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December 17, 2012



A LOT of surprises tonight! Go WWE!


Dreamer’s promo from the 7-22-10 Edition of IMPACT!

July 22, 2010

The second to last Original Thought by Tommy Dreamer

February 16, 2010

An excerpt from Tommy Dreamer’s blog on wwe universe:

Many WWE Superstars had taken pride being on the ECW brand. I personally want to thank them all for their bumps,sweat and bruises during their ECW tenure.Everyone wanted more for themselves and the brand. I am sure Christian will continue to work his hardest to entertain on the last ECW show.

An Original Thought by Tommy Dreamer

February 9, 2010

Well with ECW having 3 weeks left. I have decided so do I. I had an amazing farewell to ECW on TV. So I will do two more blogs on WWE Universe and fade away like ECW and wait to see what is NXT.


Tommy Dreamer comments…

February 2, 2010

“Many people have asked me why I left WWE. If you watched ECW tonight, a piece of the puzzle was revealed for my actions.Stay tuned.”

Tommy Dreamer (via his Twitter page)

Tommy Dreamer is off to Japan!

January 28, 2010

Tommy Dreamer takes on Tajiri on March 26th.