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12-14-14 WWE TLC

December 14, 2014

TLC 2014 predictions

Way too much plunder…


12-16-12 WWE TLC

December 16, 2012

TLC logo 2012

Way to finish off the year WWE!



December 19, 2011

Fuck. Overall this was a solid RAW! One of those RAW’s that you are going to wake up the next day and hope you weren’t dreaming about what happened. This was some new shit here!



December 19, 2010

It is the date of my birth and there is nothing more than I would want to do but to be here reporting on this… is that sad? 😉

Video package starts of f the show with a rock version of a Christmas song that I cant name. It was cool.

Three man team tonight with Cole, Striker and Lawler and we are starting with the IC title match.