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03-03-14 WWE RAW

March 3, 2014



Live from Chicago… Will we get CM Punk? Stay tuned!


WWE Night of Champions Predictions

September 15, 2013

night of champions logo 2013

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

Mascara De Fuego: Randy Orton. There is a screw job coming our way in some form or fashion and Bryan isn’t leaving this ppv with the title. They need something where Bryan looks really strong though while still losing the match, maybe even a DQ finish. Yeah, I know it suck to finish a ppv main event with a DQ but having Bryan getting screwed prolongs this feud for a leave a few more months. Now that I think about it this could be another instance of Triple H sending Big Show out to knock out Bryan. Should be another good match by these two though.

Great Puma: Daniel Bryan. Fuck it. I know this feud has legs that can go for another 2 pay per views, but damnit, I’m DYING to see Daniel Bryan with that WWE Championship around his waist. The WWE has found another case of lightning in a bottle with Daniel Bryan and I just don’t think they should test the fans’ patience with keeping the title off of Bryan for another month. Strike now while the iron is hot, WWE.


08-19-13 WWE RAW

August 19, 2013


Daniel Bryan is a SUPER star.


06-03-13 WWE RAW

June 3, 2013




05-27-13 WWE RAW

May 27, 2013



Let’s hope my TIVO behaves…


10-29-12 WWE RAW

October 29, 2012


Let’s see how the fuck they explain this bullshit with the ref from last night’s main event and move to the next level with these two…


SummerSlam Predictions & Thoughts

August 17, 2012


The 25th anniversary of SummerSlam


07-23-12 RAW 1,000TH EPISODE

July 23, 2012

-Even left work an hour early to do the preshow…. ANNNND they cancel it… wait… did I just admit that I left work early for wrestling!? #mark



July 16, 2012


AJ finally says YES, Jericho turns face, Mysterio returns and John Cena cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase… sort of.



April 23, 2012

3 looooooooooong hours….