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WWE Releases Continue…

February 26, 2010

So far the WWE has release Maria, Paul Birchill and Gregory Helms.

No word if there is more to come.

Here is what Maria had to say via her Twitter account:

“Alright guys let’s talk. I did not ask for my release. I was released. I am still going to kick ass in other areas!! I am excited about the future! But I am sad about never getting the Championship. I am sad about not getting the chance to go to Wrestlemania again. Passion is my Motivation! Time to Sing! Time to work for Charity! Time to Dance! Time to be Alive again! Much love to my FANS, my FAMILY, the DIVAS, and my FRIENDS! There is a bright new future when one door closes another opens! Bring on the Doors! Spanks and Kisses”


Referee Scott Armstrong has also been added to the list of releases. Recently Armstrong was part of an angle during the short Undertaker/CM Punk feud recreating the Montreal Screw Job, Armstrong played the Earl Hebner role. Still no word has been given for any of these releases.

***UPDATE 2***

Charlie Haas has been also added to the list of people released by the WWE, a place all too familiar by Haas.

Y2J & The Hurricane in trouble!

January 28, 2010

Credit: PWInsider

Chris Jericho and Gregory “Hurricane” Helms were arrested this morning in Kenton County, KY around 5 a.m. by the Erlanger (KY) Police Department. Both men were charged with Alcohol Intoxication In A Public Place. They were both out in a little more than an hour on bond. Kenton County is close to Cincinnati where WWE taped Smackdown last night.

The charge is not a serious one and sources say they will likely get a $50 fine, and that the charge could have stemmed from something as minor as a police officer smelling alcohol on their breath.