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ROH and Sinclair Broadcast Group Press Conference June 24

June 25, 2011

ROH Logo by Filipino designer, Peper Pascual

Ring of Honor Wrestling took it’s next step towards the national stage with a press conference hyping their new partnership with Sinclair Broadcast Group, a tribal new logo, the new ROH TV show and their upcoming i-pay per view, Best in the World.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the press conference:

12:00 Rhino, El Generico, Prince Nana and others

13:00 Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards

19:30 All Night Express

21:25 Benjamin & Haas

24:00 Briscos go country and cause some pro wrestling drama

Kudos to ROH for presenting their product in this format. While they did the pro wrestling cliche of almost having a fight break out, the rest of the conference¬† went pretty well. After seeing this press conference, I’m expecting something amazing from this new incarnation of ROH since they mentioned the rise of MMA and the problems with Sports Entertainment.

I think the inclusion of wrestler rankings, short bios, matches that are signed a month or two in advance and a look at how wrestlers train would all be welcome additions to a modern pro wrestling broadcast. However, if I just get a glossier version of their HDnet program I’ll probably be a little disappointed.