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Smackdown Thoughts & Review [September 28, 2012]

September 29, 2012

Big Show becomes the Number One Contender.


09-24-12 WWE RAW

September 24, 2012


I only ask ONE thing… don’t jump the fucking barricade!!!


09-17-11 WWE RAW

September 17, 2012

Ryback moves up… to a Subway sandwich commerical, the tag team champions argue and Punk’s got his foot on the ropes.


WWE Night of Champions 2012 Predictions

September 16, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Cena

Mascara De Fuego: CM Punk. I know a lot think that this will be the moment to give Cena the title but I think not. My gut tells me that they might just wait until the Royal Rumble where he loses the title to The Rock… I wish I could see Punk take on Rock at WrestleMania instead but unfortunately I still see Cena vs. Rock II happening. This should be an interesting match in Boston, like a reverse from last years Money in the Bank scenario. They’ll find a way for Punk to screw Cena in his home town.

Great Puma: CM Punk. They just paired Punk with Paul Heyman and I don’t think they’d let the air out of their new tires so soon. Cena needs to lose in his hometown to give a huge rub to Punk. Punk needs to leave this pay per view the biggest and baddest heel in the business. Defeating and possibly screwing Cena in Boston will do the trick.


09-03-12 WWE RAW

September 3, 2012

Maybe I am enjoying myself too much on this fine Labor Day holiday or this was kind of a weird episode for me….



August 19, 2012


Cesaro wins the US Title, Sheamus and Punk retain and HHH taps out!


SummerSlam Predictions & Thoughts

August 17, 2012


The 25th anniversary of SummerSlam


08-06-12 WWE RAW

August 6, 2012



July 2, 2012

No Brock but a good Heyman promo, the Truth returns and AJ’s on the come up.



June 25, 2012

Had a case of the “Monday’s” today, god I hope this show is tolerable tonight.