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06-06-11 WWE RAW + Tough Enough Finale

June 6, 2011


OverBookedMania 43



Matthew Capiccioni (M-Dogg 20) and CM Punk on WWE Tough Enough

April 5, 2011

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The master of the Flagpole Press catches up with CM Punk on Tough Enough. See the video after the jump!



April 4, 2011


The show starts with a rundown of all the contestants. Couple of stand outs like Matt (M-DOGG20), a blond who’s got a background and an MMA fighter.


The contestants are brought out to an empty arena where Stone Cold give them a pep talk but tells them most of them wont make it and that this is the closest they are getting to that ring. He lays the rules down and for them not to piss him off. Their first lesson is about commitment.


TE cast are suiting up and are working garbage duties, running cords, setting up the ring aprons and doing janitor duties. They then have to break down the arena its now 1am.


They are then driven to this large mansion style home where they are greeted by Trish Status, Bill DeMott and Booker T. They head into the ring and they call get championship belts which they have to give back if they get eliminated.


They check out the house and they chit chat only to find out Rima is the current Miss USA. The guy from Jersey talks shit saying that if you got booty you don’t need skills. The girls down like it. He’s really pushing buttons, this dudes name is Mickeal I guess. Rima says she is out to get this dude.


The head to the gym for the first day of training, DeMott lines them up and has them get right into warm ups. Austin then shows up on a old Harley. He climbs into the ring and reminds them this is competition, how there there will only one chosen.


They then put the guys into the basics like rolling, taking bumps, etc. They are all getting nicknames from DeMott.


Luke is the first to get praise.


Ariane and Rima have no experience.


Michelle says she has 11 years of experience but it isn’t showing…. at all.


After training the guys have a drink in the house while the girls start it off in the Jacuzzi. Andy isn’t partying, he’s focused and is doing this for his wife who’s pregnant.


Luke wants to be the Ric Flair of the competition, party hard and train harder… good luck.


DeMott is already giving skid-mark a hard time.


Austin is going to put them through an endurance of running the ropes for three minute straight.


Eric had a hard time running the ropes for so long.


Uh Jeremiah lost his fake tooth while running! Haha


11 years and Ariane are having a hard time.


Rima has padded her ass while running the ropes and got caught. oops.


Austin takes the trainers into his office to talk about the TE kids.


They think Luke is the top one so far.


Ariane they complain about because she kept pulling up her pants. DeMott calls her greener than goose shit. haha


Michelle isn’t looked great upon and Booker T doesn’t think she has it.


Booker T says Eric needs to get together but Bill says after 6’6 he’s got nothing which is a shame. Austin isn’t impressed.


Trish isn’t impressed with Rima trying to pad her ass but Booker says if you aint cheating you aint trying.


Austin and the trainers come back to the ring, Austin is calling forward, Michelle, Ariane and Eric. Austin is having them pack their bags and come back to the gym with their WWE belts.


Michelle feels misunderstood… riiiight. The guys talk about her and Eric is concerned, he doesn’t want to go home yet. Michelle says she’s ready to throw someone under the bus to win. Ariane refuses to go home first… well lets see.


The bottom three show back up to the gym and line up in the ring. Austin comes into the ring and looks at all three, he tells them this is time to save their ass.


Ariane is asked what this opportunity means to her. she says she’s given up her job, house, everything. She knows she is the underdog but she wants to prove herself. Austin calls her a powder puff and brings up her running the ropes holding up her pants. She apologizes but he’s not impressed. Austin said he shit his pants and kept going.


Michelle says she’d keep going but Austin asks her if she has maximized her 11 years. She says she’s gotten off track because of her modeling and having a baby. She said she will commit herself to this. Austin says he’s never one father of the year not one fucking time because cause he was on the road. He says she needs to act like someone while 11 years and needs to prove it.


Eric is next, Austin asks him what’s wrong with him. Austin doesn’t like the fact he showed up out of shape and wants one good reason why he is here because he shouldn’t be. Eric says he loves the business and wants to be here. Austin wants Eric to ask him like if he’s a contestant why he should stay and just like only Stone Cold can do he cuts a promo on his ass! Eric wants to help his family out but Austin asks him again why he showed up out of shape to which Eric apologizes and says he is out scratching and clawing.


Austin asks Ariane about Michelle and she says she has done better than her because she finished running the ropes and it was just her pants holding her back.


Michelle says you can learn all the moves you want but she has the passion for it. She shouldn’t be talking shit when Ariane has no experience.

Austin asks Ariane what her favorite match was and she says Melina vs. Alicia Fox… Austin asks WHO? Haha He said THAT is your favorite. She apologizes for not knowing more matches and Austin says “you know how many times I’ve apologized to Vince McMahon…none”. She wants this opportunity to show Austin but he isn’t giving anything.


Austin sends Eric and Michelle back to the house and cuts Ariane while she says she’s be in the WWE.


Austin tells Michelle she’s got too much experience to be a bottom feeder and tells Eric he has too much potential and that they both have a lot of work to do.


Ariane says in her post interview that its not the last for her.


Austin says you can feel when someone really wants this but he didn’t get that from her.