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Royal Rumble 2013 Predictions

January 26, 2013

The Rock Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble Match

Great Puma: John Cena. I think the WWE is going chalk with this one and there’s no way WWE’s golden boy is not going to go on to be part of Wrestlemania’s main event match. This of course is contingent upon the Rock winning the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble or the next pay per view. Ryback will wow the crowd with his performance but Cena will ultimately be the last man in the ring.

Mascara De Fuego: I would like to see someone like Dolph Ziggler win it and have TWO big opportunities to win the title. Something like he’d win the Rumble and face Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania for the title. He would lose the first match clean (but a close match) but after the match he would go on to beat the shit out of Del Rio only to then cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and finally win the World Title. Unfortunately that is NOT what’s going to happen and most likely this will be a super predictable Rumble with Cena winning it. Sometimes the WWE catches wind that things are a foregone conclusion and changes things around but I think they are going to make Cena look strong all the way into his rematch with The Rock where he will win the WWE Title… again. I know it does not have to be said but I have absolutely NO INTEREST in seeing John Cena as WWE Champion ever again. This dude does not appeal to me in any form or fashion and after that last promo he did on RAW I don’t even know how anyone (even kids) can like this dude. I mean really, you’re going to go out there and do your boring shtick and make fun of people in the front row to benefit yourself? Look man, there is a difference between getting heel heat and trying to get yourself over at the expense of someone who paid for a front row ticket… which is super expensive now a days. Whatever, I know I am going off on a tangent but fuck it. I hate this character and dude in general.


Fighter Hayabusa’s WrestleMania 28 Predictions

March 29, 2012


Singles Match
The Rock vs. John Cena

Mascara De Fuego’s Prediction: The Rock

What they will do: John Cena

What can be said about this match that hasn’t already been said? Some will say the buildup was on par and other will say that it was hit or miss. Regardless of how they’ve built this match up the important thing to remember is that they ACTUALLY built this match over the last year. The WWE has done something they have never done and announced Rock vs. Cena one year ago. Make no mistake about it, they wanted you to believe this IS a big deal… and it is. Both guys have represented the business at one time or another and are household names. This warranted that amount of time. Does this mean they should do it every year? Nope. This was special and should keep it that way. As far as the match, I don’t think there is a person out there that thinks this will actually be a bad match… even with Cena in it. Both know that this NEEDS to come off as strong as possible and I have no doubt that it will try to steal the show. Will it? That remains to be seen.

Great Puma’s Prediction: The Rock

What they will do: John Cena

The argument for the Rock “must put over” John Cena is lost on me. Cena doesn’t lose a thing if he loses at Wrestlemania. The Rock however loses a lot. With a loss to Cena, it says that the best of the Attitude era isn’t as good as the best of the present day WWE. The WWE is surviving on the ethos created and built by Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind and DX in the Attitude era. It’s arguable that today’s WWE superstars could not compete with the superstars of the Attitude era. Cena needs to put over the Rock as a tribute for all that the Rock has accomplished and built for the business that John Cena and his peers have prospered from. The Rock didn’t have to come back for one or two matches but he has. Cena losing to the Rock would be the respectful thing to do. Every has it’s mega star and John Cena just isn’t it. The Rock putting Cena over would be like Muhammad Ali taking a dive for Wladimir Klitschko. As dominant as Wladimir Klitschko is in today’s heavyweight boxing ranks, the hearts of the masses still belong to Ali.


Hell In A Cell
Triple H vs. The Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as the Special Guest Referee

Great Puma’s Prediction: Undertaker

What they will do: Undertaker

The WWE isn’t that dumb. They wouldn’t put one of the main reasons people tune into Wrestlemania in jeopardy would they? Undertaker should take this and goes on to win at least five more before he retires. The great thing about the Undertaker is that he doesn’t have more than ten World Championship tenures, he was never the top merchandise seller, and he certainly isn’t recognized for an over-the-top moveset or catch phrases. Undertaker is an attraction and show all unto himself. He doesn’t need titles or controversy to add to his legacy. Undertaker’s staying power in an incredibly fickle business should be the sole reason that Triple H puts his ego aside and make the Undertaker look like the baddest and most dangerous man ever to walk into a Hell in a Cell. It’s not the right thing to do; it’s the only thing to do.

Mascara De Fuego’s Prediction: Undertaker

What they will do: Undertaker

Did this match need HBK? Nope. But did this match need the Hell in the Cell, you’re damn right it did. I was not excited at the prospect of yet another match by these two at WrestleMania (now going on THREE) but I think the added stipulation of the HIAC cage added another level to this match. Yeah, there have been a lot of HIAC matches in recent history with the stipulation getting its own branded ppv. But this year that ppv is off the calendar, which means we just might get ONE HIAC match this year… that’s a good thing. This match should be at least as good as last year even though it will have tough competition. I don’t see HBK adding much to this match until the end when HHH gets pissy that he lost to Taker… again. I know its farfetched but I am crossing my fingers for blood in this one.


WWE Championship
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Great Puma’s Prediction: Chris Jericho

What they will do: CM Punk

This is another case of a superstar from another era coming back to face a superstar of today. Chris Jericho knows what’s good for business and I doubt he would have any problem putting CM Punk over. I wouldn’t mind either way but I think a CM Punk hell bent on revenge is better than a CM Punk defending and defeating foe after foe. It makes for better storylines and I don’t think people will want to invest in a post-Wrestlemania pay per view if they know CM Punk can defeatJericho. I’m going withJerichoon this one because I think it would be better for business in the long term. It sure is a lot more compelling and fun with Chris Jericho around.

Mascara De Fuego’s Prediction: Chris Jericho

What they will do: Chris Jericho

First it was about being the best in the world then it became about Punk’s family… taking all that shit away these two are going to steal this show. There is no reason to think anything on this card will beat this match. Might come close, but it won’t beat this. A clinic is exactly what it will be. If it’s anything less than that would be a goddamn shame. I still think the promos should have stayed on “best in the world” and moved over to Punk’s family later in the feud. Maybe in the build up to the next ppv. But it seems they tried to cram too much all at once.


World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Mascara De Fuego’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan

What they will do: Sheamus

Maybe it’s just me but its felt that more build has been put into Bryan and not Sheamus. Yeah, you’ve madeBryana hateable person but what good is that when you don’t have a face you REALLY want to see beat that guy? It’s not to say they haven’t put some time into Sheamus since his Rumble win but it hasn’t been stellar in the slightest.Bryanwould benefit walking out of Mania with the belt mostly because no one seems like he is. But remember, no one thought he would get this far with the title and now he’s got a title match at WrestleMania.

Great Puma’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan

What they will do: Sheamus

Shithead heel Daniel Bryan is a lot more interesting than funny, jokey, good guy Sheamus. Sheamus gets his share of great pops but they pale in comparison to hatred that Daniel Bryan receives on a weekly basis. Daniel Bryan winning is a great story. He’s a wrestler who came from “nothing” as far as Michael TOOL Cole is concerned to become one of the top wrestlers in the ring and on the mic. I’ve been a Daniel Bryan for a long time and just watching him wrestle on the biggest stage of them all is a reward. Win or lose, I hope the WWE allows enough time for Sheamus and Daniel Bryan to shine.


WWE Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes vs. The Big Show

Great Puma’s Prediction: Big Show

What they will do: Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has a long career ahead of him. He doesn’t need a high-profile Wrestlemania win right now. The Big Show needs this. Show has taken one for the team at Wrestlemania throughout his career. I think the WWE needs to give him retribution for all of his sacrifice and humility. I just want to see a huge chop while Cody is in mid-air off of a Beautiful Disaster or moonsault.

Mascara De Fuego’s Prediction: Cody Rhodes

What they will do: Big Show

I know most believe that Show needs this victory, I don’t think that is the case. I think they could be onto something interesting here with a losing streak at WrestleMania. Like I said in our last post this is a streak that you can at least envision being broken at some point, not like Taker who isn’t (shouldn’t) lose. They could build to something nice for him even winning what could be is last match at a Mania down the road.Rhodeshas been constant for a while, not raising but just being a constant. I think this match could help push him further and possibly to a future Money in the Bank briefcase win.


12 Man Tag Team Match – Team Long vs. Team Laurinaitis
Team Long – Santino Marella (Captain), R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, The Great Khali, Zack Ryder and Booker T vs. Team Laurinaitis – David Otunga (Captain), Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Mark Henry and The Miz.

Mascara De Fuego’s Prediction: Team Johnny

What they will do: Team Johnny

They couldn’t be any more blatant with how one sided this match looks. Santino’s team is a who’s-who of guys who have never been taken seriously (except for Booker T). Most of these guys have been pushed for a short period of time only to be cooled down to the point of career death. Anyone remember the failed Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston feud. Yep, perfect example. At least Team Johnny looks like a team of guys who have main-evented or is going to main event soon enough. Guys like Henry, Miz, Swagger and even Ziggler have all had a world title. The only former world champion on Team Teddy was JUST added on the go home show. I don’t think anyone believes that Teddy Long is going to get both shows… too bad too; the dude has been around for a long time.

Great Puma’s Prediction: Team Teddy

What they will do: Team Johnny

Why not send the crowd home happy with the faces winning? I know John Laurinaitis is good for business and all but seeing heel screw jobs week after week would get a little boring. If Team Johnny does win, expect a Stone Cold versus the Corporation-like storyline all over again. I think I’ll be bored with that.


Singles Match
Kane vs. Randy Orton

Great Puma’s Prediction: Kane

What they will do: Randy Orton

Cena beat Kane in January; therefore Orton must beat Kane in April. Kane needs a big win sooner or later but it’s not happening at the expense of Randy Orton. Orton is definitely part of the WWE’s upper-echelon/Sunday Brunch Crew and they’re not going to sacrifice Orton just to make the mid-card monster, Kane, look good. Let’s hope they keep this one short and sweet around the 8-minute mark.

Mascara De Fuego’s Prediction: I don’t care.

What they will do: Randy Orton

Yeah they really should have just not had this match and saved time on the card for the other matches. I have zero interest in this match as you can tell.


Divas Tag Team Match
Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix

Mascara De Fuego’s Prediction: I don’t give a shit.

What they will do: Kelly & Maria

Something has to go on between Taker vs. HHH and Rock vs. Cena.

Great Puma’s Prediction: Kelly & Maria

What they will do: Kelly & Maria

Nothing here is going to top Snooki’s awesome handspring elbow from last year. Nothing.


March 5, 2012


The road to WrestleMania continues!



February 27, 2012

The Rock!… or Dwayne Johnson…?



February 20, 2012


I just got home, haven’t watched the ppv yet so I might be surprised by shit here…



February 6, 2012

WELL I’m not in the mood for anything bad tonight so this shit better show n prove…


Rock responds to Cena

July 13, 2011


May 9, 2011

Right off the bat Ricardo Rodriguez is introducing Alberto Del Rio who drives out in a Rolls Royce. ADR comes to the ring and reminds us what his name is. He says his destiny was stolen by that coward Edge and says we wasted a lot of time last week with the Rock’s celebration. He says there is no one better than him and its he who should face Cena. This brings out Rey Mysterio and says his destiny is to be Ricardo Rodriguez’ announcer and then challenges ADR tonight, winner getting Cena. Before ADR can finish his though The Miz and Smackdown’s Alex Riley come out, Miz talks shit about Smackdown and says this is still his show and blames Riley for the shit that happened last week. ADR says Miz had his moment and he didn’t get the job done and now he goes to the back of the line. Miz doesn’t like this shit and says he DID get the job done last week and that the ref was incompetent and tells Rey and ADR to fight in a Taco Bell parking lot. Ha. R-Truth then comes out with no music, he says he hates hospital food and that Morrison is eating a whole lot of that right now because what he did to him. He then says he doesn’t care if the guys in the ring all share the same bed pan and cuts then all down individually. He tells us when an angry black man is talking, we need to shut up…. We get an email… the GM says he only sees three who deserve this match so we’re getting a triple threat, Miz vs. Del Rio vs…. then we get another email…. The third person is… Rey Mysterio. Truth doesn’t take this shit too well and goes off and gets in the face of Rey. Mysterio says Truth should be in the match and that’s “what’s up”. Ha. The crowd gives Truth the “hey hey hey goodbye” chant while he walks off. Miz gets back on the mic and says ADR and Rey are day laborers on RAW. Haha Before Miz can say he will be the next WWE Champion, Rodriguez says Alberto Del Rio’s name. This causes shit to break down with Riley, Rodriguez, Miz and ADR beating on each other. Rey waits his turn and dives onto ADR on the outside before celebrating in the ring.

Well, lets see how this goes… cool that its these three guys and not old hat but Cena isn’t going to lose the title right now so it doesn’t fucking matter.

Diva’s Champion Brie & Nicki Bella vs. Eve & Kelly Kelly

-Brie and Nicki with hot tags while keeping Kelly in the ring.

-Kelly fights back with the flying head scissors, a smack in the ass and a somersault to the corner to Brie.

-Kelly gets the roll up and pins Brie… or Nicki.

Winner: Kelly Kelly & Eve

Right after the match Kharma comes out to the ring slowly. The Bella’s hide at ringside while Eve and Kelly look on. The Bella’s then run up the ramp. Kelly goes to the outside while Eve gets the clothesline. Kharma then runs off Kelly and heads back in the ring to finish off Eve with an implant buster. They are definitely doing a good job getting her over.

WWE Tag Team Champions Kane and Big Show do the walk backstage, oh great we get another Mason Ryan match… sigh.

Mason Ryan w/CM Punk vs. Kane w/Big Show

-Ryan over powers Kane but Kane fights out with a flurry of punches in the corner.

-stiff clothesline by Ryan before choking Kane with the 2nd rope.

-snake eyes and a powerslam my Ryan for a 2 count.

-dropkick to the leg then head of Ryan.

-Punk kicks the leg of Kane which causes Show to knock out Punk at ringside.

-the rest of Nexus then comes in and attacks for the DQ.

-the tag champions fight them off and clear the ring last hitting a double chokeslam on Ryan.

Winner: Kane by DQ

Santino Marella vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki Guerrero

-Ziggler looks so vanilla now, he’s not even wearing the same tights anymore, just black tights and while boots.

-Ziggler starts strong punching the shit out of Santino.

-high elbow drop by Ziggler who’s treating Santino like a jobber.

-Santino tries to fight back and goes for the cobra but gets hit by a standing drop kick.

-Zig Zag puts away Santino.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler


They recap the bullshit on Smackdown where Christian loses the World Title to Randy Orton.

Truth in the back still talking to himself. That new backstage guy stops him, Truth makes fun of the fans wanting him to go back to singing and dancing. He says no more of that shit and bounces.

Zack Ryder (oh shit, yeah on RAW) and he’s showing Cena how to fist bump before he does the walk.

Miz and Riley in the back watching the footage from last week. Riley tries to defend himself but Miz isn’t having it. Riley keeps apologizing but Miz keeps cutting him down. Riley says he’s going to make it up to Miz and walks off.

They then follow Riley in the back walking, he then comes out to the arena and gets into the ring. He gets on the mic and says he only cares about the Miz and is going to prove it to Miz by challenging John Cena to a match. It takes Cena a while but he finally comes out.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Alex Riley

-Cena showboats Riley by showing him up on… wrestling moves…?

-Riley finally gets a stiff clothesline for a 2 count.

-Cena does his typical move set that leads into the YCSM fist drop.

-AA on Riley but Cena is too busy staring at Miz who comes out.

-another AA to Riley then the STF for the win.

Winner: John Cena

Miz looks on and Cena does his usual after match bullshit. I wish this dude was actually on Smackdown now. I fucking hate having to review his ass.

WrestleMania comes out tomorrow on Blu-ray and DVD bitches!

Michael Cole is in the ring after the break, he’s retiring from in-ring competition after beating Lawler twice on ppv. He says he’s retiring undefeated. Lawler comes into the ring but Cole says The King cant touch him or he’ll be fired. Lawler cuts to the footage last week with Rock beating on Cole. Lawler challenges Cole with the stipulation that if he loses that he would induct Cole into the Hall of Fame himself and even give Cole his HOF ring. Cole says he doesn’t think so and goes back into his glass cage of human emotions. Cole is now pissed cause Lawler couldn’t let him retire in peace, cuts down Tennessee, Al Gore (putting over George W. Bush), Elvis and Lawler. Cole says he decided yesterday to retire from wrestling and how he and his mom watched WrestleMania over and over. Cole goes back to talking shit about Lawler and asked him what he did for mothers day. Cole plays up the asshole role again on Lawler’s mom. Lawler goes to attack Cole but Swagger attacks Lawler from behind taking him out with the ring post.

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger

-Swagger teases the ankle lock and Kofi almost hits the trouble in paradise shortly after the start of the match.

-flying forearm and a dropkick by Kofi sending Swagger to the outside.

-Swagger sidesteps Kofi, then rolls back into the ring and hits the high boot sending Kofi to the outside.

-Kofi hits a high cross body from the top for a close 2 ½.

-Kofi skins the cat but Swagger puts the ankle lock on Kofi while he is coming over.

-Swagger then works over the ankle of Kofi until he fights back trying to hit a tornado DDT.

-Lawler comes out from the back causing the distraction.

-Kofi hits the trouble in paradise for the pin.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Lawler takes out Swagger then start to throw furniture into Cole’s glass box. Lawler then takes Cole’s tie from the hole in the box and bounces Coles he’s off the glass multiple times before just the refs come out to pull him off. Swagger comes over and checks on Cole while yelling how Lawler is now fired for touching Cole. Lawler says he only touched his tie. Swagger then accepts the match for Cole but Cole is freaking out about it. Lawler celebrates on the announce table.

Let’s hope this is the end of this shit finally… its run its course folks.

Triple Threat match to become the #1 contender

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz

-Rey fights off both Miz and ADR and teases a double 619.

-ADR sends Rey to the outside but then gets rolled up by Miz for a 2.

-Rey back in with a pin attempt that Miz breaks up.

-Miz hits the corner clothesline taking out both Rey and ADR.

-Rey goes for the 619 on Miz but ADR sweeps his legs from under him.

-ADR sends Rey to the outside, Miz goes for the SCF but ADR fights out and teases the arm breaker before we get a double clothesline spot and a commercial break.

-back from the break and ADR has cornered Rey and hits a tilt a whirl back breaker on him.

-Miz comes back in sending ADR to the outside but walks into a stiff kick to Miz’s head for a 2 ½.

-ADR pulls Miz to the outside and hits a clothesline on him by Rey comes over the top rope with a seated senton.

-Rey to the top with another seated senton on ADR in the ring and a HIGH cross body for a 2 count.

-Miz to the top but Rey sends ADR at him.

-Rey with the top rope hurricaneranna to Miz.

-arm breaker drop to Rey by ADR

-arm breaker on Rey!… Miz comes in and ADR rolls him up for a 2 count.

-short DDT by Miz for a 2 count.

-Miz tries for SCF by Rey sends him to the outside. Riley is now back in trying to get Miz back in the ring.

-ADR is sent into Riley who was on the ropes taking him out.

-619 by Rey and a top rope splash on ADR but ADR is in the ropes.

-Miz comes from behind and rolls up Rey for the win.

Winner: The Miz

Riley and Miz slowly walk back up the ramp while Rey looks on frustrated.

While Riley and Miz celebrate Cena comes out and congratulates Miz like he did after WrestleMania. Cena says the match at the ppv will be an I Quit match. Miz doesn’t look happy about this nonsense.

Truth then comes out of nowhere and hits the mic check on Rey in the ring as we go off the air.

Ok RAW I guess. They set up matches for the ppv but right now they are just “eh” matches.

Fighter Hayabusa’s Top 5 WrestleMania Endings

April 3, 2011

5. HBK loses to Undertaker in their WrestleMania rematch

Mascara De Fuego: Great emotional moment, every time I think back to this match I think of HBK standing in the middle of the ring saying thank you to the crowd. A moment that was built over TWO YEARS something unheard of from the WWE!

Great Puma: This is one of my favorite WrestleMania endings in recent history. As soon as the ref counted to three, I immediately missed Shawn Michaels. It meant the ending of an era of one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. As much as wrestling is a work, this moment was all real and Shawn Michaels’ heartfelt gestures at the end of the match put this moment over the top.

4. Stone Cold winning the WWE Title at WrestleMania 14

Mascara De Fuego: Without question the beginning of what the WWE would call the “attitude era”. Stone Cold brought the WWE into the forefront of the industry once again and it all started here. The addition of Mike Tyson did wonders for the WWE and no moment captured this than Tyson taking off his DX shirt and knocking out HBK. Now as a pro wrestling fan it was not my personal favorite to see that but I knew it was right for the business.

Great Puma: This was Stone Cold barely reaching his peak. Stone Cold pinning HBK, followed by Mike Tyson’s knockout punch, catapulted the WWE into the second golden age of pro wrestling since the late 80’s. It was a great moment for wrestling fans who couldn’t be more happier to see Stone Cold finally get what he deserved.

3. Shawn Michaels winning the WWE Title from Bret Hart at Wrestlemania XII

Mascara De Fuego: This moment has a personal place in my heart. Shawn was “my guy” from the moment he superkicked Marty Jannetty through the glass of the Barbershop. There was no way I could miss Shawn Michaels possibly winning the WWF Title. That year I made it out to my second WrestleMania and scored third row. It was a little surreal to see HBK come from the rafters and come right over us. You can still see me jump up after HBK hits a superkick to the Hitman. A great moment that will forever be remembered with Vince saying “The boyhood dream as come true for Shawn Micheals.” One of the greatest WrestleMania matches in history.

Great Puma: This was arguably one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history. The fact that Shawn Michaels needed an extra overtime period after the 60-minute draw to pin Bret Hart made his first WWE title win even more special. It was HBK’s first WWE Title and his reaction to winning it was just as emotional and poignant as his reaction to losing his retirement match fourteen years later.

Wrestlemania Endings numbers 2 and 1 are after the jump!


Sting on the WWE.

April 1, 2011

“I wouldn’t say it was utter nonsense, that’s not true! It’s a dream match that fans would want to see. It was close. I’m glad things turned out the way they did. There are so many variables. Let’s just say that I turned it down for the same reasons I always have. Something in me never trusted what would happen up there, based entirely on the track record with other WCW guys and everything that went on after Vince bought WCW. I wont be watching but I’ll be asking what happened between Undertaker and Triple H.”Sting on why he didn’t go to the WWE. (credit:

I find it funny that Sting was worried what the WWE would do to him considering what TNA has done for his career in the last couple of years… which is nothing when you aren’t being noticed in this second rate company. Yes, you are a main eventer in TNA and have held their World Title multiple times but don’t you think someone with so much history in wrestling would want to end his career on the biggest stage of them all?

Sting has a valid concern but he isn’t just any other former WCW talent.Yes, Ric Flair didn’t have a career like he did in WCW/NWA but look at the send off that man got at WrestleMania! It was like no other. Flair might have gone on to taint is WWE farewell but all in all it was a momentous event none the less that will live on.

Just think of where we would be right now, just days away from WrestleMania and the hype what would be going on right now to building Sting vs. Undertaker. Make no mistake that would be huge, even if the WWE found a way to fuck up the build word of mouth would have put that match over. Unfortunately its all for not, Sting is still with TNA and the WWE has built Taker’s streak match against Triple H.

I have to say, after these last couple of episodes of TNA IMPACT!, Sting has made a bad choice.