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CM Punk shows where the WWE title is…

July 18, 2011

From CM Punk’s Twitter:

@WWEUniverse: It’s 12:00 a.m. … Do you know where your WWE Champion is? #MITB @CMPunk” The champ is…here

Post Money in the Bank Twitter Explosion

July 17, 2011

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From indy wrestlers and ex-WWE Superstars to Living Legends and BBQ sauce makers, the Money in the Bank pay per view drew quite a reaction all across the board. Read a collection of MITB-related reactions after the jump. Here are a few standouts from MVP, Jim Ross , Paul Heyman, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin:


What can be done with CM Punk?

June 21, 2011

CM Punk announced last night what he was eluding to at the Capital Punishment pay per view the night before. He first insisted on being the #1 contender and long story short he got that after defeating Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio is an awesome triple threat match. Punk then filled us in on part two of his announcement, his contract with the WWE is up at Midnight after the Money in the Bank pay per view and that he would be taking the WWE Title with him.

This of course should sound a little familiar as it is pretty much what he did when he left Ring of Honor for the WWE. CM Punk won the ROH Title and threatened to take it with him. Of course lost it before he left but it was a cool angle for the company.

Mark my works, come the MITB pay per view superman John Cena will defeat CM Punk and he will ride into the sunset. The WWE will not take a chance to do anything different and exciting.

BUT… my brain started turning the wheels last night and started thinking how the WWE could use this to build the biggest WrestleMania in its history.

Here is what I would do…

Have CM Punk first pass leadership of the Nexus back to Wade Barrett. He hasn’t been the same since he went to Smackdown and quite honestly neither has the Nexus. They need each other to survive. Punk can play up the “honest man” role by admitting he was wrong about Barrett and give him back the Nexus so he can go into the MITB ppv as his own man.

I would have Cena do his same ol’ song and dance where he cuts jokes on Punk and doesn’t take him seriously.

At the pay per view (by crook) I would have CM Punk win the WWE Title from John Cena. Before he can start celebrating the entire RAW locker room runs out to the ring to stop CM Punk from taking the title belt with him. Punk runs into the crowd and celebrates as we all watch on in shock. The announcers have few words, things like “my god”, “what do we do now”, things like that.

At this point this angle could go two routes…

Route one:

CM Punk leaves with the WWE Title and the WWE sets up lawsuits against Punk to hand over the physical belt. At that point the WWE (behind the scenes, using personal Twitter accounts) starts creating rumors where CM Punk will show up next with the Title. Rumors will fly and speculation will begin to infest social media.  WWE decides to temporarily have the World Title defended on both shows until their legal issues with Punk are settled. At this point Cena takes a few months off to deal with the fact that he completely cost the company he loves so much their most prized possession, the WWE Championship. He’ll end up refocusing his efforts on the Mania match with the Rock when someone ends up stepping up to try to get CM Punk back… Stone Cold Steve Austin. This will first start on Twitter with Austin making mention of Punk and taking jabs at him. This will start picking up as more fans catch on. Finally rumors leads to Austin showing up on RAW where he cuts a promo on Punk taunting him and his straight edge life style. How Austin who loves to drink can beat the living hell out of Punk but it doesn’t matter because Punk is a chicken shit who took his ball and went home. Punk takes to Twitter with a cell phone-made video saying he isn’t fazed by Austin. This banter continues until Punk shows up to a “movie set” where Austin is filming his next movie and Punk beats the shit out of him. Of course the WWE gets footage of this to play on their shows. This completely builds so much tension that Punk finally agrees to wrestle ONE match against Austin for the WWE Title but it will be at WrestleMania 28. Austin gets one more match in plus saves the WWE Title from the turmoil it has been in for months. Punk gets the credit of being the most infamous man in WWE history and when he is ready to come back full time he will, coming back as the biggest heel in the WWE.

Route 2:

After CM Punk leaves with the WWE Title, the WWE strips him of the title and brings in a brand new belt which they have a tournament for.  CM Punk continues to carry around the “spinner belt” and claiming he is the true WWE Champion. Again WWE-created rumors flood social media as to where CM Punk the “WWE Champion” will show up. Pictures will show up on the internet of him backstage at other wrestling events with his championship although no one ever sees him on the actual shows. These rumors and WWE’s animosity continues to grow until Elimination Chamber next year where (player to be named later) wins the match and retains their WWE Title. After the match CM Punk comes out of the crowd and completely demolishes this person until he is run off  into the crowd similar to when Punk won the title at Money in the Bank. Through social media the WWE Champion and CM Punk push their own grievances and the WWE and Punk agree to do a Title vs. “Title” match at WrestleMania where Punk will lose his title and this champion will save the good name of the WWE Championship.

If the WWE is serious about “shaking things up” anything remotely close to these ideas would help for sure.

Again, I know neither one of these two things will actually happen but sometimes it is fun to play arm chair quarterback.

Everyone has to end up in developmental…

March 28, 2011

I’m not usually the Twitter-er but this post by Ring of Honor’s Dave Lagana had me laughing out loud.


February 28, 2011

For those who hadn’t heard, The Rock posted on his Facebook page that he would have a  response to Cena’s “rap” from last week. Also included in the post was a picture of a boot standing over Cena merch. I figure this will be a pre-tape.

The show starts off with Triple H’s music, he comes out to the ring to talk about last week. Josh Mathews and Jerry Lawler on commentary, go Josh! He mentions that it is official, its Taker vs. HHH at WrestleMania.


MVP Does What is Best For Him

December 2, 2010

From MVP‘s twitter:

We all have many dreams. Realizing one sometimes prevents you from realizing another. Decisions must be pondered & made ! Stand by …

No need for alarm. I did not get fired . I asked for & received my release. I felt it was time to go international & freshen things up.


Ariel Helwani and Pro Wrestling’s Love Children

November 23, 2010

Sometimes things on Twitter take a life of their own.  Ariel Helwani, being a good sport that he is, found out that he’s friends with dozens of love children and lost relatives of pro wrestlers. I couldn’t stop laughing.  Check out the ‘conversation after the jump:


Joey Tweets… and gets in trouble!

November 17, 2010

From Joey Styles“Oh the hell with this, this show was taped over three hours ago. Aksana was eliminated. Who cares?”

From WWE: WWE apologizes for @JoeyStyles’ tweet spoiling tonight’s @WWENXT elimination. His actions were unprofessional & unacceptable.

Jericho Tweets…

November 16, 2010

“The difference between Jim Ross and Michael Cole is the difference between Paul Newman and Paulie Shore.”

Regal Tweets…

October 21, 2010

“I’m used to being taken for granted and being overlooked but to be left out of the greatest 25 talkers in WWE is disgraceful. – William Regal