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Chris Jericho and his Jedi Master cut the floor on DWTS

March 28, 2011

Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke danced the quickstep to a fine version of George Gershwin’s I Got Rhythm.

Team Chericho were the fourth pair of the evening to perform. Chris got great praise from all three judges. Here’s a small sampling of what they said.

Len – “I thought you did a great job.”

Bruno – Cheryl Burke transformed the beast into a gazelle.

Carrie Ann – “I am loving me some Chris Jericho about now.”

My Take ~ Score: 8

Bravo. Great performance. Team Chericho did us wrestling marks proud tonight. THIS was arguably the best performance of the night.

So after this performance I’ve changed my stance on how Jericho is going to fare. His score of 23 was the highest score tonight. Romeo and Hines Ward also scored 23 but I don’t think their personalities shine as much in video segments and interviews. I’m thinking Jericho can go deep into the season if he works hard and shows more of his personality week after week.

In the interview after Team Chericho’s performance, Jericho called Cheryl the ‘Dancing Yoda’ that gets results. You gotta support a guy who’s not afraid to throw Star Wars references around on national TV.

After the jump we’ll see how the rest of the cast did.