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December 5, 2011

Cena does the goody goody thing for Ryder, Punk gets his main event for the ppv and Nash takes us back to 2003…



November 28, 2011

Interesting night of possible positive movement.



November 7, 2011

Douche bags are in Liverpool England but we have no William Regal… just a lot of squash matches…



October 31, 2011

It’s time to play the music, It’s time to light the lights, it’s time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight.


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 28, 2011]

October 28, 2011

Smackdown finally gets back on track. Ziggler and Orton hold a clinic. Daniel Bryan and Tyson Kidd sell a DVD. Daniel Bryan picks up a win! CM Punk comes to visit Smackdown and more!


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 21, 2011]

October 22, 2011

One of the Sin Cara’s loses a mask. Daniel Bryan is growing an epic beard. Beth and Natalya are now LayBully. Two world champions and a sidekick get knocked the fuck out and more!


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 14, 2011]

October 14, 2011

Someone’s mask gets jacked. Another one bites Beth’s dust. Mark Henry and Randy Orton continue to improve their chemistry in the ring. The largest WWE Battle Royal on TV and more!


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 7, 2011]

October 7, 2011

Beth is given her first squash. The Battle of the Sin Caras continues. How does the Raw walk out effect Smackdown? Big Show returns and so much more!


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [September 30, 2011]

September 30, 2011

Sin Hunico Cara now looks like the Atlanta Falcon’s mascot! Kelly does a sick Victory Roll! JTG is sighted doing dope moves! Christian and Orton conduct another wrestling clinic and so much more!


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [9. 23. 11]

September 23, 2011

For a moment or two I thought I was back in time watching Superstars of Wrestling with squash match after squash match. The only thing missing was Mean Gene and the split corner promos that appeared during wrestler entrances. Oh how I miss those days.

There were some good things in this episode though. Kaitlyn and AJ looked amazing, and Cody bled like a stuck pig even though they didn’t give you a good angle of it. Mark Henry continued to prove that he’s also a rising, major pro wrestling star that doesn’t make his name off of dropping pipebombs. All this happened on top of Daniel Bryan wrestling!