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Kenny Doane and Cindy Margolis Go Fast Food Dining on Seducing Cindy

March 7, 2010

This edition of the best trainwreck on television starts off with Cindy giving Kenny a one on one encounter since they haven’t had quality time in a few weeks. Kenny proves to her that he’s not some health freak and that he can supersize with the best of them. He orders a huge burger and fries and chows down with Cindy in a fast food parking lot. Who knew Cindy was such a cheap ass date? Kenny got some suck-face action with the internet icon and left another great impression on her.

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Ken Doane becomes Captain Save-a-Ho on Seducing Cindy

February 28, 2010

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Ken Doane throws the Pearl Necklace challenge on Seducing Cindy.

February 21, 2010

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Ken Doane survives another week of Seducing Cindy

February 8, 2010

Former WWE Spirit Squad member, Kenny “Dykstra” Doane, survives another round of Seducing Cindy on the Fox Reality Channel.

In the second episode of the TV’s greatest train wreck NOT named Jersey Shore, Ken Doane received another garter from Cindy Margolis to last another week.  Doane had some private time with Cindy and had the privelige of being spray tanned by her.  Doane punked drunk ass contestant, Eric, in the process by spraying super dark tanning oil on Eric’s face while his eyes were closed.  Yay.  He hasn’t really gotten any makeout time with her like a few of the contestants (slut!), but next week’s preview showed Doane and Cindy in a modified lip lock of some variety.  Let’s hoping we see Kenny Doane RKO one of the show’s many douchebags before he gets fired by Cindy.

Not sure what Doane’s chances are since he hasn’t really made too much of an emotional connection with Margolis yet.  This is as bad as reality TV can get and that’s why it’s fucking awesome.