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January 20, 2011

This shit sandwich starts with a recap of the Jarrett’s/Angle bowl shit from last week. They then go to the back where Angle pulls up in some muscle car. He tells the production team (hey its Jimmy Hart) to play his music… so THIS is how they do it before they interrupt the show. Haha He comes out and bitches how his ex-wife who he brought into TNA liked to hang out with Jarrett and how Jarrett is throwing their relationship in his face. Dude starts to get all teary eyed talking about being a great father and husband, how he should have spent more time with that but he was working his ass off for them. Jarrett’s music hits but we get his asshole squad who gets beat down. These fools OVER sell Angle’s punches. Flair and Bischoff then come out and send “cops” to escort Angle up out of here.