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April 12, 2011

The two writers of, Great Puma and Mascara de Fuego, got together with pro wrestling historian, Gustav Faraday Widmore, along with The Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences (AWAS) to put together the Top 5 professional wrestlers for the week of April 11, 2011. This list was based on in-ring performance, promos, consistency, favorite cereal and other measures. Wrestlers 3 through 1 are after the break.

5. The Miz

Mascara de Fuego – Miz is truly a superstar no matter what anyone says. This guy has worked his ass off to where he is now. Its no secret that I thought he wasn’t anything special when he first came to the WWE but he worked and worked at it and climbed to the top with hard work. He is a great character that finally defined his spot in the WWE main event at this year’s WrestleMania. Yeah, the match won’t go down as the best but it’s the little subtle things that happened during that match that furthered his spot. They had Miz dominating Cena, they had Miz kick out of the AA, its things like that that further push Miz further. The guy has worked his ass off and he deserves the spot he is at in the WWE.

Great Puma – Miz went from green to great in seven long years. He is living proof that hard work and passion pay off and yes…dreams do come true. Miz may never be at the work rate level of a Shawn Michaels or Chris Jericho but he doesn’t have to be. His greatest attribute is his ability to speak on the mic and connect with the crowd. He is now considered a top five entertainer when it comes to promos and he hasn’t even reached his peak when it comes to wrestling ability. Miz always seems to improve week after week and his latest match at WrestleMania is a strong indication of just how hard Miz is trying to improve. I look forward to seeing Miz wrestle a year from now just to see how great Miz is going to become. Miz is number 5 for now but there’s no reason he won’t be near the top of the list sooner than later.

4. (TIE) Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes

Great Puma – These two are tied for fourth because, together, they have created one of the most compelling feuds that doesn’t involve “Yabba Dabba” chants. In the weeks leading up to WrestleMania, Cody and Rey put forth great promos and even greater storytelling in the ring. Cody’s wrestling has been turned up a few notches and he was already performing at a high level. Cody’s addition of grittier mannerisms and roughneck brawling has made his in-ring work a pleasure to watch. Rey on the other hand is a mini-phenom. Like the Undertaker, Rey’s character and wrestling style have withstood the test of time and excelled in an age where wrestling fans are more fickle and educated than ever.

Mascara de Fuego – Rey and Cody put on one of the other solid matches at Mania this year. Rey is always a great performer to watch and pairing him up with Cody to get him over was very wise for who ever made that choice. When people look back at the career of Cody, they will look back to this match as the starting point to his rise to the top. What can be said about Rey that hasn’t already been said before, he’s a true wrestling legend. As battered and bruised as his body is at this point in his career, he still goes out there and doesn’t miss a step. Two talented individuals at number four.


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [4. 1. 11]

April 2, 2011

Chicago, IL

IC Title Rematch
Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston wrestle to a no contest

  • Kofi starts off hot but gets booted off a springboard attempt to the outside.
  • High Cross Body from the top by Kofi for two.
  • Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but Barrett boots the hell out of him in mid-flight.
  • Kofi actually hits Trouble in Paradise again but the Borre enter the ring.
  • Santino and Kozlov come in but get served.
  • Big Show and Kane come in the ring to play Giant and Big Red Captain Save-a-Ho’s.

~ It was what it was. They had to promote their Wrestlemania match. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the Borre getting plundered for weeks now. I’m also expecting to see a Wrestlemania Cobra sighting.


Brock Lesnar discusses TUF 13, the Undertaker and more

March 28, 2011

From ~ favorite, Ariel Helwani interviews The Ultimate Fighter coach, Brock Lesnar, during Brock’s Full Media Day in New York City. Brock discusses his time coaching on TUF 13, his fight with Cain Velasquez, whether or not pro wrestlers can be Ultimate Fighers, the Undertaker incident and so much more. Enjoy the interview after the jump.


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [3. 25. 11]

March 25, 2011

Columbus, OH

They show highlights from the Alberto Del Rio’s feuds with Edge and Christian.


  • Edge is whining to Teddy Long.
  • Long says that Edge and ADR cannot touch each other until Wrestlemania or they will be banned from the pay per view.
  • Long tells him that it’s in the best interest of the WWE, Edge and Alberto Del Rio.

Rey Mysterio and CM Punk battle to a no-contest

  • Awesome. These two are always gold together.
  • Rey comes out in an all khaki/camel-colored outfit. Weird. This isn’t my favorite colorway. He looks like he’s going to move somebody’s couch or refrigerator.
  • CM Punk is headscissored into the 619 position, turns around and boots Rey in the midsection, then follows up with a roll up, only for Rey to counter it with a roundhouse kick to Punk’s face for a two count. Nice.
  • Punk drops Rey’s head across the guard wall from the electric chair position.
  • Running high cross body from Punk for two.
  • Punk actually went off the top turnbuckle and was dropkicked in mid-air for his efforts.
  • Textbook Asai Moonsault by Rey to the outside.
  • Cody Rhodes comes out and headbutts Rey while he was laying across the ring apron.
  • Rhodes destroys Rey with a running knee with an exposed brace.

~ This is wrestling. These two went counter for counter and introduced new offensive moves into the match we haven’t seen from them in a while.

Like I always say, this match made me want more from these two.


Christian tries to talk Edge out of his match with Drew McIntyre.

Edge submits Drew McIntyre

  • Edge stomps a Canadian mudhole in Drew.
  • Edge gets Drew in an Edge-u-cator/Figure 4 Edge Lock and he taps!
  • Edge spears Drew in for good measure.

~ Not a Drew fan and this match is further proof that Drew needs to hone his skills in the low to mid card for a while.

They show a highlight video of former legends and current superstars commenting on the HHH vs. Undertaker storyline.

~ If the WWE just put a third of this effort into the video packages of other future storylines and feuds, the quality of and interest in their product would increase ten-fold.

LayCool defeated Rosa Mendez & Kelly Kelly

  • LayCool come out wearing house slippers and dressed like Snooki. Okay.
  • Layla hits her neckbreaker on Rosa for the win. I forgot to mention Layla was wrestling in socks.
  • LayCool cut a promo on Snooki, ‘Trash Stratus’ and John ‘Snorrison’.

~ Okay, WWE. I hope this improves your ‘Mania buyrate.

Wade Barrett w/ the Borre pins Kofi Kingston

  • Barrett with a HUGE boot that blasts Kofi off the apron! Brutal.
  • Barrett with a Bossman Slam for a close two.
  • Kofi with a High Cross Body off the top for a close two.
  • Slater tries to interfere but is Trouble in Paradised.
  • Kofi goes for TIP again but is caught on Barrett’s shoulders!
  • Barrett hits the Wasteland and it’s over.
  • The Borre do their Nexus thing and Gabriel hits his 450 on Kofi.
  • They lift Barrett on their shoulders as he poses with the US title.

~ Like I’ve mentioned many times before, I do not understand the WWE’s treatment of Kofi Kingston. That being said, Barrett looked very strong in this match.


  • Teddy Long tells ADR the same thing he told Edge.

Undertaker Promo

  • ‘Taker talks about their confrontation as being an armageddon of mega-sized proportions. Did Ultimate Warrior write this?
  • ‘Die Trying’ will be the epitaph on HHH’s tombstone.
  • He’s going to meet HHH face to face.
  • HHH’s number is chosen and that number is 19.

~ If there’s an icon left in the pro wrestling it’s the Undertaker. His pop and overall crowd reaction were pretty amazing.

This makes me wish Sting jumped ship to solidify his legacy.

Jack Swagger submits R-Truth

  • R-Truth slingshots himself onto Swagger outside.
  • Swagger. Ankle Lock. Over.

~ I like Swagger a lot. Tool, not so much. Tool’s involvement makes every Swagger match is hard to watch. Ugh.

Christian pins Alberto Del Rio

  • Christian with a HUGE high cross body from the top turnbuckle to ADR on the outside!
  • ADR with a seated senton off the top rope for two.
  • Christian with a Frankensteiner off the top rope for two!
  • Christian with a Tornado DDT off the second rope for two!
  • Christian and ADR counter out of each other’s finishers.
  • Enziguiri by ADR for two!
  • Cross Arm Breaker! Christian reaches the ropes.
  • Edge spears Brodus Clay on the outside and kills his back with a chair.
  • ADR is distracted. Kill Switch. Over.
  • Christian stops Edge from wacking ADR with a chair and opts to do it himself.

~ It looked like Christian was going to turn before he hit ADR with the chair.

They’re sort of making ADR look like a chickenshit heel that needs help to win but maybe that’s the WWE’s point. I’m thinking ADR gets his revenge next week.

Solid episode of Smackdown. As always every feud and storyline was further developed. I get more excited for Wrestlemania after Smackdown than I do after watching Raw.

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Smackdown Thoughts & Review [3. 11. 11]

March 12, 2011

Houston, TX

Edge Promo

  • Edge says Alberto Del Rio has no idea who he’s dealing with.

Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay come out.

  • Del Rio says his destiny spiel.
  • ADR and Brodus attack Edge and gain an advantage.
  • Christian plays Captain Save-a-Ho

Teddy Long comes out and makes a tag match between Brodus Clay and ADR vs. Edge and Christian

–This match better involve a con-chair-to.

Kane comes out to the ring.

Wade Barrett comes out with a mic.

  • He says Kane made two big mistakes.
  • One, he doesn’t appreciate what the Borre has done for him.
  • Secondly, he put his hands on Justin Gabriel.

Kane and Wade Barrett battle to a No Contest

  • The Borre enter the ring.
  • Big Show comes out to play Giant Captain Save-a-Ho.
  • They come back from commercial break and state that an official match was made.

Kane & Big Show defeat Wade Barrett & Heath Slater via DQ

  • Kane was tagged in and cleaned house.
  • Kane was about to hit the chokeslam but the rest of the Borre interfered.
  • The Borre got the upperhand until Show cleared them out of the ring with a chair. Show even got a chair shot on Kane for their match last week.

–This isn’t the storyline or feud that we wanted but I like this feud just as much. As I’ve mentioned before, Kane is do for a turn and this is program worthy of Big Show and Kane.


They show Rey strapping on one of his sickest black masks yet.

They keep hyping an interview between Lil Tool and John Fruity Pebbles.

They show a replay of Stone Cold’s segment on RAW.

JTG is in the ring.

Cody Rhodes comes in business casual attire. Odd.

Cody Rhodes pins JTG

  • Rhodes’ in ring style is a lot more agressive and rugged.
  • Rhodes hit JTG with a hard headbutt. Cross Rhodes, and it’s done.

–A total gimmick change and now Cody is a deranged and bitter man who wrestles business casual gear. Interesting. His offense looked amazing and his match against Rey should be a sleeper contender for Match of the Night.

Replay of HBK’s interview to hype ‘Taker vs. HHH

John Cena interview with Lil Tool

  • Tool replays Miz’s beating of Cena from this week’s RAW.
  • Cena disses Tool and tells him to get out of the ring. Cheap pop.
  • Cena says Miz made the biggest mistake of his career and goes into an expository explanation of their storyline.
  • Cena says he’s done wasting his time being murked by the Rock in promo. (He didn’t really say it but it’s true.)
  • His new focus is on breaking Miz’s face.
  • Tool speaks again and asks Cena to answer the question.
  • Cena takes off his shirt.
  • Swagger comes in to play All American Save-a-Ho.
  • Swagger gains the upperhand while Tool talks shit.
  • Cena fights Swagger off, teases to AA Tool, only to have Swagger break it up.
  • Cena AA’s Swagger instead.

–I think the WWE realized that Cena’s war of words against the Rock was turning most of Cena’s fans against him. Hopefully we won’t have to see another one of Cena’s wack ass homo-erotic punchline filled battle rap again. This was solely done to get Cena’s heat back. Make that cheap heat.

Layla with Michelle McCool pinned Kaitlyn

  • Kaitlyn came out to a big pop
  • Kaitlyn was looking quite fine. Booker T responded with, “Shucky Ducky quack quack…look at her.” Agreed Booker. Agreed.
  • Kaitlyn tossed Layla around until McCool distracted her on the apron.
  • Layla attacked with a side kick and a sick neckbreaker for the win.
  • After the match, Layla pulled Kaitlyn’s head against the bottom turnbuckle. McCool blasted the back of Kaitlyn’s head with a running loaded boot. Ouch.

–Nice short match for what it was. Two of my favorite divas not named Eve Torres did well for themselves. I like how they’re highlighting Kaitlyn’s strength. It looks like she’s improved tenfold since her NXT days. Layla was solid as usual. I hope this is a beginning of a Kaitlyn vs. LayCool feud to give Kaitlyn a push – but it’s probably not.

Rey Mysterio pins Drew McIntyre

  • Drew kills Rey with a HUGE boot.
  • Hard backbreaker by Drew for two.
  • Dope sequence – Rey headscissors Drew into the 619 position, Drew rolls out, Rey follows with his head first tumble outside. Drew misses a clothesline and turns around only for his face to be smashed into the corner of the ring apron via Rey’s drop toe hold. Dope!
  • Drew sidewalks release slams Rey HARD onto the ring apron. That looked amazing. I hope Drew uses that more often.
  • Drew bends Rey with a bow and arrow. Nice.
  • Rey rallies but misses a springboard cross body.
  • Rey dodges Drew who rammed his shoulder into the corner post. Rey follows up with a hard jump kick to the head.
  • 619 followed by Rey’s missile splash off the top for the duke!

Cody Rhodes comes out and asks Rey about his challenge.

Rey grabs a mic and responds.

  • Rey said he wears his mask with pride and he will wear it with pride when he beats Cody at Wrestlemania.

Cody walks off in anger.

–Excellent, excellent match. In the past few months, I’ve been saying Drew’s ringwork is growing on me. This match was entertaining as hell and hopefully Rey and Drew will have a mini-feud after Wrestlemania. I want more.

Cody Rhodes is going for it. If this isn’t the beginning of a jetpack push I don’t know what is. I expect Cody to be a World Champion by the end of 2011. Rey vs. Cody is definitely going to be the sleeper match of the night at ‘Mania. I just hope Cody wrestles in wrestling gear.

HHH Promo

  • He’s seen the two greatest matches he’s ever seen at the last two Wrestlemanias.
  • He can separate emotion from his matches.
  • HHH says Shawn came into his matches with Undertaker with the mindset of not to lose instead of winning.
  • He will beat the Undertaker.
  • He will not care about the mountain of legacy that stands before him.
  • He thanks ‘Taker for making the match No Holds Barred.

–I pray to the wrestling gods to keep the Undertaker’s streak alive. All dirt sheet speculation aside. I am never convinced that HHH will allow himself to put someone over on a PPV. Never.


Matt Striker interviews Christian.

  • He rattles off pop references that have come in the last ten years.
  • “Houston,…more specifically, Alberto Del Rio, we have a problem.”
  • Edge comes into the frame and Christian tells him, “Let’s do this.”

–Great promo. Period.

Edge & Christian defeat Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay

  • Clay grabbed Christian off the top rope and hit a nice fishermans suplex.
  • ADR avoids Edge early on.
  • Christian with a flying spinning elbow off the top on ADR.
  • Edge is tagged in but is powerslammed by Clay.
  • Edge tries to spear. But Clay counters with a hard clothesline.
  • ADR attacks Edge but thrown out of the ring by Christian.
  • Christian hits a nice tornado DDT on Clay.
  • Edge followed up with a Lost in Space Elbow Drop from the top for the win!

–Great match that minimized the confrontation time between ADR and Edge. Clay was booked like a beast here and that’s a good thing. They played up Clay’s strengths and he came off looking like a future contender in this match.

I don’t know if they’re going to have Christian turn on Edge in the near future. I think that’s a mistake. E & C is one of the last great tag team franchises from the WWE’s glory era. I can see E & C reunion matches bringing in as much business as Degeneration X did a few years ago.

The Show Overall

Again Smackdown brought a good balance between promos and wrestling despite the lack of a Con-chair-to.

I like how they maintain a steady course for all the Smackdown feuds. Nothing seems rushed and everything seems to make sense.

Kane teaming up with Big Show is coming along slowly.

I look forward to seeing Clay and Kaitlyn improve and move up the roster this year.

As much as I’m going to miss the Dashing Beauty Tips segments, this new incarnation of Cody Rhodes is very compelling. I think he realizes that this version of himself can be taken seriously as a title contender instead of a mid card fixture. I just hope Cody eventually wears wrestling gear.

HHH vs. Undertaker would not be nearly the draw it is if it wasn’t for the last two epic matches between HBK and Undertaker. HBK’s presence within the promos adds so much weight to the match. I just hope HHH doesn’t go over with the help of his Mjöllnir.

The ADR vs. Edge storyline is strong. There’s no senseless drama involved and it’s based on competition between two men who want to be the best. If that’s not a good reason for a main event I don’t know what is.

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February 28, 2011

For those who hadn’t heard, The Rock posted on his Facebook page that he would have a  response to Cena’s “rap” from last week. Also included in the post was a picture of a boot standing over Cena merch. I figure this will be a pre-tape.

The show starts off with Triple H’s music, he comes out to the ring to talk about last week. Josh Mathews and Jerry Lawler on commentary, go Josh! He mentions that it is official, its Taker vs. HHH at WrestleMania.



February 21, 2011

The show starts with a 2-21-11 countdown clock. Basically an hour from now we’ll find out who is coming…Undertaker folks, I will be shocked if its anyone but the Undertaker.


Elimination Chamber Predictions

February 20, 2011

Raw Elimination Chamber Match

John Cena vs John Morrison vs R-Truth vs Randy Orton vs King Sheamus vs CM Punk

Great Puma – CM Punk should be the last man standing. Punk’s stablemate, Michael McGillicutty, should have something to do with that. Cena will be eliminated due to the Miz interfering. Truth and JoMo will provide the high spots with Truth being eliminated first. I think Orton’s momentum is all but gone. Sheamus doesn’t need to win since he has a date with HHH at Wrestlemania. I would love to see the last two men being JoMo and Punk. As much as I want JoMo to get his come-uppance, CM Punk wins this Elimination Chamber. My only disappointment is that JoMo won’t have a high profile match at Wrestlemania.

Mascara De Fuego – I would love to see your picks at WrestleMania Puma, but I don’t think we’re going to get a Cena-free main event at the biggest show of the year. I think they’ve been building towards that and quite honestly if Cena doesn’t get this match where else does he fit on the card? I think Morrison and possibly Punk are going to end up in the Money in the Bank match. I think it would be a waste to do Sheamus vs. Triple H now because we’re running out of time to build it and seeing as Sheamus’ push has been in limbo since winning the King of the Ring, (yes that doesn’t make sense at all) it was just be a squash. Right now with The Rock on the show, I think they should leave Sheamus and HHH for something like SummerSlam so you can put more behind it than just another match at WrestleMania.


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [10. 22. 10]

October 22, 2010

They advertise Orton vs. Kane in a champ vs. champ match.

The Smackdown and Raw participants in the Bragging Rights main event are in the ring. Teddy Long says he’s going to allow the wrestlers make the matches. Miz and Big Show start the match making process:

6-Man tag team match: Miz, Ezekiel and Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and Big Show.

Edge gets on the mic and says he wants a one and one match with CM Punk. Lovely.

John Morrison says he wants to take on Alberto Del Rio. Interesting.

Jack Swagger says he wants a match with Santino. Cobra vs. the Soaring Eagle?

Michael Tool is part of the announcing team, which is very unfortunate.

Miz, Ezekiel and Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and Big Show.

  • Rey is sporting this obnoxious psychedelic zebra print. It’s hurts my eyes.
  • Sheamus and Rey start the match off.
  • Sheamus dominates Rey in the beginning with his usual power moves.
  • Kofi is tagged in and hits a nice springboard flying cross body for a two count.
  • Rey hits a busts a sick seated senton off the ring apron onto Sheamus on the outside.
  • Ezekiel is tagged in and he cleans Kofi’s clock with power moves.
  • Did I mention Rey’s colorway gives me a frakkin’ headache?
  • Show is tagged in and destroys Miz with HUGE back body drops.
  • Miz comes off the top turnbuckle but gets caught by Show and is blasted with a giant chokeslam.
  • Show tags Rey in and Rey launches of Show’s shoulders and splashes on Miz for the duke.

WINNERS: Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and Big Show

–Entertaining match for what it was. It’s sad that Ezekiel Jackson is reduced to a grunting muscle head. He comes off pretty well-rounded and smart on Twitter and it’s a shame they don’t allow him to show that side of him. I won’t even discuss the misfortune of Kofi Kingston. It’s a damn shame someone so talented and with strong fan support is held down in the midcard.

Huge big ups to Striker for the “Avengers Assemble!” and Secret Wars references. Glad he’s a Marvel fan. Does this loss mean that Raw is going to win at the Pay Per View? I say why not and I think it’s a perfect opportunity for Miz to cash in. More on that later.

Josh Mathews is with Dolph Ziggler and Vicky Guerrero. Josh replays Dolph’s beatdown at the hands of Daniel Bryan from the lastest Raw. Dolph slings a lame diss or two at Daniel Bryan and takes off. Cool beans.

Jack Swagger w/ the Swagger Soaring Eagle vs. Santino

  • Swagger toys with Santino and kills him mat work.
  • Santino is thrown out of the ring. The SSE threatens to pounce but Hornswaggle Smurf comes out to the rescue.
  • Santino gives the SSE the COBRAAAA! Hornswaggle Smurf splashes the SSE from the top of the ring steps.
  • Santino rallies but is caught in the ankle lock. Tap out.

WINNER: Jack Swagger

–Wow. Swagger, a former World Heavyweight Champion is now relegated to mid-card comedy match duty. Glad to see the Cobra on a Friday night. I think an eagle would win in real life though. Just putting it out there.

Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips
Chapped lips. The solution? Lip balm…and moisturizing lip gloss (if you’re by yourself). Lip gloss is rejuvenating and it opens the doorway to your own success and happiness. And knowing is half the battle.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison

  • ADR kills Morrison’s back with a nice round house kick.
  • ADR concentrates mostly on Morrison’s back with wear down holds and hard knee drops.
  • ADR does a nice falling bump when Morrison sidesteps him in the corner.
  • ADR hits a beautiful bridging German Suplex for a two count.
  • ADR counters Starship Pain by getting the knees up and goes into the Cross Arm Breaker. Tappy tap.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

–Very solid short match. I wish this were longer since both of them could definitely go. I was surprised to see him come out in a regular ass blue Smackdown t-shirt. I’d imagine he’d have some blinged out silk version of the Smackdown tee. Oh well – that’s just random nitpicking.

ADR’s bump from jumping feet first into the corner was very solid. Most great wrestlers have a go-to/signature bump off the turnbuckle. I look forward to seeing ADR doing that bump again. I’m a bit surprised to see ADR dominate most of the match. I think Morrison’s character has gotten a nice little reboot and it’s surprising to see him get beat so clean.

Edge vs. CM Punk

  • Both men give the fans a short but very nice chain/mat wrestling at the start.
  • Huge “EDGE” chant from the crowd. Odd and also refreshing to see/hear.
  • Punk avoids Edge’s rope splash. Damn it. I like that move a lot. Hopefully it’ll surface again in this match.
  • Edge catches Punk off a springboard with a rolling powerslam. Nice.
  • Great crowd participation with the exchange of blows. How ECW of them.
  • Edge counters the GTS into an Edge-O-Matic.
  • Punk counters a possible spear with a knee to the gut.
  • Edge stops Punk on the second part of his knee in the corner-bulldog combo with a nice short-arm DDT.
  • Edge pushes Punk off the top rope from the superplex position.
  • Edge gets the crazy eyes and preps the spear.
  • Miz and his gimp run in, pull Edge out and slam him into the barricade.

WINNER: No contest?

In a very cool sequence of events:

  • Tyler Reks comes in and gives Miz his inverted F-5.
  • Morrison runs in and hits Reks with his tilt-a-whirl DDT.
  • ADR interrupts and smacks Morrison with his enziguiri in the corner.
  • Big Zeke enters hits his finisher.
  • Swagger runs in and hits the ankle lock on Zeke.
  • Santino tries to be Captain Save-a-Ho but gets Swagger Bombed for his efforts.
  • Sheamus busts in and hits a bro-kick on Swagger.
  • Big Show comes rumbling down and takes care of Big Zeke with a chokeslam.
  • Sheamus blasts Show out of the ring with a Bro-kick.
  • Rey streaks in and smashes Sheamus with a 619.
  • Punk catches Rey with the GTS.
  • Edge. Spear. Huge pop.

–The Edge vs. Punk battle was okay. I’m positive they held back a lot to build to entertaining Bragging Rights finisher sequence. I’m hoping the Bragging Rights match lives up to that finisher sequence. That shit was super predictable but entertaining as hell. The only thing missing was a plancha off the top rope lucha spot. Perhaps they’ll save that for the PPV.

LayCool are in the ring looking like the Hart Foundation. Layla is the Anvil and McTaker is the Hitman. Wow.

LayCool vs. Natalya & Kelly Kelly

  • LayCool wrestle WITH their Hart Foundation gear!
  • Natalya with a nice butterfly suplex.
  • Natalya slaps on the Sharpshooter. Layla taps.

WINNERS: Natalya & Kelly Kelly

–Interesting – Kelly Kelly didn’t do anything at all. I consider this a handicap match win for Natalya. Layla’s Anvil beard must have been held with super spirit gum. It stayed attached the whole match.

Kane vs. Randy Orton

  • Kane counters the RKO with a huge boot.
  • Kane threatens with chokeslam but the GONG sounds and the arena goes dark.
  • The lights come back on and Orton is in the RKO pounce position.
  • RKO. One. Two. Three.

WINNER: Stone Cold Orton

Kane goes apeshit and looks frustrated.
The Gong sounds and the rung turns blue with ‘Taker lighting effects.
Taker CLIMBS out from under the ring and pulls Kane down to hell. Dope.
The arena goes dark again and the show ends.

–Very cool way to end the show. As long as we never see the Urn flashlight again I actually think the Kane-Taker feud still has legs.

I didn’t expect the Orton-Kane match to have a proper ending. Both wrestlers have way too much momentum in their own storylines and on their brands to drop a match to each other clean.

The Show Overall

Smackdown is a very entertaining wrestling show as long as Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Rey Rey and Kofi are involved. Throw in some great RAW talent like CM Punk, Santino and John Morrison and you’re bound to strike gold somehow.

That Bragging Rights finisher sequence had to have been the highlight. They booked Tyler Reks perfectly by keeping him from wrestling a full match and allowing him to take out the Miz. I really hope the guy can do more than his F-5-like finisher. Big Zeke looks powerful but I’m afraid the WWE is going to push him as a one-dimensional big man. The WWE rarely creates compelling Black wrestlers and I don’t see them doing anything interesting with Ezekiel either. I hope I’m wrong.

Although I still prefer a Smackdown only show, this episode was filled with intriguing match ups throughout the episode. Punk vs. Edge and Morrison vs. ADR are two matches that I definitely want to see again with much more time allotted to them. I look forward to next week when they’ll solely focus on the Smackdown roster and all the great possibilities that stems from their wealth of talent.

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October 16, 2010

Mascara De Fuego here stepping in for the Great Puma who is in the Ugandan Forest looking for the secrets of the red cave spider monkeys.  Lets see how Team Smackdown shapes up..

Show starts with a shot of Taker on the roof of the arena waiting for Kane. It looks windy up there man, you might want to just come down and wait in the locker room…


Fucking Michael Cole is back.


Teddy Long starts the show announcing that Smackdown will have their own qualifying matches tonight. There is something to be said about having a real life figure head on a show.


Rey Mysterio beat WWE Tag Team Champion Dashing Cody Rhodes to qualify for Team Smackdown. Really good entertaining match. One spot saw Rey going for the 619 and Cody heading out to ringside pointing at his face playing up his gimmic and how he had to protect it. Thought that was a good touch for Cody. That springboard kick off the ropes that Cody does is as solid as it gets with new style moves. The finish comes when Rey finally hits the 619 and the springboard splash for the win. Fresh new match.


In case you didn’t know Legendary is now at Walmart… figures.


How I am suppose to take Big Show seriously when he’s fucking hanging out with a “Flavor Flav” Hornswoggle? Kaval comes in and wants on Team Smackdown. Kaval says everyone starts off slow and then asks Show what he did in his first match, a quick Show states win the World Title on is first match. Well shit. He pleads his case but Show wants “big” superstars. Show says Kaval cant hang to which Kaval Challenges Show tonight and if Kaval can last more than 5 minutes he’ll be on the team. Show accepts.


Pre packaged segment with Paul Bearer and a LOT of effects. Person who set that up HAD to be beat. It’s a “buried alive” match at Bragging Rights… whoopee.


Show comes out to commentary and Cole starts to dig on Show for turning on RAW last year at this ppv.


Jack Swagger beat MVP to qualify for the Smackdown team. Quick ok match. Most of the emphasis was on Show and Cole arguing.


Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez beat Chris Masters to qualify for the Smackdown Team in a short match. After the match Show tried to shake ADR’s hand, instead he gets a wink of the eye. Hey, this isn’t that kind Show fellows.


It seems like you would have to be full retard to go see Knucklehead in the theater, the two days that its out in theaters that is.


Edge beats Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler to be the 5th person to qualify for the Smackdown team. Ziggler doesn’t have Vicki or Kaitlyn on the outside but they are in the back together wanting in on TV. Great spear from Edge to Ziggler who was coming off the ropes. Good match but I just don’t feel Ziggler. After the match Edge and Edge shake hands.


Taker is still on the top of this building looking over an empty court yard. People are inside fool.


Kaval last over 5 minutes with Big Show but Show beat his ass for most of the match. Kaval finally lands a flurry of kicks and the time ends which adds Kaval to team Smackdown. Show lifts Kaval after the match and raises his hand before taking off.


After the break Kaval’s still in the ring when Tyler Reks now sporting a beard trying to look like a surfer dude version of Rob Zombie. He wants to be on Team Smackdown. Long comes out and says he cant let Kaval wrestle but Kaval wants the match… bad move. Reks beats Kaval in under a couple minutes with a Torture rack backbreaker slam. What’s this bullshit about!? Are they really going to try and make this fool a star..and now?! Whatever.


Dashing Cody Rhodes is showing us how to keep our finger nails kept. You should listen.


Kofi Kingston beat WWE Tag Team Champion Drew McIntyre in another short match to qualify for team Smackdown with Trouble in Paradise. I was scared they were going to try and put McIntyre in this shit specially after the crap with Reks.


Taker is off the roof and in the back. Good, it was dangerous up there.


World Champion Kane with Paul Bearer come out to cut a promo on the fans and Taker. Kane brags about Takers failing to beat him for the World Title. No special effects during this promo which means the WWE blew their load on Paul’s promo segment earlier. Kane confirms it will be a Buried Alive match. The crowd chants for Taker and he finally comes out and beats up on Kane. Kane takes off and Taker does Kane’s ringpost pyro thing. Taker then plays up some effect of lightening almost hitting Kane. So I guess Taker is “super” again?


Not a bad night. Most of the night was spent building up Bragging Rights.