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The Hayabusa Weekly Wrap Up [8.12.2010]

August 11, 2010

The two writers of FighterHayabusa were at their weekly knitting circle.  Between double seed stiches and purled ladder patterns, the two men discussed a myriad of topics in the realm of pro wrestling.  Here’s a transcript of that awesome exchange!

Mascara De Fuego: Welcome to Fighter Hayabusa’s Wrap Up, the Summer Slam edition! How goes it Puma? Had any out of body experiences lately?

Great Puma: Only when I’m watching Yo Gabba Gabba, brother!

Mascara De Fuego: SO Puma, before we get to our Summer Slam predictions lets get the bullshit out of the way!

TNA’s EV2.0 angle and pay per view mess from last weekend

Great Puma: I think the Dixie and the TNA powers that be need to move on before they sink any more time, money and energy into a product that is outdated and very very old. It peaks some interest but it’s not the kind of interest you want to build upon in the future. EV2.0 does NOT make new stars. It is only a trip down memory lane and that is how they should go about. A strong wrestling promotion should never be INVADED by a bunch of has-beens and rebels who are already way passed their prime.

I respect ECW and the people who have contributed to its legacy. However, I’ve already moved on and I don’t need to see it revived in vain and in a company that doesn’t deserve its presence and legacy.

Mascara De Fuego: This is painful. This makes WWE’s send off a few months ago of the ECW brand epic compared to what they did on Sunday. People tend to forget that at the time ECW was innovative because it was up “with the times”. All it is now is just a bunch of hardcore guys trying to do what they did years ago and it is just not working. TNA has wasted time and money to rush a pay per view that came off horrible and worst of all did NOTHING for TNA. ECW had its day in the sun but that day set along time ago.

TNA and its TNA Title Tournament

Mascara De Fuego: I think its just another ploy by TNA to get a quick ratings boost but I think its stupid to take the title off of RVD. If they think he is the reason for the bad ratings they are sadly mistaken as not even Jeff Hardy can save TNA right now.

Great Puma: I feel the same way. Did Angle’s climbing up the rankings storyline get trashed in the process? That was one of the few things that was actually working over there. Unless RVD requested this personally to take some time off (which I doubt), this is a horrible idea. I’m surprised they haven’t looked at the history of pro wrestlig and seen how hotshot booking is a bad idea 9 out of 10 times. It never benefits a promotion in the long run.

Mascara De Fuego: I wish I could get behind this storyline with Angle but its just making the entire top roster look weak because no one believes that Angle is actually going to lose a match, thus “retiring” from wrestling. This will obviously kill that story which once again means TNA has dropped the ball. It’s so surreal how bad this brand has gotten this year, taking so many steps back that they probably wont be able to recover.

Great Puma: Well it’s so bad that the WWE doesn’t seemed to phased at all by TNA’s blatant use of ECW the “Philadelphia Promotion”. You’d think they’d have a lawsuit in order.

Mascara De Fuego: TNA is so far behind the WWE right now, I don’t think they are phased by them. Hell, I think they feel more from ROH than TNA.

WWE signs ROH Champion Tyler Black

Great Puma: As you know from WrestleReunion I’m not the biggest Tyler Black fan. I think his ring-work is solid but I find myself twitching whenever he gets on the mic. I think it’s a good pickup and I think it’s important for them to have an IWC favorite on board for every NXT season. I’m sure he’ll be on NXT season 3 since Michael “Tool” Cole always needs someone to hate on. I’m hoping Tyler Black improves on his mic skills and takes the WWE by storm. Lord knows they need new faces and talent.

Mascara De Fuego: Yeah, we shall see. I am not impressed what they have done with former ROH Champions to this point and I don’t think Black is any different especially since he is not as solid as Lo-Ki or Danielson. Hopefully it works out for the guy but I not the biggest fan of his either.


Mascara De Fuego: Not a lot of matches announced so far.

Great Puma: True. But with a main event like Nexus vs Team WWE, the undercard can afford to be a little weak.

Mascara De Fuego: Seems like a throw back to days of old doesn’t it?

Great Puma: I’m looking forward to it. I’m hoping they put the Nexus over and through the atmosphere. 7 guys who have accomplished nothing are co-headlining a major pay per view. I think it’s the hottest angle we, the fans, have seen in a long time. The build up has been tremendous and I hope they make the match more about the WWE and not about Cena or any of the members of Team WWE.

Mascara De Fuego: I think it is extremely important that the Nexus gets over huge here. The WWE has finally woken up and realized that they NEED new stars and in a matter of months they took these rookies and turned them into a main event stable. I think its genius but it is important they survive on Sunday. Can they afford a few eliminations, sure. But I think it is key that Barrett, Sheffield and maybe one other guy survive and win the match.

Great Puma: Agreed. I’m sure the Nexus won’t win cleanly. I have a feeling the WWE team is eventually going to disintegrate and turn on each other. If they plant the seeds of a Jericho vs Edge feud for Wrestlemania 27 I will be a very happy wrestling mark.

Mascara De Fuego: I think the build up to this match has been great, even down to the final moments of this weeks RAW. If they could only pay this much attention to other angles…

Great Puma: They’ve done a pretty good job with Punk and Show. I’m not so keen with the direction the Vege-taker angle has taken. I want to see a Kane vs Undertaker feud as much as I wanted to see an ECW reunion PPV. I guess since I already saw one of those two things this year, Kane vs ‘Taker is gonna happen. DAMN IT!

Mascara De Fuego: Agreed. Taker vs. Kane for the millionth time is just as bad as Orton vs. Cena for the millionth time. There are so many guys on the roster for Taker to face. Shit, they’ve just scratched the surface on Punk vs. Taker. I guess the only thing good about Rey vs. Kane is that I guess Rey gets the title back on Sunday. I do hope the SES gets over strong. Losing a 3 on 1 match isn’t going to do shit to get this stable over.

Great Puma: True but with CM Punk’s injury I’m sure it’ll be more of Joseph Mathews and Luke doing the brunt of the work with Punk getting in some cheap shots. Hopefully I’m wrong and CM Punk’s elbow is healed enough so he can perform at full capacity. I’m good with either of the parties winning. Show and Punk are both capable of pulling off something amazing. I’m looking forward to that match as well.

Mascara De Fuego: What’s left on the card? Oh right, Orton vs. Sheamus. Eh, I don’t care either way and hope Miz cashes in on whoever wins.

Great Puma: True. I’d be surprised if they don’t have Miz cash in on Orton after Orton wins. I think that would be a great motivator for Orton to chase Miz and the title, which of course would be big business for the WWE. Since Orton’s character is still ‘rising’ in popularity I think it’s right for him to be in the chase right now instead of being the face of the company with the WWE title. Since the WWE is grooming Orton to be the next Stone Cold, I’d hold off a title run until Wrestlemania. I’m guessing Orton wins the Royal Rumble to set everything up.

Great Puma: Oh and what will Sheamus do in the meantime? I’m sure his buddy HHH will be ready to get in the ring after Linda McMahon wins the senate seat in November. The HHH vs Sheamus feud will live on.

Mascara De Fuego: I think Sheamus will end up being the 3rd person in the Orton vs. Miz feud until HHH McMahon gets back from his operation. I haven’t missed that dude at ALL and look forward to him taking MORE time to heal…

Great Puma: I actually think he’s taking time up to support Linda McMahon and her senate race. It doesn’t look good when your son-in-law is swinging sledgehammers at people.

Mascara De Fuego: and making dick jokes… sigh.

Ok I think that brings us to the end of another Wrap Up! Any last words Puma?

Great Puma: No last words for me, brother. I’m out like the love between @TNAnonymous and Dixie Carter!

Mascara De Fuego: Ok that will do it, I shall see you Saturday for the WWE Fan Axxess which we will be reporting on this weekend!  Until all are one!

*All photos courtesy of wwe, roh and tna.



August 2, 2010

Cena’s team continues to fall apart, Jericho and Edge hug it out and the Diva’s get a returning former champion…



July 26, 2010

The Nexus gets a 7 on 7 match and Cena’s team keeps falling apart.



July 19, 2010

Super hot show off the heels of The Money in the Bank pay per view! SummerSlam starts to take shape, Miz teases a cash-in and we have a big return… but not maybe the one you were hoping for…. read on suckas!


Money in the Bank Thoughts and Review

July 18, 2010

Kansas City, MO

Smackdown MITB will be first!


Money in the Bank Quick Results

July 18, 2010

FighterHayabusa will be giving abbreviated results after each match!  Refresh often!

SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Big Show vs Matt Hardy vs Christian vs Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs  vs Dashing Cody Rhodes vs Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kane

  • Kofi is rocking a McDonalds colorway.
  • Christian walks up Matt’s back while he lays face first on the ladder.  Nice.
  • Christian climbs a ladder but its knocked down.  Christian falls onto Big Show on the outside.
  • Kofi hit a nice Trouble in Paradise to Drew on the outside.
  • Kofi places a ladder on the outside.  He climbs it and hits a HUGE BOOM DROP on Drew through the SAT table!
  • Double Powerbomb onto Kane off the ladder by Matt and Christian.
  • Christian and Matt battle at the top of the ladder.  Both men clutch the briefcase while they slug it out.
  • Both men tumble down.
  • Drew comes back into the ring.  CRAP!
  • Yes!  The crowd is going crazy.  Kane CHOKESLAMS Drew off the ladder.
  • Kane unhooks the briefcase for the win!


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Money in the Bank Predictions

July 18, 2010

The two writers of FighterHayabusa got together after a round of UNO to discuss this Sunday’s WWE pay per view, Money in the Bank.

WWE Champion Sheamus vs. John Cena (Steel Cage Match)
Puma: WINNER:  Sheamus.  I pray to the sports entertainment gods that the Nexus get involved with this match and some how take Cena out again.  I don’t see Sheamus pinning Cena clean at all and I really hope the forces that be DO NOT send the crowd home happy with another Cena victory where he overcomes all odds.  That would be very boring and very predictable.

MDF: Sheamus retains. I smell a Russo-style set up on Sheamus’ part after last week when he helped Cena fight off The Nexus. The honeymoon won’t last and after Sheamus wins the match (in some form or fashion), I look for The Nexus to lock themselves into the cage with Cena to finish the job on him… or at least take him out until Summerslam since they are going to need a big return on the show and it won’t be Triple H and probably no Taker either. As for the match, it’s a steel cage you know what you’re getting. A lot of over the top and thru the door attempts.

World Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger
MDF: rey. I don’t see them taking the title off of Rey so soon but then again I wouldn’t be surprised which the angle they are using with Swagger taking out the ankle of Rey with the Angle… I mean ankle lock. I would expect a good match with both and they might deliver that but if you are building up the ankle injury, I don’t think that’s going to be very likely.

Puma: WINNER:  Jack Swagger.  I do like Rey as champion but I like Jack Swagger as champion even more.  He needs this title more than Rey does.  Rey is a first ballot hall of famer (that is if the WWE Hall of Fame selection committee was done like the NBA).

As great as Rey is, I think Swagger needs the rub here to continue his evolution as one of the WWE’s elite mega-heels.  Attaching the ankle lock to Swagger’s always expanding moveset tells you how high the WWE brass is on Swagger.  I’d love to see Swagger catch Rey’s foot on a 619, pulls him through the ropes and slaps on the ankle lock.

Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Randy Orton vs John Morrison vs Evan Bourne vs United States Champion The Miz vs Ted DiBiase vs Chris Jericho vs Mark Henry (replacing R-Truth) vs Edge.

Puma: WINNER:  Randy Orton.  Personally, I would love to see Bourne, Miz or Morrison get a shot at the world title but Orton sort of makes perfect sense here.  Orton’s popularity is at an all time high so I’m thinking the WWE should capitalize immediately.

If this match comes on last, I’m guessing that Orton will be the victor.  If this match is not the final main event, my next guess would be the Miz.  The Miz has established himself as a major heel and this would only put him over the top.  On a side note, I do expect to see a shooting star press from Bourne off the top of a ladder in this match.  I expect to see Morrison do some batty maneuver off the top of a ladder as well.

MDF: Miz. As much as I don’t like the concept of having THREE MITB matches in one year I think RAW has did a good job of building this match. I’m not crazy with their choice of guys in the match as Orton, Jericho or Edge don’t need this and would be a waste for them to give the briefcase on these guys. Guys like Henry and Bourne are only there to enhance the match, as awesome as it would be for them to give it to Bourne, it isn’t going to happen.

I think its going to be between DiBiase or Miz. The briefcase is more affective when its in the hands of a heel and with the rise he’s been having even in the buildup of the match, I find it hard for them to give it to anyone BUT Miz. The guy has worked hard and has been pretty consistent in the last year to two years. This could be the chance for them to test him out and elevate him to main event.

SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Big Show vs Matt Hardy vs Christian vs Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs  vs Dashing Cody Rhodes vs Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kane

MDF: McIntyre, and I’m not happy about my choice. With all this bullshit between Teddy Long and Drew, I think this is what it is leading towards unfortunately. I will say this, if Drew wins I see him trying to cash in tonight and LOSING. Its going to happen one day and what a better choice to get served than this dude. I would love to see Christian finally get his or even Rhodes who’s finally coming into his own with his “Dashing” character. This will most likely be the better of the MITB matches.

Puma: WINNER:  Big Show.  I’m thinking Swagger will be taking the title off Rey so the Big Show would be the perfect number one contender for Swagger to continue to feud with in the upcoming weeks.

I’m looking forward to this match the most since there are so many entangled feuds and storylines involved.  Will Matt and Christian, the TLC veterans, use their experience to get their come-uppance?  Will the WWE allow Kofi to gain the prize that he ultimately deserves?  How will Kane react since he is now hellbent on destroying everybody?

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso
: I hate to say it but I’m not excited by this at all. They’ve been treating this feud like an afterthought and its killed it for me. They have spent too much time on 6 person tags and not building up the Uso’s and viable contenders for the tag titles. Lame. Should be an ok match but this feud has been made into just filler.

Puma: WINNERS:  Harts.  Ever since the Nexus have become the “A” story line on RAW, I feel the tag team division has suffered from neglect.  I would want the Uso’s to win if they weren’t so green.  I think their history and pro wrestling pedigree is great but their current actual ring work is less than stellar.  I’d rather see the Hart Dynasty take on a more experience tag team that could showcase the Hart Dynasty’s amazing talent.

Divas Champion Alicia Fox vs. Eve
MDF: Fox retains. I don’t care about this shit so that’s all you’re getting out of me with this bowl shit.

Puma: WINNER:  Alicia Fox.  I think Fox retains the belt here since her character is just beginning to blossom.  I’d love for the WWE to deny Eve the Divas Title until Wrestlemania for a satisfying pay off.

Women’s Champion Layla vs. Kelly Kelly
MDF: Layla retains. Layla has been making strides in her wrestling but he has to shed McCool and he shitty wrestling and her white devil look.

Puma: WINNER:  Layla.  I enjoy watching these two ladies wrestle for so many reasons that shouldn’t be typed on this site.  I think Kelly Kelly is improving but I really feel that LayCool is just hitting its stride right now.  I hope LayCool keeps the belt for a while or at least until Survivor Series.

*all photos courtesy of

07-12-10 WWE RAW REVIEW (Guest Host Florence Henderson)

July 12, 2010

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July 7, 2010

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