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Super Fresh Accoutrements: Santino Cobra T-Shirt

February 10, 2010

We here at Fighter Hayabusa are always looking for the dope pro wrestling shit for you to rock as  a proud pro wrestling fan.  This is one:


My homeboy, MDF, hipped me to this  masterpiece of a t-shirt.  I was speechless.  Every now and then the WWE will actually make a T-Shirt worth looking twice at.

It’s merchandise that is not about John Cena.  It doesn’t have a gaudy “DX” logo and it’s certainly not neon green.  There’s no stupid message on the back like “World’s Biggest Member” and the design looks nothing like it was picked from the reject bin at Ed Hardy.

Finally, it’s a t-shirt for Fighter Hayabusa’s hero, Santino  Marella!  It’s a must for every Santino-phile and features one of the most devastating moves in professional wrestling today.  It’s a Super Fresh T-Shirt, indeed.


The Santino Marella Cobra T-Shirt

COST: $25 @