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April 3, 2011


We get America the Beautiful from Keri Wilson, the set looks massive!


They are not wasting time, the Rock hits the stage for a thunderous ovation. He’s wearing a track suit this the brahma bull on the back with the American flag interweaved into it. After posing on the stage the Rock heads to the ring. After posing for Atlanta and getting heavily cheer the Rock gets on the mic and delivers his “Finally….” line and says this will be the biggest WrestleMania ever. Now we get “Rocky” and “Cena sucks” chants. Rock says they are going to do something special, he says “wrestle” and the crowd says “mania”. He says there is one superstar in the back trying to decide which fruity pebble shirt to wear. He then says “yabba” and the crowd says “dabba”. Haha He puts over WrestleMania then cuts a promo as bad ass as only the Rock can do. The crowd is eating this up! He’s going to say “if you smell…” but stops himself and has the fans say it with him! Solid shit to get the this crowd hyped.


Now a WrestleMania promo is shown putting the event over making it sound bigger than the birth of baby Jesus.


What the fuck!? We’re starting with the World Title match!?


World Heavyweight Championship

Edge w/Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Brodus Clay

-ADR comes out right on the stage in a Rolls Royal, the stage now lights up like his estate. CRAZY!

-Christian gets his own entrance before Edge comes out.

-There is a MASSIVE cube that came down from the sky with Edge’s logo.

-collar and elbow to start, ends up in the corner with a clean break but ADR pushes Edge and Edge slaps him.

-back body drop from Edge.

-stiff kick the arm of Edge’s arm.

-another back body drop by Edge sending ADR to the outside.

-Edge tries the baseball slide but ADR side steps him and sends him into the barricade.

-ADR rolls him back in the ring for a 2 count.

-ADR bounces Edge’s arm off the announce table then rolls him in for another 2.

-Edge side steps ADR which sends Del Rio to the outside.

-Edge with the summersault over the top onto ADR.

-ADR rolled back into the ring Edge to the top but ADR with the arm drag off the top rope!

-spin kick by Edge.

-stiff boot to the head of ADR.

-flap Jack by Edge for a 2 count.

-arm drop to the knees of ADR and he teases the arm breaker but Edge reverses it with the reverse DDT drop.

-Roll up by Edge but ADR gets the arm breaker on! Edge quickly to the ropes!

-Edge back to the top rope but ADR hits the flash kick! 1…2!!!

-Christian attacks Clay after he tried to get involved. Clay with the t bone suplex to Christian.

-Impaler DDT by Edge, he is setting up for the spear…. He is side stepped and the ref is distracted while Clay takes Edge’s arm to the ring post!

-Arm breaker by ADR and but Edge fights out and locks in his Edge submission hold!

-Christian with a tornado DDT on Clay!

-ADR is fighting and finally gets out but gets SPEARED! 1…2…THREEEE!!!!!!

Winner: Edge


Wow didn’t see that one coming! Edge stops at the Rolls and kicks the doors in and dents the hood! ADR is pissed! Christian shows up with a pipe and a crow bar and they fuck the car up! This is not nice!


Cole and Lawler are arguing before Cody Rhodes comes out with the  a new intro.


Cody  Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

-Puma nails it saying Rey would come out looking like Capt. America! Dope!

-Match starts fast and Rey hits the hurricanranna off the top rope.

-Cody fights back and goes for the knee brace.

-Cody continually uses his mask to his advantage.

-flash kick to Rey!

-camel clutch style move by Cody.

-Alabama slam by Cody

-They fight to the top and Cody holds up Rey in the suplex position and keeps here there before hitting the superplex!!! Dope! 1..2…. 2 ½!

-Rey sends Cody to the outside, then hits him with a baseball slide sends Cody face first to the ring apron.

-seated senton off the top by Rey into a pinning combination for a 2 count.

-Rey goes for the mask but fails and Cody then hits a fall away slam.

-Rey sets up for the 619 but Cody catches him and hits another head butt.

-Slingshot in the ropes by Cody for another 2 count.

-Cody goes back to the injured knee of Rey and gets the knee brace off.

-moonsault from the top rope by Rey for another 2 count

-Rey gets Cody’s mask off and hits the 619 to Cody!

-Rey to the top for the splash but Cody gets the knees up but Rey was ready for him.

-Rey is putting on Cody’s mask!

-flying head butts by Rey with Cody’s mask!

-Cody caught in the ropes and Rey hits a diving head butt with the mask for 2

-Cody rolls to the outside and hits Rey in the head with the knee brace!

-Cross roads!! 1…2…THREEEE!!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes


Snoop Dogg in the back with Teddy Long. They are doing a talent contest. William Regal goes first with a rap. Beth Pheonix and Khali do Grease and Zack Ryder comes out to do Rebecca Black’s Friday until Roddy Piper hits him with a coconut. Masters and Yoshi do “we will rock you’. Hornswoggle comes out looking thuggish but he just comes out mumbling. Snoop and Teddy leave and Hornswoggle busts a rhyme with the Bella’s at backup dancers. Haha funny but could have been done on RAW.


The Corre vs. Kane, The Big Show, Santino and Kofi Kingston

-Kofi is replacing Kozlov who was jumped by the Corre at the Fan Axxess.

-Santino speed walks to the ring! haha

-fast paced match too much going on!

-Santino hits the cobra and Show hits the knockout punch to Slater for the…pin?

Winner: Show, Kane, Kofi and Santino


Well that was fucking short.


Rock and Eve in the back chit chatting. He’s gonna create a moment with the next person that comes out and its Mae Young. He calls her a Diva-saurous. She wants the Peoples Strudel. He’s clowning her getting in the old jokes. She slaps his ass before she leaves with Eve. Stone Cold is now out!!! Austin and Rock! They make small talk while they stare at each other. Dope spot!

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

-Punk goes right for the leg but Orton stops him and hits the stiff elbows and takes it to the outside.

-Punk jumps over the steps and kicks it into the leg of Orton.

-high cross body by Punk off the top rope.

-Orton fights out of the corner and hits his backbreaker to his own back.

-dope leg drop maneuver by Punk onto Orton’s leg.

-high knee by Punk in the corner.

-tree of woe to Orton, Punk to the top with a knee to the head of Orton!

-Punk goes for the G2S but Orton fights out and goes for the RKO but Punk kicks him in the face! 1…2….TWO!

-Punk cut off on the top rope, Orton then hits superplex! 1…2… 2 ½!

-Punk locks in the corner figure four ala Bret Hart!!!

-Punk then locks in an inverted figure four in the ring. Orton head butts his way out.

-Orton hits a series of clotheslines and it looks like Punk lost a tooth!!?

-Thesz press then an Angle slam by Orton for a 2.

-Punk sweeps the leg and locks in the Anaconda Vice! Orton rolls to the ropes.

-Punk sent into the exposeded ring post into the inverted DDT.

-Orton sets up for the RKO but instead stands up and is going to punt Punk! Orton’s leg goes out though!

-RKO but Punk deflected!!!! Nice!

-Punk goes to the apron and launches right into an RKO..1..2..3….

Winner: Randy Orton

The Rock and Mean Gene in the back. Cena’s biggest fan is going to confront him and its PEE WEE HERMAN!!!! He keeps doing the “you cant see me”! haha Rock wants to know if Herman wants to be on Team Bring It or if he wants to be on the Fruit Loop Troop! Haha Gene comes back into the shot with Cena gear on and Pee Wee makes fun of him. Pee Wee then gives a “if you smell what the Pee is cooking”.


They bring out the Hall of Famers of 2011 showcased with Shawn Michaels at the end. He gets a great reaction from Atlanta!


Booker T makes his way out to call the next match with Josh Mathews….. oh shit Jim Ross is out next!!! Fuck yeah!!!


Michael Cole comes out talking shit about Jim Ross and is dressed in an orange college wrestling outfit with ear protectors. Cole talks shit about Lawler and Ross which gets a “what?” chant from the crowd. This is going on too long…


Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Stone Cold Steve Austin as special guest ref

-Mid-Swagger entrance Stone Cold comes out in in a four wheeler and almost runs over Swagger!

-Cole hides in his glass box! Haha

-The King comes out to his old music thank god!

-Cole is warming up in his Cole-mine, he says he isn’t ready yet.

-Austin has the bell rung and Lawler beats up on Swagger.

-Lawler heads for Cole box and Cole is begging for Lawler not to do this.

-Cole sticks his hand out to shack Lawler’s hand as he begs, Lawler takes it but pulls on his arm and Cole hits the glass box multiple times! Haha

-Lawler jumps over and starts to beat the shit out of Cole in the glass box! Haha

-Lawler drags Cole out and sends him head first into the RAW GM podium.

-Cole is now thrown into the ring.

-Swagger is back up and hits Lawler’s head on the ring apron.

-baseball slide by Cole!

-Cole has Austin distracted while Swagger gets the ankle lock on Lawler on the outside.

-Cole wants Austin to start counting but he takes his time doing it until Lawler comes in.

-Cole is now standing on the leg of Lawler using the ropes for leverage while Swagger yells instructions.

-Lawler’s leg is continually worked on.


-Boring chant.

-Cole takes down a strap and locks in the Ankle-Cole lock!

-Lawler rolls over and pushes Cole off.

-series of kicks by Lawler in the corner.

-Swagger throws in the towel but Austin picks up the towel wipes the sweat off and throws the towel back at Swagger. Jack comes in and gets a STUNNER!

-Cole is begging Austin but then Cole starts to yell at his ass and Cole walks into a right hands from the King.

-Lawler punches on Cole while the crowd chants for him.

-dropkick by Lawler!

-fist drop by Lawler! 1….2….LAWLER PICKS UP COLE!

-Ankle lock by Lawler and Cole is tapping but Austin is in his face asking if he wants to quit! Haha Austin calls it and Lawler wins!

Winner: Jerry Lawler

Swagger carries Cole off like a baby while Lawler and Austin have a few beers in the ring! Booker T now comes in and congratulates Lawler then calls for it… it’s the spinarooni! Booker and Austin share a beer…. STUNNER TO BOOKER T! HAHA


We get an email! Josh reads it, the ref has interfered in the match so Lawler has been DQ’d and the winner is Michael Cole!? Lawler goes to the podium. Austin is pissed and keeps getting bleeped. Lawler grabs Josh and throws him in the ring… STUNNER TO JOSH! Ladies and gentlemen all the announcers except JR and Lawler have been taken out!!! Austin drives off while the crowd keeps cheering.


The Undertaker vs. Triple H

No Holds Barred

-For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica plays while people holding shields come out to the stage and Triple H shows up in a spot light wearing some sort of medieval outfit with a skull mask and crown. The lights go out and HHH’s music comes on and he’s taken all this shit off before the lights come back on.

-Taker comes out as the arena goes purple. He slowly comes to the ring to Johnny Cash.

-Match start fast with punches in the corner.

-Taker throws HHH over the top rope!

-brawl on the outside that Taker wins. Taker clears off the Spanish announce table but HHH spears Taker into Cole’s Cole-mine which falls apart.

-both end up back in the ring brawling again.

-flying clotheline by Taker.

-old school by Taker that’s countered and HHH pulls him off the top rope.

-clothesline over the top rope to Taker.

-HHH sends taker to the barricade.

-HHH clears off the announce table even though he could have used the Spanish one!

-HHH goes for the pedigree but Taker fights off and goes for the chokeslam. HHH then gets back body dropped off the announce table!

-Taker dives from the ring onto HHH!!!

-Taker goes for the tombstone on the steps but HHH fights off. Taker charges HHH and HHH HITS A SPINBUSTER FROM THE STEEL STEPS ONTO THE SPANISH ANNOUCE TABLE!!!!!

-CHOKE SLAM! 1…2.. 2 ½

-HHH in corner but Taker grabs him for the Last Ride, HHH comes out of hit, Taker off the ropes and gets a spinebuster again!

-boot the face of HHH

-chair in the ring which Taker takes to HHH’s back.

-HHH fights back and hits the PEDIGREE! 1…2…. 2 ½!!!!!!!

-HHH sets taker on the top rope but Taker slips out and hits the last ride…1…2…TWO AND A HALF!


-DDT by HHH on the chair!

-both slowly back to their feet

-another pedigree!!! 1….2…. 2 ½!!


-HHH uses the chair on Takers back multiple times

-HHH keeps yelling at Taker to stay down.

-CHAIR SHOT TO THE HEAD OF TAKER?!!?! WHAT THE FUCK!? We don’t do this shit no mo!!!

-Taker is getting back up as HHH yells for him to stay down and for him to just die!

-Taker grabs him by the throat but HHH shakes his head.

-HHH hits a TOMBSTONE!!!!!!!!!!! 1……2……. TH…..TWO AND A HALF!!!!!!

-HHH cant believe it!

-HHH rolls to the outside and goes under the ring for his sledgehammer! He brings it into the ring while Taker tries to stand.

-HHH brings him to the middle of the ring but Taker gets HELLS GATE ON HHH! He tries to escape, he’s fighting and trying to stand. HHH is looking for the sledgehammer he gets it but he drops it and is passing out!!!!!! HHH finally slowly taps out!!!!

Winner: The Undertaker


Pyro hits while Taker and HHH still lay in the ring. the Ref and trainers are now out to check on both. HHH is first to his feet, his nose is bloody. Taker slowly tries to get out while HHH rolls to the outside. Taker rolls to the outside as well while HHH watches him. The music stops while Taker is laying on the arena floor. The crowd cheers and they are spending a lot of time on this. They finally get Taker up and put him on a stretcher which is on a cart. Huge “Undertaker chant” while they drive off with Taker on this cart.


WrestleMania 28 is heading to Miami!


Vicki Guerrero comes out with her vintage “excuse me” line. She intro’s Laycool and Dolph Ziggler.


Dolph Ziggler & LayCool w/Vicki Guerrero vs. Snooki, Trish Status & John Morrison

-Brawl starts before the match with the diva’s. Snooki ends up slapping Ziggler.

-LayCool is pushing on each other?

-Trish and McTaker start this off.

-Trish with the matrix but McCool kicks her in the stomach.

-McCool tries for the Styles Clash but Trish powers out.

-leg scissor in the corner but McCool keeps her from hitting it and both end up over the top.

-Layla tries to help but both gets splashed by Trish off the ring apron.

-chick kick by Trish but Ziggler stops the count and Ziggler ends up on the outside.

-starship pain to the outside!

-tag to Snooki with the springboard in the corner on McCool! Splash by Snooki…1…2..THREE!

Winner: Snooki, Morrison and Stratus

Attendance is 71,617 a record for the Georgia Dome.


WWE Championship

The Miz vs. John Cena

Before the match the do a retrospective on Miz’s career and wrestling during the time he was coming up while he is watching. They show clips while playing Nas’ “Hate Me Now” song. This package is so motherfucking dope!

-They have blown up the word AWEOME! on the stage! Miz and Riley walk right between it! Nice!

-Oh god, there are gospel singers on the stage now… video package on Cena is now shown with a DMX talking over it. Cool package but its still John Cena. We’re back to the gospel singers who are now singing some song. They are getting booed. His music hits and hit comes out to the ring in a new fruit pebble color.

-collar and elbow into the head lock but the Cena fights out of.

-Miz corners Cena with a series of punches and whips him into the corner.

-Miz clothesline in the corner for a two count.

-gut wrench suplex by Cena followed by boos.

-side effect by Miz for another two.

-Miz gets side stepped on the corner and Cena lands the top rope leg drop for the 2 count.

-stiff running click by Miz for another 2 count.

-Cena misses the high cross body and Miz hits the baseball slide.

-high knee from Miz on the ring apron onto Cena’s head.

-shoulder blocks by Cena and a back suplex into the UCSM fist drop.

-Cena goes for the AA but Miz hits the DDT while Cena is on his knees for another 2.

-“lets go Miz” chant.

-Cena goes for the STF but Miz fights off and hits the backbreaker/neckbreaker combo

-Miz takes the padding off the top rope while the ref is trying to put it on Cena rolls Cena up but the ref was late.

-Cena goes for the AA again but Miz has the ropes.

-STF on Miz! Miz slowly making it to the ropes and get there!

-Riley hits Cena’s head on the exposed corner…. SCF! 1…2… 2 ½!

-Miz goes for the SCF again but the ref takes the bump and Cena hits the AA and is making the cover but the ref is out!

-Riley is in the ring with the briefcase and hits Cena in the head!

-Miz covers…1…….2….kickout.

-Riley distracts the ref and Miz tries to hit Cena but hits Riley!

-AA BY CENA..1….2….KICKOUT!!!!!

-both to the outside Cena clotheslines Miz over the barricade.

-Cena then spears Miz over the barricade!

-Ref is making the count…. They are both counted out!!!!?!?

Winner: countout draw


The Rock’s music hits and he comes out, he takes off his jacket and hits the ring. We get a RAW GM email but Rock stops JR from reading it. Rock then goes to the podium and reads the email… the GM says he thinks…. The Rock stops and says its doesn’t matter what you think and dumps the laptop! Haha Rock says no way WrestleMania is over and restarts the match! No DQ, No countout etc. He says its time to give the people what they want.


WWE Championship

The Miz vs. John Cena

-Cena rolls in Miz into the ring and tries to AA but Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Cena!!!!!

-Miz covers…1…2…THREE!!!!!

Winner: The Miz

Rock watches as Miz celebrates. Miz notices and looks scared. Rock runs in and hits a series of punches on Miz! Spinebuster by Rock! THE PEOPLES ELBOW ON MIZ! The Rock celebrates on the ropes as Atlanta cheers on.


Glad Cena didn’t end up with the Title and Rock gets is revenge. Probably the only Mania to end without the winning participant celebrating.


Good show and I have to give match of the night to Taker vs. HHH.





March 28, 2011

It’s the go-home show for WrestleMania!


Show starts right off the back with CM Punk sitting in the ring Indian style with a spot light. He gets a “CM Punk” chant. He says he probably isn’t going to get the reception in Atlanta like he does in Chicago. He says they are his people just like the New Nexus that Randle KeithOrton took out. He turns on the crowd and Nexus saying he doesn’t care what happens to them and if you get punted in the head its not his problem. His only problem is Orton. And now these sell outs in Chicago chant “Randy”. He says he can snap his fingers and get any mindless person to do what he says. He then cuts to the video of last week where Punk tricks Orton with his bus. Punk says Orton’s wife goes to bed with the vision of her husband laying on the ground with Punk standing over him. Punk ends with saying he will end this chapter at WrestleMania. Before he can leave the ring Orton with a bandaged leg comes out, he slowly comes to the ring, they brawl and Orton gets his horizontal rope DDT. Orton looks to go for the RKO but instead takes the corner for the punt, he runs towards Punk but his injured leg gives out. Punk rolls out of the ring while we get another chant for him and he looks back at Orton favoring his leg. Punk smiles as he comes into the ring and corners Orton. Punk then kicks Orton’s leg and he’s down. Punk then takes Orton up and hits the G2S! Punk then walks off. I think they did a good job of pushing this match one last time.


Christian is in the back and walks into Edge. Edge says he can’t lay his hands on Del Rio on Smacky but he can on RAW and Edge says he’s always liked that GM. Haha We get the Edge and Christian tag team return tonight! I’m glad they didn’t blow this match on just a Smackdown but not sure they should have done it on a go home show either unless there is something up here…


Edge & Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay

-Quick tags by E&C on Clay.

-Clay is then dumped over the top rope, Christian over the top but Clay catches him. Edge hits the baseball slide to send Clay down.

-After the break, ADR has Christian in an arm lock, he tries to fight off but ADR cuts him short.

-Del Rio continually works on Christian’s arm before making the tag to Clay.

-Clay hits the slam then tags ADR back in for the second rope elbow drop.

-Tornado DDT by Christian in the corner on Del Rio and he makes the hot tag but ADR tags in Clay.

-Edge with the back slide on Clay and sets up for the spear but ADR sweeps the leg.

-Christian goes after ADR but is taken out on the barricade.

-Edge ducks the clothesline but Clay and hits the spear for the win!

Winner: Edge and Christian


Outside the ring ADR puts the arm breaker on Christian until Edge runs him off. Edge goes back to check on Christian by Del Rio comes back out and puts the arm breaker on Edge! The ref finally gets ADR off of Edge who tells Edge hits his destiny. Good push for this match as well. I liked the fact Edge and Del Rio didn’t actually get into it until the ring.


Another solid Sin Cara promo, this time with Aztec temples in the background.


The Miz and Riley in the back, they’ve turned the WWE logo in the back upside down.


Before anything else can happen we get an email. Cole has an iPad in his glass case. The GM wants to know if Lawler is ready for WrestleMania which a match tonight with Jack Swagger.


Video package on the Undertaker and Triple H is shown next. Good shit.


We are back from break and The Corre is in the ring.


The Corre vs. Big Show, Kane, Kozlov & Santino has been added to WrestleMania.


Santino w/Kane, Show, Kozlov & Tamina vs. Justin Gabriel w/The Corre

-Santino chant off the bat.

-Spin kick to Santino after the Slater distraction for a 2 count.

-Splits by Santino into the hip toss and the diving head butt.

-Kozlov sweeps Gabriel’s leg during the ref distraction which it breaks down at ringside.

-Cobra on Gabriel!!! 1…2…THREEE!

Winner: Santino


All four are in the ring and Santino has Big Show do the trumpet. Kane doesn’t look amused and stares down Santino but then goes into the trumpet as well for a big pop from the crowd. Funny.


Triple H does the walk in the back.


Some chick named Keri Hilson is doing America The Beautiful at WrestleMania. Never heard of her but at least it isn’t Justin Bieber or god forbid Rebecca Black.


The Undertaker makes his slow ominous way to the ring to a solid pop from the crowd. Right has Taker gets in the ring, Triple H’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Before HHH can spit out his water the gongs go off again and the ring goes black. The lights come back on and HHH and Taker are staring at each other in the ring. I have a feeling HBK’s music is about to hit….OH SHIT IT DOES!!! HAHA! Shawn Michael comes out looking as casual as ever in a tee with no sleeves and a beanie… come on Shawn! Crowd is eating this up hard as Taker and HHH stand just staring at each other and glancing over at HBK. “HBK” chant. Michael’s says he is sorry about interrupting but he didn’t want to miss this, he then shills their match, Taker and HHH. Shawn then says neither will be the same again after this Sunday and has one question “what makes you think you can do what I couldn’t” then looks at HHH. Another “HBK” chant. HHH says if he wants to know the truth, HBK got soft when being the showstopper or Mr. WrestleMania was more important. How you don’t have to win every night to be those things but he isn’t Shawn Michaels and that he HAS to win and he will win. HHH says 16 years ago he came into the WWE locker room and saw one guy that stood over them all, how HHH watched him come to the ring all busted up and still put his body on the line. How he learned that if he should pattern his career like anyone it would be Taker. How he respects Taker as much as HBK. Triple H said he and HBK made a promise to each other that when they noticed the other was past his prime they would tell each other and if they didn’t except it they would end it for him, because they respect each other. He said he came back after a year off for one reason only, to stand in front of Taker out of respect and hell him its time. How Triple H can see for Taker to bow out, how Taker will always be these things but that in 6 days he will no longer be undefeated at WrestleMania. Triple H says he’s the one to make Taker 18-1 and the streak as well as Taker will rest in peace. Taker finally takes the mic and says if he ever felt there was a time he needed to be put down he would want it to be HHH because that is the respect he has for him but he says it isn’t that time. How he knows HHH is going to kill himself trying but the streak will be alive and so will he. He says if he doesn’t want to take his word, to ask HBK. How HBK walks around as the guy who gave Taker 2 of his greatest matches of his career but he came up short and didn’t get it done. Now when he looks in the eyes of Shawn Michaels he doesn’t see the old HBK but a man he humbled. He sees a man that will go into the Hall of Fame full of regrets and a career he ended. HBK isn’t happy about this and goes to superkick Taker but he catches his leg and Taker goes to choke slam him but HHH stops him and gets in between them. HHH then tells HBK to tell Taker why he’s going to beat Taker at Mania but HBK stands and stares at Taker instead. The crowd breaks into “one more match chant” while HBK just gets out of the ring and leaves while HHH yells at him. HBK just looks back at him and says “I’m sorry”. Triple H them looks sad face as Taker smirks at him and tips his hat to him before he bounces. This was a really good segment that this match needed desperately.


Holy fuck I’m already tired and we haven’t even gotten to the Rock yet!


Jack Swagger w/Michael Cole vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

-Lawler has different music, it sucks.

-Lawler goes for Cole with give Swagger the opening to hit the splash in the corner.

-Swagger takes Lawler to the outside and throws him over the barricade.

-Lawler comes back out with a steel chair that he hits Swagger in the back multiple times for the DQ.

Winner: Jack Swagger


Lawler then goes after Cole but he goes into his cage. Lawler takes the chair to the cage and tries to jump over but Cole’s security hold him back. Lawler takes Cole’s face in the face before the security pull him away. Crazy how this is the hottest build up thus far for this ppv.


Vicki Guerrero comes out and puts on John Morrison’s glasses and gets his intro with pyro, music and slow mo! Haha Vicki then comes into the ring and delivers her signature line before saying she is going to do to Snooki the same thing she did to Morrison. She then laughs like the Million Dollar Man. Ziggler then comes out.


Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki & United States Champion Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan & John Morrison

-Sheamus come out pounding on Morrison.

-Morrison goes for the flash kick but Sheamus catches him and hits the back breaker.

-After the break, Sheamus is covering Morrison for a 2.

-Morrison makes the hot take to Morrison who comes out hitting hard and gets the LaBell Lock on Ziggler until Sheamus breaks it up and makes the tag.

-Sheamus gets a 2 count on Bryan.

-Bryan misses the dropkick in the corner and gets hit with the high cross for the pin…

Winner: Sheamus & Ziggler


Well that was bullshit unless you’re having Bryan go over at WrestleMania. If not you just gave away that match.


Orton in the back icing his leg. New commentator dude asks if Orton will make it to WrestleMania. He says he has serious anger management issues and ruined careers because he could. He has never hated anyone more than CM Punk. He said his question should be if CM Punk will make it out of WrestleMania.


The final inductee for the Hall of Fame is THE ROAD WARRIORS AND PAUL ELLERING!


Trish Stratus and Snooki as some bar when Josh is asking them questions. Some dude tries to hit on them but she gets pushed aside. Snooki is drunk but says she is being trained by Trish. This dude wants to get out of here but this dude ends up getting smacked by Snooki the hard way. Josh puts over the match but then cuts back to this bar where LayCool now show but and the brawl is out which a bunch of duds egging them on.


We’re back from break and Rock is in the guerilla position. A “Rocky” chant build before he comes out to the ring to a big ol pop! (might have taken a little steam out of people by showing the Rock too early). Crowd keeps cheering and chanting “Rocky” but he finally gets to “Finally….” which the Chicago crowd eats up. He says this is where it all started for the Rock. This was where his first WrestleMania was and he admits to being nervous that night. He said that night he decided to bring it. He then goes on and on about Team Bring It but they eat it up and leads to another “Rocky” chant. He said he has a dream and it was to come to the ring and call out John Cena. “Cena sucks” chant! He calls Cena a homeless Power Ranger and Vanilla Ice while telling us how it went down on in his dream. Rock does his “millions…” and Chicago is heavily on his side. Smiley faced John Cena comes out and runs into the ring. Rock is eye fucking him while Cena just circles and keeps smiling. Cena is getting booed hardcore here, you can barely hear anything positive for this fucker tonight. Cena says this is what he wanted, Rock in a WWE ring. Cena says this is where Rock belongs, he then looks around and asks Rock if he hears the people. Cena brings up opening up his mouth about Rock leaving but he wanted him back for moments like this. Fool is now kissing Rock’s ass… Cena brings up being brought up like a celebrity roast and how that means you’re in. He says what he said had meaning and merit. Another “Cena sucks” chant. Cena says he wanted to know what problem the Rock had with him. Cena said his color he wears, how he was brought up and says hustle, loyalty, respect was crap and how his audience is kids. Cena admits it and says he’s proud of it but still gets booed. He then gets all serious about how he’s worked his tail to the bone and how the hell the Rock is?! He says he walks down to the ring as himself and some like it and some don’t but he doesn’t try to change their mind and he is going to be judged one day but not by the Rock. Rock then says that the good lord will judge him but wont save from getting his ass whooped. Cena says he’s talked to Rock like a man and if he wants a fight, Cena then drops the mic but then we get The Miz’s music. He and Riley come down to the ring all dressed up. Miz says really this is going to be, he calls them the O Brothers, overhyped and overrated. Haha Miz says last week he owned Cena and that he is going to lose at WrestleMania but says Cena will come for a fight not like the Rock. He calls him Rocky and says he knows a secret and that Rock isn’t going to do nothing tonight. Miz then brings up how much his moneys have made and how he isn’t going to risk getting beat up and embarrassed by him. He says he can do it because he is the WWE Champion and that Rock wont do anything because he is the Miz and he is awesome. Rock tells Miz it doesn’t matter what he thinks and Miz and Riley beat up on the Rock!!! Rock fights back and takes out Riley first! DDT by Rock on Miz!!!! THE PEOPLES ELBOW!!! He sends Miz to the outside and Cena is back in ATTITUDE ADUSTMENT TO THE ROCK!!! Huge boo’s from Chicago as Cena points to his purple wristband and bounces up the stage to point at the WrestleMania logo on the stage.


This was an AWESOME episode of RAW! Although there wasn’t a lot of matches it pushed the WrestleMania matches like it should. The Taker/HHH promo was solid with HBK being a nice touch and this last segment was perfect, yeah Rock didn’t get his on Cena but that is what they are going to make us pay for! It makes people want to order this show even more so because they know Cena isn’t getting away with this. Great go-home show and really brought home the fact that you MUST order WrestleMania 27!

… I am a little afraid that WrestleMania or the RAW after it will end with Cena and Rock all huggy kissy still…