it off before they go back to starring him down. Vince thinks they are kidding but they surround Vince and then attack his ass!!! This actually got an NXT chant! Haha Vince tries to escape but they bring him back in. Skip clotheslines the shit out of him, then Barrett hits the Fireman’s Carry Slam and of course Gabriel hits the 450. Solid NXT crowd chants now. Barrett calls them off and they head up the ramp. No one is safe folks! The camera man is now asking for help for Vince and the show ends.

A laptop as GM folks, I guess that’s better than the bullshit guest hosts.

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    Nice article! very helpful for me.

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    wwe raw my best show ever

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    wwe is my best show ever!

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