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CM Punk makes Twitter Explode

June 27, 2011

Here are some reactions from indy wrestlers and Joey Styles to WWE superstars and Stone Cold Steve Austin.


NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [March 26, 2011]

March 28, 2011

Johnny Goodtime is in the ring with his RockNES partner, Johnny Yuma

  • He calls out Natural Selection but the Cutler Brothers run in and wreck shop.
  • The Cutlers hit their Six Second Abs double team, an inverted backstabber from the wheel barrow position, on Yuma.

Natual Selection come out. Brian Cage has a mic.

  • He says they come out to answer the challenge but RockNES is nowhere to be found.
  • Young Hollywood, Todd Chandler and Brandon Parker, come out.

Shaun Rickers grabs the mic.

  • He tells Young Hollywood that their ‘skinny asses’ are going get crushed. Okay then.

~ Great promo by Natural Selection. Rickers can rock the mic.


NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: March 4, 2011]

March 4, 2011

Jerek Mathews and Ruben Iglesias battle to a no contest

  • They shake hands at the start!
  • Mathews hits a tornado snap suplex. Interesting.
  • Iglesias rallies and Jason Watts comes in and greets him with a big boot.
  • Watts gives Mathews a huge Crucifix Bomb.

Jason Watts in-ring interview

  • He calls out Joey Ryan.