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Smackdown Thoughts & Review [3. 4. 11]

March 4, 2011

First off I want to apologize for no Smackdown Review last week. No excuses. I just didn’t make time within my busy schedule. Also, this review was not written under the influence of a dangerous drug known as…Charlie Sheen.

The Cleve

Edge comes out to the ring and grabs a mic.

  • Edge discusses Alberto Del Rio and Drew McIntyre interrupts him.
  • Edge throws him over the rope.
  • Teddy Long comes out and makes it a match.

Edge defeated Drew McIntyre via tapout

  • Drew started off strong but was stopped with a Spear out of nowhere.
  • Edge slaps on the Figure 4 Edgelock/Edge-u-cator for the sub.

~Cool. I’ve been wanting to see Edge bring that finisher back from back in the day. It’s a great finishing hold and I hope we never see the end of it.

Dashing Cody Rhodes comes out in a Rey Rey mask over his Richard Hamilton mask.

  • DCR talks about his actions last week.
  • He challenges Rey to a match at Wrestlemania.
  • He says he’s going to pull Rey’s mask off and show the world the damage he has done.


The Borre approach Kane and remind him of how they helped him defeat ‘Taker at Buried Alive. Kane says he didn’t need their help.

The Borre defeat Cobrazlov (Santino and Vladimir Kozlov)

  • Santino was rallying to pin Slater but Slater was pulled to safety.
  • Naughty Borre hijinks occurred, Santino was distracted and was eventually pinned by Heath Slater.

–Typical Nexus/Borre affair with distraction upon distraction until Santino gets caught with Slater’s finisher and the Borre wins. I must add that the Cobra is on the same level of heat that the Worm and the People’s Elbow got. I think that’s awesome.

Undertaker is in the ring. He grabs a mic.

  • The greatest of men need to know their limits.
  • They need to know when they come across a mountain that they can’t climb.
  • Undertaker is that mountain and HHH is great but he won’t kill the streak.
  • He plays no games and that he’s the Last Outlaw.

–Typical bad assery from ‘Taker. I popped just as hard as I did for Rock’s pre-taped promo on Raw. ‘Taker doesn’t have to get all huffy and puffy to get his point across.

They show a video package about the WWE’s signing of Mistico/Sin Cara.

–I think it’s a great way of getting people excited for Sin Cara’s debut. How awesome is the WWE hype machine? For one wrestler they can go full on Sports Entertainment like the 2/21/11 campaign and for Sin Cara, they go with a legit sports press conference that generates just as much excitement.

LayCool defeat Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendez

  • Beth dominated Layla for the most part until McCool ran in and kicked Beth’s head with the loaded boot.

–It was what it was. Layla’s hot. That is all.

Big Show and Kane battle to a no contest.

  • Kane and Show double clotheslined each other.
  • Barrett came down with the Borre and gave Kane a chair.
  • Kane smacked Show with the chair and the Borre came in a attack Show.
  • Out of nowhere – Kane killed Gabriel with the chair?!?

–Cool. Kane’s face turn. I’ll take it. It gives Ezekial more big men to go over on his way to his first major championship and overall push.

They show the HBK interview from RAW hyping HHH vs. Undertaker.

Jack Swagger came out to the ring so Little Tool can cut a promo.

  • Cole spit about how Swagger is training him etc. etc.

–Jesus. Little Tool really makes it difficult to watch wrestling these days. Seriously. Cole actually makes me miss Mike Adamle.

Jack Swagger defeats JTG via tapout

  • Swagger hit a few Swagger bombs and then slapped on the ankle lock for the win.

–Shorter than Dolph Ziggler’s World Title Reign. JTG is KoKo B. Ware for the PG Era.

Contract Signing for the World Heavyweight Title match at Wrestlemania

  • Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio.
  • ADR introduced himself.
  • Rodriguez started singing the Mexican National Anthem but was interrupted with Edge’s entrance.
  • Edge and ADR stared each other down.
  • Teddy Long pleaded with them to make this contract signing the first ever signing on Smackdown that doesn’t end in chaos. ~ Ha! That made me laugh.
  • Edge talked about how ADR doesn’t know what it feels like to wrestle on the grandest stage of them all.
  • ADR blew it off.
  • Edge said ADR is just going to be another flash in the pan that he makes famous for one night.
  • ADR responds and said that the moment he signs the contract it will be the beginning of the end for Edge.
  • Edge paused before he signs the contract and a HUGE “Let’s go Edge” chant broke out.
  • Edge refers to Teddy’s plea for a drama-free contract signing and suggests that it’s not going to happen. Teddy runs out of the ring in a hurry. ~ Hilarious!
  • Edge hit ADR with an impaler and set ADR up for the DDT. Rodriguez interrupted the Spear and ADR got the upperhand and locked on the Cross Arm Breaker.
  • ADR threw a nose-bloodied Edge outside and threatened to obliterate his arm with a steel chair.
  • Christian came out to play Captain Save-a-Ho and beat up on ADR.

End of Show

~Good contract signing segment. People can go gaga over ‘Taker vs. HHH all they want, ADR vs. Edge is the match I’m looking forward to see.

This was a prime example of a good balance of promos, interviews, video packages and wrestling. This show pushed all the stories and feuds along without going light on the wrestling.

For myself, the most interesting segment of the show was Kane’s face turn. If there’s any wrestler who’s due for a character change it’s Kane. This opens up new feuds between himself and the new heels of the company, specifically Ezekial. I’m thinking Show and Kane will face off against Barrett and Ezekial at Wrestlemania. It’s a shame because I think everybody wanted to see a Borre vs. Nexus encounter at Wrestlemania in some form.

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