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January 20, 2011

This shit sandwich starts with a recap of the Jarrett’s/Angle bowl shit from last week. They then go to the back where Angle pulls up in some muscle car. He tells the production team (hey its Jimmy Hart) to play his music… so THIS is how they do it before they interrupt the show. Haha He comes out and bitches how his ex-wife who he brought into TNA liked to hang out with Jarrett and how Jarrett is throwing their relationship in his face. Dude starts to get all teary eyed talking about being a great father and husband, how he should have spent more time with that but he was working his ass off for them. Jarrett’s music hits but we get his asshole squad who gets beat down. These fools OVER sell Angle’s punches. Flair and Bischoff then come out and send “cops” to escort Angle up out of here.


Matt Hardy: All Talk No Results

January 15, 2011

*** Please note this image is uncredited as I could not find the source ***

For months Matt Hardy would tweet about how he was ready to move on from his WWE career and how he was going to evolve not only his character but himself physically. The WWE finally let Hardy go and we all figured it was just a matter of time before he joined Shannon Moore and Jeff Hardy in TNA.

Well, at the TNA Gensis pay per view Matt Hardy did debut and he was right… his character and his physique looked totally different… just not what we were told or expected….

As you know Matt debuted as the mystery opponent to Rob Van Dam looking more like Raven now a days than this evolved character he kept talking about. In a long trench coat, hair braided and a pot belly, Hardy’s debut was dead even before he got to the ring. Something that could have been done properly and built up to was not only done WAY too early but before Matt was even ready.

Now Matt joins a LONG list of talent that have gone to TNA only to be in a worse spot that they were in the WWE… forgotten.


January 13, 2011

Shit starts with a recap of the pay per view, they focus on Angle/Jarrett, Anderson/Morgan and Anderson winning the TNA World Title. Oh yeah an on a side note, Immortal won all the other titles. Anderson talks all kinds of shit

Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle Jarrett show up backstage in a limo and they are huggy n shit. This feels awkward man, I guess good for Angle that he would work an angle with these people.



January 6, 2011

Just finished watching WWE Superstars, crowd loves Bryan! Too bad the WWE doesn’t. Can’t wait to see Bryan vs. Kidd, its going to be good shit. Anyhow onto the TNA rant…

A full year of the Bischoff/Hogan TNA… let’s see what year two brings.



December 30, 2010

They start with Foley trying to talk Anderson out of his match with Morgan because of his concussion. This brings out Morgan and Hardy respectively. Hardy sets up matches for them both later. I thought Foley was done with TNA? Sorry, I haven’t been following this shit lately.

Eric Young dressed up as Moses or Father Time. Orlando is dressed as baby new year… fuck.



December 16, 2010

Man I am not in the mood for this shit… but then again, when AM I up for a TNA show? Fuck it, I’m drinking while I watch this mess.

In the back Mr. Anderson is all pissed off about shit, kicking and screaming. Morgan comes in to hug him or something. Anderson doesn’t want to be held that way so he storms off. Geez.



December 9, 2010

Ok here we go with this shit…

Immortals are getting a brow beating for Bischoff and Flair in the back about Dixie Carter serving Hogan and how fucked up this can call get. Rhino comes in wants the contract that Bischoff promised but all get got was thrown out of this meeting.


12-02-10 Edition of TNA IMPACT! Thoughts

December 5, 2010

Not sure why I am going to spend my Sunday morning watching this if I’m sure its going to annoy the shit out of me but here we go…

Recap of the Thanksgiving edition where Bischoff and Hogan get slapped by an injunction which stops their shenanigans for now.

No intros just straight to the middle of a 4 team match!? Too much going on, its all over the place and a little hard to follow. Ink Inc beat Beer Money, Generation ME and The Motor City Machine Guns when Moore pins Roode. After the match Fortune roughs up Bischoff’s kid who’s a ref. Morgan comes out and threatens Fortune while he chokes out Flair. Why is Morgan saving ref’s?


11-11-10 TNA IMPACT! Report

November 11, 2010

And the name of tonight’s episode… Night of the Immortals…


11-04-10 TNA IMPACT! Thoughts…

November 4, 2010

The show starts with a recap of this concussion angle, not sure how I feel about this being an angle especially in TNA. Are they really going to build a ppv main event around Matt Morgan?! God I hope not.